The reality of a blogger: Behind the scenes of an Instagram photo

I love looking through Instagram feeds and being inspired by all these clever, stylish people with amazing, professional looking images. I dream of a life like that. It looks so easy and photogenic. BUT...then I think about everything that goes on behind my scenes and I have to assume plenty goes on behind these other stunning feeds too. Behind the scenes of an … [Read More...]



Behind the Scenes: How I take an outfit photo

One of the questions I get asked almost daily is about how I take an outfit photo. When I started blogging, I would snap the photo in the mirror. This was fine, but … [Read More...]


5 Products to keep makeup in place

5 Beauty Products to keep makeup in place

When I am planning a long day or night I want my makeup to stay put. After years of dancing up a storm, then looking in the mirror and realising you weren't quite … [Read More...]

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Head to toe outfit under 100 dollars

I had a mission this weekend: DFO Jindalee asked me to put together a head to toe outfit under 100 dollars. I will always accept a styling challenge. I LOVE missions like this. I set myself very strict guidelines. They must be pieces I would actually wear and … [Read More...]


Office Style: Is it Winter already?

We are only two thirds through Autumn and I'm already using up my office style Winter buys. I know I'm a Queenslander and a real wimp when temperatures drop below 26 degrees but this is just silly! Office Style: Is it Winter already? Monday Faux Fur and … [Read More...]

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30+ Style & Beauty: Fursday

It's Fursday. Which is like Thursday just a little furrier. In my office, we have decided on Thursdays we wear Faux Fur. This will be AWESOME!! It's going to look like a freaking zoo. 30+ Style & Beauty: Fursday I think this is the best idea ever! Until … [Read More...]


Office Style: The weekly round up

What a week! We have been totally hammered at work this week. I've got a clanging in my head and a shadowy feeling of anxiety. Like I have forgotten something. I haven't! I know I haven't! I've checked everything twice. Office Style: The weekly round … [Read More...]


30+ Style and Beauty: How I pick my daily outfit

I get asked quite often how I pick my daily outfit. Do I organise it in advance? Is my wardrobe organised to make it easier? I wish I was that person. How I pick my daily outfit I usually have one item in mind that I want to wear. It's usually something I … [Read More...]


Office Style: It’s been a busy one

I've been dealing with insomnia this week. It doesn't stress me but it's certainly harder to deal with when you're working full time too. I do love it when I have the gorgeous, dark, quiet world all to myself. Office Style: It's been a busy … [Read More...]


30+ Style and Beauty: What is in for Winter?

I've been waking up crazy early lately. My alarm is set for 5am, this is a dumb time but it lets me get a run in before breakfast. But my body is taking over and waking me up at 4am?? It's dark, it's cold and I'm grumpy. It's another 2 hours before the sun … [Read More...]

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Winter’s Coming with Jaz and Alex

I'm focused on getting my Winter wardrobe in order. Looking for gaps and filling them with some great pieces. Pieces I can wear over and over, for years and years. I want pieces that will merge seamlessly into my existing wardrobe but also a little … [Read More...]


A little about me: My inspirational Corner

In the corner of the Redcliffe Style headquarters (aka my lounge room) is a mannequin. She stand patiently wearing something I love, a little bit of style inspiration for me. I change it with the seasons, with my moods, with the weather. She my big, headless, … [Read More...]


Office Wear: A Short Week

It was a short week at work but it was a busy, busy little week. Looking over the weeks outfit photos, I look kind of shitty. I'm not, I'm just trying to see into your soul. Office Wear: A Short Week Tuesday I couldn't resist this gorgeous, colourful One … [Read More...]