The reality of a blogger: Behind the scenes of an Instagram photo

I love looking through Instagram feeds and being inspired by all these clever, stylish people with amazing, professional looking images. I dream of a life like that. It looks so easy and photogenic. BUT...then I think about everything that goes on behind my scenes and I have to assume plenty goes on behind these other stunning feeds too. Behind the scenes of an … [Read More...]



Behind the Scenes: How I take an outfit photo

One of the questions I get asked almost daily is about how I take an outfit photo. When I started blogging, I would snap the photo in the mirror. This was fine, but … [Read More...]


5 Products to keep makeup in place

5 Beauty Products to keep makeup in place

When I am planning a long day or night I want my makeup to stay put. After years of dancing up a storm, then looking in the mirror and realising you weren't quite … [Read More...]

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My Embarrassing Beauty Blunder

I had a Tae Kwon Do grading today. I had to clean for an open house and then leave the house by 9.45am. I was rushing all morning, then after my shower, pulled on my uniform, dealt with frizzy hair and at the last minute I grabbed a black waterproof mascara, … [Read More...]


Another week pushing the boundaries of Office Wear

My work background was very serious, staid law firms. From the ages of 17 to 30 I wore navy, black or grey Country Road suits, pressed shirts and pearls ... every freakin' day. My bob was perfectly groomed and frizz free, my makeup was flawlessly … [Read More...]

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Win a pair of FRANKiE4 Shoes!!

I am a HUGE fan of Brisbane based shoe designer, FRANKiE4. Not only do they look great, they are amazingly comfortable and are good for your feet (read about them here). When I was given the chance to review a pair of the new season boots, I was thrilled. I … [Read More...]


Office Style: A week in my wardrobe

The weeks are flying past. I've been at my new job for over a month now but it seems like I've been there for a lot longer. I'm really enjoying being back at work, way more than I thought I would. I love the busy work environment, hanging with new friends and … [Read More...]

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30+ Style and Beauty featuring Glamour Mama

Hello gorgeous people! I have been so crazy with my new schedule, I completely missed last Thursday. I woke up on Sunday and realised I hadn't done a 30+ style and beauty link up. How is that possible? Usually I'm so great with time management. I was so angry, … [Read More...]

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A-Z of Style: Dupes

To be honest, I only realised what dupes were recently. I couldn't believe it when I was told about them! Today, I have the gorgeous, Norlin from Bubbles, Baubles and Bags explaining what "dupes" are and sharing some amazing dupes with some serious … [Read More...]


Everyday Style: Lunch with the Girls

On the weekend I met up with a bunch of gorgeous, stylish ladies that met through participate in Styling You's Everyday style. What the hell do you wear to a lunch, with a bunch of stylish ladies, that have seen pretty much every thing in your wardrobe? Ladies … [Read More...]


Office Wear: 4 Pieces 5 Outfits

Last week I received a voucher from Sussan and within 5 minutes I was in Sussan Chermside checking out their new Autumn Winter range. It's gorgeous. It was hard to pick just a few items to take home but I ended up picking 4 pieces that I could mix and … [Read More...]


The A-Z of Style: Colour

I have my good friend, Vanessa from Style and Shenanigans, sharing her love of colour today. I couldn't think of anyone better to talk about colour than Vanessa. I always enjoy seeing her gorgeous, colourful images on her blog and Instagram. I love being … [Read More...]


Office Style: A week in my wardrobe

I think I'm getting use to this work gig. This week I finished it feeling like I might have retain a little more information and my expression might not have been one of complete confusion the entire week. I think my work buds are pretty funny, and I'm managed … [Read More...]