The reality of a blogger: Behind the scenes of an Instagram photo

I love looking through Instagram feeds and being inspired by all these clever, stylish people with amazing, professional looking images. I dream of a life like that. It looks so easy and photogenic. BUT...then I think about everything that goes on behind my scenes and I have to assume plenty goes on behind these other stunning feeds too. Behind the scenes of an … [Read More...]


5 Products to keep makeup in place

5 Beauty Products to keep makeup in place

When I am planning a long day or night I want my makeup to stay put. After years of dancing up a storm, then looking in the mirror and realising you weren't quite … [Read More...]


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This is a shallow post. Back away now if you're less shallow than me. This could be hard, because sometimes I'm pretty shallow. I'm 41 years old. I'm pretty happy … [Read More...]

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Behind the Scenes: How I take an outfit photo

One of the questions I get asked almost daily is about how I take an outfit photo. When I started blogging, I would snap the photo in the mirror. This was fine, but I realised I already had the equipment and minions to take it to the next level. Behind the … [Read More...]


Monday Blues: What I’m wearing to conquer this week

I'm a little down today. I had a massive week at work last week, moved house and my gorgeous girls have gone to Winter camp. I know moving house is meant to be stressful, but I've never, ever found it like that. I usually love it. Not this time. We have … [Read More...]

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A week of Work wear

It's kind of fun putting outfits together from my meagre wardrobe. I'm not sure how long I'm going to find this enjoyable though. A week of Work wear Monday Bohemian Traders navy and white striped skirt with a navy Metalicus Tee and Blazer. This tee is … [Read More...]

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Cleaning out your Wardrobe

We are moving house in one week!! Eek! We are downsizing dramatically while we are looking for our next home to purchase. This means, I'm going to have to share the main wardrobe with my husband. WTF??!! So, last weekend I did a massive cull of my … [Read More...]


Behind the scenes: Moving on

We have Contract on our house and it's gone unconditional. I'm not going to lie, I don't want to leave! I have raised my babies here, had many loud dinner parties and felt safe. But some things you can't help, and it's time to move on. My husband has found a … [Read More...]


Date night at Mon Komo Redcliffe

On Saturday night my husband and I watched a show and had dinner at Mon Komo Redcliffe. I have been to Mon Komo a few times but never to a show. This one was a tribute to Johnny Cash, Elvis and Marilyn Munroe. We didn't quite know what to expect but give me … [Read More...]


Office Wear: The First week of Winter

Winter hit and it hit hard and fast. I realise Brisbane Winters are pretty tame but you have to understand .... we are complete wimps when the temperature dips below 22.  We are confused that the usual warm sun has turned on us. So we are cold and … [Read More...]

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30+ Style and Beauty: Blue and Beige

Yesterday I put this outfit on and I fell in love with it .... hard. I can't believe I hadn't worn this combination before. I think the beige and blue is so perfect together. 30+ Style and Beauty: Blue and Beige This stunning dress is from Dogstar. I bought … [Read More...]

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Ray Bans Giveaway valued up to $425!!

I really love sunglasses. My favourite pair were a pair of Ray-Ban Sunglasses and I would never step outside without them. I wore them in nearly every photo to avoid wearing makeup and to hide wonky face shots. Then I misplaced them and couldn't find them … [Read More...]


A week of Office Wear

I know my interpretation of Office wear won't suit all offices. Sometimes I think it barely suits mine, but what the heck, it's too much fun to play with clothes and different outfit combinations. I do tend to wear the same pieces over and over but I try to … [Read More...]


30+ Style & Beauty: Are you Fussy about fabric?

One thing I have noticed as I get older, is that I get fussier about the fabrics I like to wear. Previously, it didn't matter if it felt terrible as long as it looked good (this was debatable). Sure, maybe these clothes were a little bullet proof in the … [Read More...]