The reality of a blogger: Behind the scenes of an Instagram photo

I love looking through Instagram feeds and being inspired by all these clever, stylish people with amazing, professional looking images. I dream of a life like that. It looks so easy and photogenic. BUT...then I think about everything that goes on behind my scenes and I have to assume plenty goes on behind these other stunning feeds too. Behind the scenes of an … [Read More...]


5 Products to keep makeup in place

5 Beauty Products to keep makeup in place

When I am planning a long day or night I want my makeup to stay put. After years of dancing up a storm, then looking in the mirror and realising you weren't quite … [Read More...]


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This is a shallow post. Back away now if you're less shallow than me. This could be hard, because sometimes I'm pretty shallow. I'm 41 years old. I'm pretty happy … [Read More...]

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Behind the Scenes: How I take an outfit photo

One of the questions I get asked almost daily is about how I take an outfit photo. When I started blogging, I would snap the photo in the mirror. This was fine, but I realised I already had the equipment and minions to take it to the next level. Behind the … [Read More...]


A week in my Wardrobe

We might be a few weeks into gorgeous, colourful Spring, but my wardrobe was very dark and serious this week. Whenever I'm time poor, I always reach for black or navy and slick my hair back into a pony tail or bun. Boring I know! A week in my … [Read More...]


40 Plus Beauty: Creating a realistic Luminous glow

I love a little luminous glow, nothing will help you look as youthful as gorgeous, hydrated, illuminated skin. But it's not going to come naturally from me. Life is working against me. Age, insomnia, sun damage, stress all give me a natural dull, matt, finish. … [Read More...]


A week in my wardrobe

I have been a real blogging slacker the last few weeks. I've miss it ... I've missed you. I've been working longer hours in my full time job ... and this sucked up all my time. But even with my limited time, I have managed to find time online to start … [Read More...]

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HoMedics Newa Skin Rejuvenation Review Update and Winner!!!

Over the last month I have been trialling the HoMedics Newa Skin Rejuvenation system. You can read and see the first review here. HoMedics Newa Skin Rejuvenation Review Update The Results? Pro: I love every single moment I get to put my feet up and … [Read More...]


HoMedics Newa Review and Giveaway valued at $499

I'm 42 years old and I'm willing to try all sorts of things to help me look ok. Potions, ointments, chants, super foods, whatever. I don't need to look 20 years old, I just want to look like a well-rested, happy 40+er. So, it wasn't hard to convince to me do a … [Read More...]

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Building a Spring Wardrobe at DFO Brisbane

To be honest, there is not much I love as much as discovering a gorgeous item of clothing for an amazing price. It's like winning the lottery except it makes me feel clever and cute and like I deserve a glass of New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc to … [Read More...]


Wrinkles Schminkles Chest Smoothing Kit review and giveaway

When I was first contacted about doing a Wrinkles Schminkles Chest Smooth Kit review, I didn't think I would be the right fit. Sure I'm 40+, have boobs and sleep on my side but my décolletage stilled looked alright. Then I started to think "Why settle for … [Read More...]

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No Brush Everyday Makeup

Today I have the stunning creature Kate Ritchie from Loveface Beauty guest posting. If you like beauty and love humour, or even if you don't love beauty but love funny chicks, this is your new girl crush. You're going to love her! Kate is sharing her no … [Read More...]


Dumping the Tripod

This morning I am dumping the tripod and going old school. I picked up my camera and told my 9yo to rug up. We went for an early morning walk to take some snaps. My little photographer followed me around snapping away as we darted across streets, stood in … [Read More...]


The Model and Me

Nikki from Styling You has a really cool series called 'The Model and Me'. Each week she grabs an item of clothing, styles it and then show an image of the model wearing it and a photo or two of her wearing it. I LOVE seeing the pieces worn on a real life … [Read More...]