30 Plus Style and Beauty link featuring Mummy Manifesto

Welcome to another week of gorgeous and inspiring 30 plus Style and Beauty! Today we have the lovely Lisa from Mummy Manifesto visiting. Lisa blogs about pretty much everything. I love her blog, it’s honest, amusing and perfectly Lisa. Not only is Lisa a blogger, but she is also a mum and a midwife. She knows stuff!

30 Plus Style and Beauty link featuring Mummy Manifesto

30 Plus Style and Beauty link featuring Mummy Manifesto

How would your friends or family describe your style?

I think they would describe my style as classic. Maybe a little boring (I live in jeans). I tend to stick to jeans & t-shirts during the day…if going out for dinner I will wear jeans and dressy shirt/jacket or a dress with leggings. I wear way too much black for someone who doesn’t live in Melbourne.

I wear brand basics such as: Sussan’s, Target, Espirit, Cotton on and for dressier items I prefer to buy in boutiques or one off stores so I can find something that is a little different.

Who inspires you and why?

I really admire French women who are both well-groomed and put together or those that let their personality shine through their clothing.
Olivia Palmero & Cate Blanchett, Michelle Williams, Liv Tyler.

I also love the band of fashion bloggers such as yourself who know what suits them, they can pull off their own style and own it.

What are two things you bought and never wore. Why didn’t you wear them?

Stiletto Heels-I am 5’10 in height and struggle to not feel like a giraffe when all my friends are shorter than me. Now I stick to a small heel.

A bikini. Each summer I say that I will wear one but never do. Just a lack of confidence thing about the muffin top.

Describe your biggest beauty disaster (and do you have photographic evidence)?
Beauty Disaster
Having suffered from acne and pimples since puberty so I am overly sensitive about my skin. I have had a few huge pimples show up just in time for important events such as work functions, weddings, school balls etc so I have committed many foundation crimes by over dosing on the concealer & foundation to hide the nasty volcanoes.

Fashion Disaster
I brought a strapless dress to my hubby’s corporate fancy pants dinner and the whole night his colleague was a little tipsy and went on & on about how big my boobs were in that dress. (I was still breastfeeding bub no2 and had lost heaps of weight so I was feeling great until I realised I probably hadn’t lost enough to stop the B cup runneth over). I burnt the photographic evidence. Sorry folks.

What outfit always makes you feel amazing?
I always feel amazing when hubby and I are on date night. Probably more the feeling of freedom of not having to cut up another little person’s meat on their plate or explaining that tomato sauce is not a food group.

I also love dressing up for weddings (I have 4 to go to in the next 6 months-eek!) because you can go that extra mile and be glamorous and wear something you wouldn’t normally wear on a day to day basis.

About Lisa

Lisa Berson writes a personal lifestyle blog called MummyManifesto which discusses birth, travel, style, motherhood & book reviews. Lisa is freelance writer & blogger, a mum to 3 boys and a midwife based in WA.

You can find Lisa at Mummy Manifesto | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Pinterest | Google+

30 Plus Style and Beauty link featuring Mummy Manifesto 30 Plus Style and Beauty link featuring Mummy Manifesto

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30 Plus Style and Beauty link

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  1. It’s lovely to learn more about Lisa – for instance I didn’t know she also has 3 boys (like me!). Thank you for sharing Lisa and Rachel. x

  2. Thank you for introducing us to Lisa. Was so nice to learn more about you Lisa. V x

  3. Great to get to know more about you Lisa – I totally agree with you date nights are just the best! xx

  4. Just love Lisa’s style and her blog. I’m hoping to find the time to ‘case’ everyone that links up this week before I go into hibernation mode avoiding everything that is ProBlogger. Clearly I’m not going this year.

    • Hi Raychael, it is hard to hide from Problogger! I attempted to do the same last year but ended up buying a ticket for this year! xx

  5. Great to know more about Lisa, big respect to the midwives! Such a fabulous job!

  6. I really enjoy Lisa’s blog and I enjoy her fashion posts on Instagram too. A great blog to showcase. :)

  7. I love reading and finding out more about other bloggers. Lisa, I think that fashion disaster was more of a case of your hubby’s colleague being rude really. I’m sure you looked fabulous.

    • Yes just add alcohol! Some people just shouldn’t drink. Or talk while drinking. Love your blog Norlin, your classic style with a twist is what I am aiming for.

  8. Enjoy all your wedding outings Lisa. I agree weddings are great for dressing up to look extra glam.

    • Weddings are lots of fun Ingrid but more as a guest than a bridesmaid. Will pop over and visit your blog to see your Fab & Fun life xx

  9. It was great learning about Lisa. I will go check her out. I’m fascinated by midwives.


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