30 Plus Style and Beauty featuring Katy Potaty

Yay! Today we are featuring the amazing Katy from Katy Potaty. I have followed Katy for years. I love her cool, casual style and she loves scarves as much as me. Actually, she might even love them a little more than me.

30 Plus Style and Beauty featuring Katy Potaty

30 Plus Style and Beauty featuring Katy Potaty

How would your friends or family describe your style?
It’s so hard to tell, my friends are so lovely that I don’t know if they’d tell me if I looked silly! Here’s what I hope they’d say:
Katy rocks a classic jeans/jacket combo to perfection…as long as it comes with a least a hint of coral of course! She’s confidently stylish and has very swishy hair.

Who inspires you and why?
I am inspired by busy, yet stylish women. Seriously, I am. I don’t have children, and I am so lucky to have an amazing husband who really does take care of most of the important and day-to-day stuff in our lives (including housekeeping and cooking), yet I still find that I don’t have time to get stuff done, and enjoy some ‘me time’. Although there is always time for painting my nails coral. Always.

In terms of actual style inspirations, I adore style bloggers who put together high-end and chain-store pieces with confidence. As a fashion retail worker from way back, I’ve often struggled to put together an outfit that’s not just from one collection within one brand. My BFF Peta (Trainee Mama) does this mixy-matchy very well, as do some other faves: one of my oldest social media friends, Sonia Bavistock of Sonia Styling; Lisa Hamilton of See Want Shop; and Sara Donaldson of Harper + Harley. Is it weird that they are all my hair idols too?

What are two things you bought and never wore. Why didn’t you wear them?
I have a terrible habit of buying high high heels. It’s probably fairly standard for women to fall in love with the pretties and purchase them, but I never ever wear them. Literally ever. I didn’t even wear high heels to my Hen’s Party or wedding, and don’t even pull them out for friend’s weddings! I have horrendously bad knees (yep, I’m a netballer from way back) and cannot bear to wear high heels. If I can’t wear flats or small wedges to an event, I ain’t going! My most recent high heel purchase was a divine pair of towering navy patent peeptoe pumps to wear to my friend’s wedding, which I didn’t wear and got sold on eBay shortly afterwards. What a waste.

My other crazy-town purchase has been a pair of ripped denim jeans. I love them on other people, and adore this trend but cannot bear to actually do it myself. I’m just too conservative, I think!

Describe your biggest beauty disaster (and do you have photographic evidence)?
I am a child of the 80’s, so of course I have experienced some insane beauty disasters. My best friend Emma and I thought we’d look stunning for our year 11 semi-formal DIY-ing some very funky matching ruby red press-on nails at her house beforehand. Artificial nails were popular in the late ’90s, and severely-squared-off, long nails were the epitome of sophisticated (with our black leather choker necklaces of course). I think our nails made it through getting dressed and photos at the beginning of the night, but after that, our scary nails were popping off left and right, with a few winding up in our hair, stuck to our dresses, and maybe in the hair of the boys we kissed!

My mum has photographic evidence, but I fear that if I ask her for it, she’ll end up showing my husband!

What outfit always makes you feel amazing?
I cannot ever go past a good frock. I love dresses, they really are like the one-pot-meal of fashion, and I adore wearing them with some funky cowboy boots. My favourite outfit of all time is a classic little white cotton sundress, my well-loved French Connection denim jacket and my vintage cowboy boots (which are 32 years old, just like me)! This casual and cute look really does suit my personality, and can take me to most occasions. If I’m not in a sundress, I’m in a maxidress… and it’s probably coral.

About Katy

I am a child of the 80′s, a teenager of the 90′s, and a retail worker of the Noughties. This explains my love of Jen Aniston’s hair, The Lion King, and the sleeveless denim vest in my closet with which I cannot part. My work background is years of faithful retail service in high-street stores like French Connection and Witchery, interspersed with some business management, education and administration roles – this has given me a reasonably conservative wardrobe filled with basics, I add accessories every season for a fresh, on-trend take on the latest looks. I’m currently living in the most beautiful corner of the world, the Sunshine Coast, and loving the relaxing life in a seaside town. The downside is the lack of exciting shopping (come on, David Jones… open up here already), so I search strange little boutiques, regular Australian chains, and of course online retailers for new style inspiration. I started blogging whilst working full-time in administration as an outlet for some creative writing, and the blog has now become a home away from home for me, full of inspiration, fashion, my social media friends and real-life ramblings.

You can find Katy at Katy Potaty | Twitter | Facebook | Instagram | Pinterest

30 Plus Style and Beauty featuring Katy Potaty 30 Plus Style and Beauty featuring Katy Potaty

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  1. Katy is one of the most gorgeous humans you could ever wish to meet. She is beautiful, so kind and caring and totally hilarious to boot – which for me, makes the perfect combination.
    Love her, and her coral to bits xx

  2. Katy your an absolute natural beauty, your style is divine and everytime I see your OOTD pics I can never get over how put together and glam you look (especially in your Lorna). Your absolutely gorgeous inside and out xxx

  3. Katy is gorgeous! Love her style and fab tips and tricks for, well, everything. x

  4. I love Katy! She always looks so chic but relaxed and casual – and she nails the summery chic look.

  5. Lisa Mckenzie says:

    Katie’s a gorgeous girl and I share her love of. Scarves and coral Xx

  6. Katy you are just gorgeous. V x

  7. Yet another chick I stalk on Insta! LOVE her style!! And I hope to one day meet her too!

  8. I follow Katy via Instagram and her blog too. She comes across as a lovely genuine chicky and I too think she has lovely swishy hair :-)

    • Katy certainly is even more lovely and genuine in person that you could possibly imagine. We met via twitter and are now besties and seriously, she makes my life better.

  9. Hello gorgeous and fellow coralista! X

  10. I’m so glad I’ve discovered your blog Katy Potaty through this post. I’ll be visiting it regularly. I love your outfits.


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