4 Things you should hunt down

I’ve had fun discovering a few things you should hunt down. I have only found 4 things this week. I should have tried harder but I’ll blame it on school holidays.

Free Willow T-shirt

Here are 4 Things you should hunt down

1 & 2 OPI Nail Envy and Nail & Cuticle Replenishing Oil

My nails are completely ruined thanks to all my vigorous Spring cleaning. Those chemicals are not friends to my finger nails but they sure make my house look and smell nice. I know I could buy gentler, chemical free products or wear gloves but I like what I like and I’m too lazy to put gloves on. Any woo, my nails are peeling, chipping and need some urgent love and att2 OPI Nail Envy and Nail & Cuticle Replenishing Oil

I discovered this OPI nail envy (approx. $35). It’s a nail strengthener and it really seems to work. I have invested in many strengtheners over the years and I’m usually left disappointed and with flaky nails. But wait, there is more!! OPI had it in a pack with a complimentary Nail & Cuticle replenishing oil. These are perfect together. I have been using both for a week and my nails are looking so much healthier.

Things you should hunt down - OPI Nail Envy

3 Chanel Rouge Allure Lip Gloss ‘Controversy’

I have a rule I refuse to break. If I receive a Myer voucher, I must buy a Chanel Lip Gloss. This week I had a voucher, I put blinkers on and walked straight to the Chanel counter, drench myself in Chanel No.5 and then started playing with Lip glosses. I have a few and wanted something different. This is one of their new glosses and it was a bit of a risk. It’s quite dark and vampy. When I first put it on I looked like I had been drinking red wine but I blended it a little with my finger and it looked great but it also made my teeth look amazingly white.

Things you should hunt down: Chanel Rouge Allure Lip Gloss 'Controversy'

4 Free Willow T-Shirt with Bazaar magazine

How cute is this T-shirt? It’s one size fits all. I don’t agree but it still has a little room. I wish they had a few different styles because I would snap them all up.

Things you should hunt down: Free Willow t-shirt



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  1. I have been eyeing off that Harpers T, what size do you think it is?

  2. I love the tee! Lisa xo

  3. A one size fits all t shirt?!?! That’s Bazar alright!!! Maybe one size fits most, at best. And it will certainly be a different fit for each.

  4. Great finds!

    I love your braid! So hip but still pretty…

  5. I’ve been trying to work out what the design on the Tshirt is, at first I thought it was a tiger, then I though it was one of those random ink blots that psychologists ask you what you can see in it …then I saw a scary face … !

  6. Love your braid!

  7. Can you please tell me where you can get the OPI pack from? Thanks……

  8. That lip gloss is such a beautiful color I might just have to stop by and have a play. Do you think I’d be swimming in that tshirt? It looks great on you by the way!