40 Plus Beauty: Creating a realistic Luminous glow

I love a little luminous glow, nothing will help you look as youthful as gorgeous, hydrated, illuminated skin. But it’s not going to come naturally from me. Life is working against me. Age, insomnia, sun damage, stress all give me a natural dull, matt, finish. It’s not the same.

So I have a few products I swear by to help create a natural, hydrated, luminous appearance. Natural is the key.

40 Plus Beauty: Creating a realistic Luminous glow

As boring as it is, start by drinking bucket loads of water and finding a moisturiser that works for you.

These are the 4 products I use daily …

40 Plus Beauty: Creating a realistic Luminous glow

In order of application:

  1. Klara Reset Glow. This in a new product to my routine and I promise my kit will never be without it. It’s so gorgeous and light and my skin loves it. I treat it as a moisturiser but you can also use it as a primer. You can get it online or at Priceline
  2. Erin Bigg Luminous Foundation. My favourite foundation. It’s even managed to kick Chanel off the top of my favourite list.
  3. Face of Australia Mineral Therapy Illuminator. I have owned this tube for years and years, it’s a bottomless pit of luminating goodness.
  4. Nars Orgasm blush. Seriously, this is everything you have ever heard and more.

40 Plus Beauty: Creating a realistic Luminous glow

Remember, less is definitely better with these products, too much and they will start illuminating the wrinkles. If you feel like to you need a little video to tutorial to demonstrate the products let me know.

What are your favourite products to create luminous skin?


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  1. Illuminators account for the biggest real estate in my beauty kit – cannot get enough of them!!

  2. Rachel, is the Erin Bigg foundation available in stores-not sure what shade I would need?

  3. Great info here thanks. A tutorial vid would be great please.

  4. Yes to the video tutorial please.

    I have loved the Nars Orgasm for years, I have the “Multiple” stick though.

  5. Rachel, how do you apply the Face of Australia Mineral Therapy Illuminator? I have it but it always seems too obvious when I apply it.