40 Plus Cat Eye Makeup

I did the 40+ natural makeup, now it’s time to have some fun. We don’t want to look all soft and natural all the time, sometimes we want to let our inner vixen out.

I know there is a rule about picking the eyes or the lips. I kinda agree with this….and I kinda of don’t. I love a cat eye with a nude lip but I also love it with a bright or deep lip. I think the trick is to avoid lots of colour, sparkles, glitter etc elsewhere on your face.

40 Plus Cat Eye Makeup

My makeup is very similar to the Natural makeup, just with a full coverage foundation and a little more eye makeup.

  • Create a nice even base with your favourite primer and foundation. I’m using Benefit Pore Professional followed by Chanel Lumiere. This foundation one is perfection on my skin. Not to heavy, not too light and just the right about of life so I don’t look like a lifeless store mannequin. Plus, the makeup doesn’t settle into wrinkles, crinkles and creases.
  • Concealor for dark circles – Napoleon Perdis ‘The One’. This is great for under eye shadows. PS: Don’t try to erase time with concealors. We all have circles, wrinkles etc but if you cake it on too much, you’re going to bring more attention to them, not less.
  • Eyeshadow. Brush a matt nude/sand colour across your eyelid up to the brow area. This will even out the colour of your eyelid, cover any veins and create a nice base. I’m using Cover Girl Shadow blast in Beige Blaze. This is fantastic and is a primer as well
  • Use soft brown (or grey or whatever floats your boat) eyeshadow over your eyelid. I like to bring it up and out a little and BLEND it.
  • Benefit They’re Real Eyeliner – seriously the best and easiest I have ever used. Carefully line as close to your upper lash line as closely as possible and then flick out towards the end of your eyebrow. You can make this line as thick and dramatic as you like. I usually go thinner during the day but full Winehouse at night (that may be a slight exaggeration).
  • Blush is a must! This adds a little life and colour. My current favourite is Youngblood Luminous Creme blush in Rose Quartz. Just rub a little around your apples and up your cheek bones
  • Fill in your brows. Brows make a huge difference and will balance out your eyes. I have been using a Youngblood eyebrow kit forever.
  • A little dusting of powder to set it all and help it last for the day. Face of Australis is super cheap and does the job
  • Curl your eyelashes and then use mascara. You must try Benefit They’re Real Mascara, it creates the greatest lashes without all the glue from falsies
  • Finish off with a nude lipstick or go all out with something bright or deep. I can’t leave this Issada lip crayon in Pirate alone. I have been wearing it constantly since I bought it


40 Plus Cat Eye Makeup


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  1. I can’t wait to try out the new Benefit They’re Real Eye Liner. Looks so easy to use. Looking great as usual Rachel! :)

  2. Fab tips…love this look on you!!

  3. Love a good cat eye, and you are rocking it! Great look on you, and I love the red with it! x

  4. Such a great look on you Rachel. I’ll have to check out Benefit They’re Real Eye Liner. Thanks for the tips. Jo xx

  5. I love a winged eye with a red lip – classic, sexy, bombshell.

  6. I’m not very good with make up but I always do a winged tip. Must try the Benefit They’re Real Eyeliner! Sounds amazing. Great tips hun. x

  7. Such a beautiful but classy look. Can’t go wrong with a cat eye and a pretty lip. Gorgeous as always x