40 Plus Natural day look Makeup {Sponsored}

I love makeup, I love everything about it! Lately, I have been creating a natural day look instead of my usual heavy-handed makeup look. I love creating a look so simple and clean that it looks like you have just rolled out of bed looking naturally gorgeous instead of just completing the colour run.

40 Plus Natural Day Look Makeup

  • Create a nice even base with your favourite light foundation or BB cream. Look for one that blends with your skin tone, lets your natural beauty shine through and has a high SPF. I love it when I can see real skin and not a mask like finish. Save the mask for the nightclub!
  • Blush is a must! This adds life to the blank canvas. My current favourite is a pinky tone. Just dust a little around your apples (the juicy part of your cheeks)
  • Eyeshadow. Brush a matt nude/sand colour across your eyelid up to the brow area. This will even out the colour of your eyelid, cover any veins and create a nice base
  • Use soft brown (or grey or whatever floats your boat) eyeshadow over your eyelid. I like to bring it up and out a little and BLEND it. This creates a soft, daytime cats eye feel without the harsher liquid eyeliner look
  • Fill in your brows. Brows make a huge difference
  • A little dusting of powder to set it all and help it last for the day
  • Curl your eyelashes and then use mascara. I love two coats on the top lashes but I leave the lower lashes alone in the day time.
  • Finish off with a nude lipstick, a gloss or lip balm. I usually use the Pink from Carmex Moisture Plus range for the gloss finish, hint of colour and long lasting moisture. Plus I need the extra moisture in Winter!

40+ Natural day look Makeup

I am a Carmex Ambassador. I have used Carmex for years and I love them! Why? The products have deep penetrating and long-lasting moisturising effects, provide just the right about of lip colour and they are not tested on animals.


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  1. Lovely natural look Rachel that is perfect for everyday but can be easily built upon for a more dramatic night look x

  2. You are looking supper. Thank you for sharing. V x

  3. That look is beautiful. At 41 I thought I needed more but maybe less is more I’ll give this a go. I’m going to try that Carmex lippy too it’s a great colour. Thanks Rachel.

  4. Very pretty, you’re a natural! X

  5. I want the slide show to go slower so I can get a better glimpse at the finished product – it’s such a lovely look on you!

  6. I love this post. The more natural the make up the older you become = a more beautiful lady I say.

    Ps. We love Carmex in this house too. No think each of us have a little tub or stick. :)

  7. Love this look, naturally gorgeous!

  8. I love that Carmex pink gloss, really must add that to my collection of a zillion other pink glosses….. must.not.buy.it

  9. I think that was one of your best posts! Unfortunately I no longer have much eyebrow material to work with but I think this provides excellent advice on how to achieve a natural look!

  10. Love a natural look…what a stunning canvas to start with xx

  11. I’ve actually written down some of these tips, I have to admit I’m aging and so is my face and a little bit of makeup will make all the difference I believe! Gorg girl x

  12. Thank you so much for this post. I’ve taken mental notes and am going to try harder. I’ve been trying to wear something every day for quite awhile now, but so far that’s usually just mascara and lipstick. Am going to try and find time to do a bit more.

    Great tips!

  13. Which powder do you use? My makeup always slips away by mid morning and I never remember to reapply. Great post by the way. Gorgeous.

  14. Great tips.You look gorgeous. I find if I don’t colour in my brows or add a bit of blush I look terrible :)

  15. You are so gorgeous! Loved the gif.

    PS – you and Carmex are a match in heaven X

  16. Lisa Mckenzie says:

    Great post Rachel I can’t tell you how much I agree on adding brow powder it makes such a difference!


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