8 Necessary blogging tools

I have been blogging for about 9 months now. I have bought many blogging ‘necessities’ and most have gone by the wayside. Here are my 8 necessary blogging tools that have stayed and I use regularly.
1. iMac computer. This sits in my kitchen and it must get used 4 hours a day at least
2. iPhone. How did I manage anything before this? I love this this for twitter and sharing photos through Instagram
3. Charges. Obvious I know. iPhone charger for the home, the car and a mobile MiGear for emergencies.

4. Camera. Sometimes the iPhone doesn’t cut it.

5. Camera tripod. I love this for taking complete outfit selfies

6. iPad. For blogging on the move. The attachable keyboard is very handy too.

7. Belkin Microphone. I attached this to my iPad for vlogging. I improves the sound dramatically.

8. Nikon camera remote. Makes it so much easier to take photos of myself at a distance and I always look better at a distance.

What have I forgotten? What makes your blogging life easier?


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  1. Definitely have to get that remote!

  2. Need a camera AND a remote! Great idea, Rachel!

  3. I have a Bluetooth mini keyboard and use my Bookseat for the iPad. Couldn’t cope without my Bookseat and my camera kit for importing camera files easily onto my iPad where I edit. My photos.

  4. I hear you on the iphone thing, I have only had mine a few months and constantly wonder how I got by before it. Love the remote idea for selfies as well.

  5. Ohh definately need a remote! And I so desperately want an ipad, maybe a Christmas present to myself!

  6. iPhone definitely. I snap most of my photos and edit the colours from there :p If I do outfit shots my hubby is usually willing to help me take but maybe I shld get a remote too! :p

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  7. I mostly need peace and quiet, which doesn’t happen in this house enough, sadly. You have a lot of tools! Do you have a tool belt like Batman? That would be an awesome accesory!

  8. I have a Samsung Galaxy which is constantly attached to my hand. Instagram, Twitter, Emails, Evernote – there is always something to be done on there!

    I love my iPad and use it for blog reading, Twitter and browsing Pinterest in bed or on the go.

    One thing I need to get is a portable internet thingy!

    Great post Rachel. x

  9. I need more gadgets :)

  10. i agree with this list completely. too bad i do not have an ipad though! i can see how useful it would be to have one!!

    xx rae

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  11. These things are all on my wishlist. One day I shall have them all and more!!! Until then… I’ll just improvise with my inferior android phone, crappy camera & the wonder that is picmonkey 😀

  12. Thanks for the tips! I am thinking about how to improve my blogging all the time… I use my iPad heaps. And my phone camera a lot.

  13. hmmm I should send this list to my husband.

    I have a lil notebook laptop. I have a samsung phone and a fancy camera but no accessories..

    I am definitely in need of atleast an iphone or ipad :)

  14. I am patiently waiting for my phone contract to finish and the new iPhone to be released in October! I can’t wait to play with instqgram!

  15. Wow, u are so kitted out! My toolkit mostly lies in my research, ideas and my hair-tearing but exhilarating experiences of being a mum. I must get one of those remote cameras, oh and photoshop to give me big hair 😉

  16. great toolkit – wish i had half of it (or knew how to use them LOL) i know i can get more use out of my ipad for blogging but still tend to just use my desktop computer except for some reading and editing… Love your remote and microphone 9and can’t wait to finish my contract and go from android to iphone)

  17. I really need a new camera. That is the one blogging tool I would luuuurve

  18. Wow! I’m way behind on the blogging necessities! I have the laptop, and the charger, and the camera… I REALLY need a microphone that reads my mind, puts it into a coherent post and publishes! I have so many great blog posts formulating in my head, but I always forget about them by the time I get back to the computer.

  19. Woa, that attachable keyboard looks way fancy. Love it!
    I also love my software – Adobe InDesign for blog layouts and Aperture for sorting/editing my photos!
    Ronnie xo

  20. You’re all sorted! I find typing on the ipad a bit slow so prefer my laptop… but then I managed to squeeze in reading a few blogs on my iphone while out and about this morning. I’m a gadget geek at heart. :)

  21. Great list! You’ve reminded me I need to get a tripod for my new camera.
    I just recently installed the Editorial Calendar plug-in on my WP blog.
    Love it! Where was I before without it ???

  22. After 3 months of blogging, I have #2-3-4. Love my Iphone! Thanks for the ideas of Belkin microphone and Nikon camera remote. I did not even know these tools exist!

  23. I have about 3 or 4 chargers that I use for my Iphone and IPad including one in the car for when i’m on the move.

    My Ipad is my favourite gadget though, I use it to read and comment on the blogs during my downtime. yes, it even sits next to me when I’m watching the teev.

    I love it’s blue tooth keyboard. But other than that, I’ve clearly got a lot of catching up to do.

    Does Coffee Count?

    Has anyone

    • The iPad is the best gadget. It goes with me whenever I move through the house.

      Coffee definitely counts. I can’t believe I forgot to put it in there!!

      Thanks for reading and commenting. Rachel

  24. Ooh, thankyou, I know what I’m putting on my Christmas wishlist this year. I’m still trying to figure out the whole blogging thing and posts like this are just so helpful. Thankyou x

  25. Great list! I would not have a blog without my iPhone. It is a great tool… the calendar, the camera – so useful!

    Vlogging – hmmm… not done that.

    Gosh, you are doing so well for 9 months! Inspiring!

  26. Def keen to get me a emote for my dslr, it’s been on my wish list for ages. I currently have a blackberry but am looking to switch to an iPhone once the contract runs out.

  27. I find blogging on the move quite painful. I don’t use an ipad, I use a tablet, I was considering switching to a laptop. Reading and commenting on the tablet isn’t so bad but writing is impossible!

  28. I so need an iPhone. Maybe if I give hubby the same puppy dog eyes that I gave him when I wanted an iPad, he might give in! My best blogging tool, SLEEP!! Blogging while sleepy has proven a bad move for me before!

  29. I have none of these, how am I able to blog at all? LOL. I wish I could afford that lot of goodies but I can’t. I am saving for a camera just like that though. Which do you have?

  30. Oh I have gadget envy! My iPad #1 is fantastic but I would live it if it had a camera. I also have the stand for the iPad and it’s fabulous – set up in the kitchen for constant use.

  31. I love gadgets and for me the iPhone and camera are number one. I often think of the best ideas for blog post while driving so I just tell Siri and she reminds me later :)

  32. Oh dear, out of that list I only have me the macbook and iphone. But I am a useless photographer so they would be wasted on me. You are quite the pro!

  33. I need to get me a decent microphone, stat. I’ve been feeling to urge to vlog for a little while now…!

  34. You are well kitted out Rachel!! I’d love an iPad or tablet of some sort, it gets painful trying to read blogs on the iPhone when I’m on the move. Tempted to wait until the windows 8 ones come out though. Now what I really need is a gadget that expands time…

    Sue x

    • I don’t like reading blogs on my phone. My iPad makes it a lot easier. I gadget that expands time – let me know when you find it. Apple probably has one, iTime maybe?

  35. Great post Rachel, you have the toys baby and you are putting them to great use!!

    The remote sounds awesome, you’ve probably managed to get some good family pics with it too.

    Can you recommend a good place online to buy the remote ?


    Lou xx

  36. How did we ever live without our gadgets? It’s like trying to remember what life was like pre kids haha :)

  37. I need a Canon remote… for my camera. *sigh*
    Oh and I might need to give my six year old son back his iPad at some point. 😉
    Great list! 😀

  38. I would die without my camera and remote. Next stop, IPAD!!

  39. Ooo love all your gadgets. For me, I manage with my computer (out of the ark), my smart phone (birthday present!), and our camera. Pretty basic but they all work!

  40. Great post, thank you for sharing!!!

  41. I love that you posted this!!! I’ve been thinking about this topic for a while and yes!!! I phone!! I love it! How did us bloggers get by before?! Tripod! Amen!! I’m still tossing up between buying an iPad or DSLR as my next investments…I’ll eventually get both but one at a time. I’m thinking DSLR first to improve the quality of my images first and of course the cam remote, what do you think?

  42. I love that you posted this!!! I’ve been thinking about this topic for a while and yes!!! I phone!! I love it! How did us bloggers get by before?! Tripod! Amen!! I’m still tossing up between buying an iPad or DSLR as my next investments…I’ll eventually get both but one at a time. I’m thinking DSLR first to improve the quality of my images first and of course the cam remote, what do you think?

  43. Great tips Rachel! I couldn’t live without my apple devices and also the handy iphone apps that make blogging and social media so much easier!