Altering a Maxi Dress to make it more wearable

I have a Kitten D’Amour dress I love but whenever I pull it out to wear, I put in on, take it off and hang it back up. I bought this a few months ago with the belt for the bargain price of $69. The belt usually costs $39 by itself!! I love the fabric and adore the neck line but there is too much fabric and length for me.

Altering a dress

Altering a dress

Today, I’m going to do something about it and turn it into something I will wear the hell out of.


First, pick a length. Play in front of the mirror and find a length that works best for you. I like it to hit the slimmest part of my leg, for me this is just above my calves & below my knees.


 Done! I changed the black belt for a red lace Kitten D’Amour belt and put on a pair of red Mary Janes. I love it!!

I added red accessories

I added red accessories

Don’t be scared to play with something you won’t wear. What do you have to lose?



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  1. I love this length! Maxi dresses do not suit me either, and I have one that I will be approaching with the scissors before Summer hits. Impressed that you got your Martha on and hit the sewing machine!

  2. Ooh! I LOVE it! You clever thing!

    What a fabulous dress!

    Also, I love your hair up! Very chic…

  3. LOVE IT!!!! I have yet to alter this pair of palazzo style printed pants I bought umm…I think about 2 years ago. It’ll be perfect for the warmer months as the fabric is so light. But I’ve got one problem, the shape means I can’t just hem it up without cutting off major lengths. I’m going to bite the bullet and do it so that I’ll get to wear it with my sandals and flats instead of having it sit there in my wardrobe.

  4. It’s amazing what you can do to your clothes, and really, why not risk it if you’re not wearing it as it is. I wrote a similar post about altering a couple of duds in my wardrobe.

  5. Another reason to wish we lived closer! I’ve got ideas and clothes but no sewing machines nor skills!

    You did a fab job. Looks gorgeous!

  6. You look fantastic! The dress looks great, and you will definitely get more wear out of it at that length. The red accessories really make it pop.