30+ Style & Beauty: Are you Fussy about fabric?

One thing I have noticed as I get older, is that I get fussier about the fabrics I like to wear. Previously, it didn’t matter if it felt terrible as long as it looked good (this was debatable). Sure, maybe these clothes were a little bullet proof in the washing machine and cheap as chips, but they also felt it. They felt disposable.

30+ Style and Beauty: Are you Fussy about fabric?

Over the last few years, I have become obsessed with feeling gorgeous fabrics against my skin. Not only do they feel amazing ….  they breathe …. and move. I love wearing good quality cotton and linen, wrapping myself in Bamboo and silk then snuggling into wool and cashmere. I’ve also realised you don’t always have to spend a lot, you just have to shop smart. If there is one thing I can do, it’s shop smart.

Last weekend, I invited the the gorgeous, smart and funny ladies from Bamboo Body over for afternoon tea to find our more about their range, particularly their new gorgeous Winter knits. I really love what this brand is doing. They have created a line of basics that feel incredible, fit well and move beautifully. Bamboo is also a natural, highly sustainable resource. Plus their new season knits are a combination of Bamboo, cashmere and wool. Light enough for layering and perfect for office wear.

Office Wear

I love this long line cardigan … hard. It creates an optical illusion and slims my hips by half. I seriously need this in the other 2 colours too. The rest of the outfit is Bamboo Body too. Lucia Cami, Tube skirt, and leggings.


Weekend Wear

How awesome are these Tangerine pants! Wearing them with a Hi-low knit.


Are you Fussy about fabrics as you get older?

Not sponsored but clothes gifted for editorial consideration. Considered it and I love them!


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  1. merilyn says:

    I love these outfits on you rach!
    I too am obsessed with fabric ie the silky softness and drapability of a garment!
    I want to soothe myself with softness! … we are women after all!
    at the end of the day we need to nurture ourselves! … someone said “marry yourself first!” I love it!
    enjoy your fabrics! … love m:)X

  2. Those tangerine pants are amazing!! I really like you in the first outfit to. Great colours for you. Have a great week. Bron. X

  3. Great outfits! Love them!
    I too love good fabrics! Life’s too short to be uncomfortable with scratchy material next to my skin. I’d rather pay a bit extra and have fabrics that are comfortable, feel nice and last longer!

  4. I’m getting more selective . . . if something’s itchy or uncomfortable in the change room, it’s not going to improve at home! Also looking for quality of fabric. Sick of picking up a cute top and it being about as opaque as a net curtain.

  5. Yes yes yes I am sooo getting my fuss on these days! I noticed a polyester shirt in my wardrobe this morning that I haven’t touched in 12 months because the last time I wore it I felt hot, sweaty and stinky – yuk. Loooove those Bamboo Body pieces particularly the pants. They look fantastic on you xox

  6. With menopause kicking in, I’m finding I need fabric that works with me and not against me. Love those pants on you. Just gorgeous.

  7. One big fabric snob here – refuse to let polyester enter my life! xx

  8. I was once a fabric snob but, my current status means budget is it.

    I love these looks on you and those tangerine pants. Zoe xx

  9. I’ve only got 2 fabric rules. No acrylic, ever. The feel of it does that thing to my teeth nails on chalkboard does…. I also hate polyester tops where the sleeves cover your armpits. I just find they don’t let me breathe and cause me to sweat and they just always get kind of stinky. I don’t mind them as a kaftan or something you can layer over a natural fabric like a cotton vest but not directly near my pits!


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