Beauty: Laser Vein Removal Treatment

I’m thoroughly enjoying educating myself and discovering new beauty treatments. This week at the Brisbane Anti Wrinkle clinic I discovered laser vein removal treatment. For a few years I’ve had a couple of small veins or broken capillaries on the side of my nose that got worse after the removal of a basel cell carcinoma.

These small veins can be caused by quite a few things including, trauma, age, genetics, hormones, environment and medical conditions.

I could easily cover them with makeup but throughout the course of the day, they would reappear, giving me a just a slight redness on my nose – like I had cold. The veins were only small and didn’t concern me too much but I also didn’t know it has become so easy and quick to remove them.

Laser Vein Removal Treatment

They used Cutera’s Coolguide which, as the name suggests, cooly slides over your skin before delivering a sharp, warm prick pulse of light energy. It’s completely bearable and the results are instant! 5 minutes later I walked out of there will no little red veins.

How did I not know about this!

I don’t have a great before and after photos, because I didn’t take a before – I didn’t realise the results would be instantaneous! Here is a earlier photo, fully made up, at the beginning of the day but showing the slight redness popping through.

Have you noticed any small veins or broken capillaries? Do they bother you?

Laser Vein Removal Treatment



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  1. I have had those naughty veins on my face since my teens. I did have some diothermy treatment years ago, but it was slow as one vein at a time is zapped. Thinking I might need to give this a go. 😊