Beauty: My Purple Peel Experience

I must admit that I was a little hesitant to book in for a Purple Peel treatment. This is a cosmedical grade, intensive peel and I was a little worried about the discomfort and the down time. I had seen amazing results so I bit the bullet, made the appointment with the Brisbane Anti Wrinkle and Skin Studio and then organised a few days off work.

About the Purple Peel

What is a Purple Peel

The Purple Peel is a cosmedical grade, intensive peel designed to accelerate skin regeneration and resurfacing.

Skin Prep

For at least two weeks prior to your treatment you should:

  1. Wash with the Glycolic Cleanser 12% as this prepares the skin to tolerate the peel a little better.
  2. Use Even Blend Serum. This helps reduce the possibility of hyper-pigmentation. I like to add a little Vitamin C powder to my Serum
  3. And Sunscreen, always sunscreen

Before and after care products - Purple Peel

During the treatment

The treatment was pretty quick, maybe 15 – 20 minutes and was nowhere near as uncomfortable as I’d anticipated. Yes, it was warm-hot but manageable. Or maybe I have a high tolerance to discomfort when it comes to all things beauty related.

After Care

Absolutely no water or moisture exposure for 12 hours after the peel. This includes steam from the dishwasher or shower, sweating or even crying. Absolutely NO water!

You can use the Repair Balm for the next 12 hours as this is an oil based product. I found that I didn’t need to reapply until the next morning after the treatment.

No active products for 3 days but you can use a gentle cleanser, light moisturiser and Sunscreen. Drink loads of water and avoided makeup (and people).

Your recovery time will be affected by your skin and the intensity of the peel. By day six I was good to wear makeup and get back to work.

Thoughts and Results

I definitely peeled but I think I could go a wee bit more intense next time. It was a bit of an emotional journey for me. You’re uncomfortable, look wrinklier, older with peeling skin before you start looking better. It’s inconvenient with the down time but my skin was definitely fresher, clearer and more youthful appearing afterwards.

Would I do it again? Yes, I’ve already booked in!

Here’s a quick video showing my day-to-day recovery – Warning close up images!



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  1. Wow!! Thanks for the video showing the different days!

  2. Did it help with your pigmentation? After how many days could you wear makeup? Thansk