Benefit Brow Bar

This week I managed to hit the new Chermside Brow bar. I have been dying to try a Benefit Brow Bar but had been too lazy to go out of my way to do it. I was so excited when I heard they were opening up nearby. So I grab my photographer (sister), our daughters and had a girly day out. The ladies at Benefit are so lovely, charming and were awesome with our 3 little girls.

Getting my muppet on

Getting my muppet on

I like my brows to look quite natural and not too ‘done’. They knew exactly what I meant and we talked through each stage to ensure I got what I wanted. My sister even got in on the action and she never lets anyone touch her brows (I think that might have something to do with me tinting them for her as a teenager).

I’ll definitely be going back.


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  1. NICE!!! I’ve tried out their service before but I did the plucking not the waxing. I’ve got an aversion to waxing – anywhere! Love their service and your brows look AMAZING! :)

    • I’m not super keen on waxing but I prefer it to other options – Plucking is too slow, threading too painful and stray hairs aren’t an option :)

  2. woman, you are way too awesome.

    so great.

  3. Oh my goodness, the end result is gorgeous, but the journey is hilarious! Love the ‘family pics’ along the way… xx

  4. Love this.

    Man…. I really live in the sticks. No Benefit anywhere near me. Might have to meet you at Chermside sometime…

    Cute post… so clever!

  5. You look fabulous and I adore your self-deprecating humour. I had a fab eyebrow appointment once at Myer Benefit Brow Bar and I also had the worse appointment ever – where she waxed off months of hard fought for regrowth and sent me back to the 90s. Same girl. Go figure.

    I’m going to be asking some stern questions of my mother – I do not have grey hair yet – except for IN MY EYEBROWS! Yes, thrice now, I have found long curly WHITE hairs in the middle of my eyebrow. I want to know exactly where John Howard was in 1972!

  6. They look fantastic! I’m normally an eyebrow DIY girl – I hate waiting until they’ve got enough regrowth to wax. I think I might have to pay the Benefit bar a visit next time I’m in the city. Loving the new site, by the way x

    • I usually maintain my brows myself but then get a professional maybe twice a year. Just to make sure I’m on track. Sometimes It’s too easy for me to grow them back in. I’m pretty lazy sometimes :)


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