Blogging Basics: 10 Blogging Necessities for Problogger

Problogger is less that two weeks away!!!

I haven’t thought about my wardrobe yet. I think this will cause me too much stress. But I am getting the business side of packing ready.

  1. Business Cards. There will be over 400 bloggers. How many cards are you planning on taking? Now double it!! If you haven’t ordered business cards do it today!!
  2. iPhone (or your phone of choice). Derr, you’ll want to social media the crap out of this weekend.
  3. iPad Mini. I think the mini is 100% better than the original. These are the perfect size for your handbag, the WordPress app is awesome and they can take photos and send messages when you start to worry about the battery life of your phone. Plus, if I can’t get Wifi I’ll have a good internet connection wherever I go.
  4. Macbook. I’m still trying to decided if I’m bring this. I’ll want to be able to blog while I’m travelling but the iPad might be enough.
  5. Nikon SLR because sometimes you need to take nice photos especially when you have the gorgeous Surfers Paradise as a backdrop.
  6. Charges for everything!
  7. Belkin recharger. You know that feeling, when your phone hits 20%, you get a message saying low battery and it’s only 10am on the biggest blogging event of the year! This charges your phone on the go and it’s great for iPads too.
  8. Notebook with Redcliffe Style logo. Because I’m that organised (for once)
  9. Small Grid-it. This helps organise & pack all the little ‘blogging’ things. I picked this up from the Apple Store and use it to organise my pieces on my desk, in my draw and when I’m travelling.
  10. Eclipse chewy mints. You want to be fresh (like iceman) while you’re schmoozing.

Problogger necessities

 What else are you packing?


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  1. Can’t believe it’s only 2 weeks away! Are you staying at QT Rachel? I’m staying at a unit a couple of streets away … I was going to commute from home but then decided I’d rather be close to the action. Too late for accommodation at the venue but happy with where I’ll be. Look forward to seeing you there!

  2. How cute is your notebook? very swish! I am paranoid I’m going to forget something so will need to start a list. good tips!

  3. Thanks for the list. Looking forward to schmoozing with everyone. 😉 I think I’ve worked out what I’m gonna wear although it will probably change three times by the time we leave.

  4. I hummed and harred about taking my laptop but I got an awesome case for my ipad that included a bluetooth keyboard so I think I will just take my phone and Ipad. I’m stuck with what to wear as well, I want to be comfortable because we are sitting down all day but I don’t want to look like a dag.

  5. Well you’re on top of it Mrs by the looks of it. You’ll have a fabulous time. I can’t believe it’s going to be in my home town a wee drive away from my home and I won’t be attending. But baby and family first……you’ll all surely miss me lol. Perhaps I should covertly sneak in with babe in arms.

  6. I tried to do outfit planning for ProBlogger yesterday and didn’t really get too far! A lot of my necessities are similar to yours. I’ll have other necessities like lip gloss and hand cream in my bag. I need to sort out clothes!!!

    I put together a little collection of bloggers attending ProBlogger

  7. I’m taking my MacBook Air, mostly because it fits in my new bag and because I can type faster on that than on my iPad. And my usual handbag staples like tic tacs, hand cream, bite cream (bugs love me) and lip balm.

  8. I wish wish wish I could go this year, but Brisbane isn’t one of my friendly cities (by which I mean I have no couch to crash on there and I’m too pov to buy a ticket AND pay for accom) hopefully it’ll come to a city in which I have someone to sponge off next year! I SO want to be there!

  9. Great list! I always always pack a few lemongrass and ginger teabags whenever I travel too, as most hotels have horrible herbal teas, plus I always eat/drink far too much and need it to help me sleep at night! See you next week :)

  10. Eeek! Must get one of those belkin thingos!!!

  11. Heehee, I don’t know why but I loved that ad for Eclipse Chewy Mints. “Don’t be ridiculous!”

    Have a fab time at PB. I am going to enjoy reading all of the many updates!


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