Botox or Notox? 2 weeks later with photos

It has been two weeks since I visited COZmedics and voluntarily had botox injected between my eyebrows 6 times. The two things people are always asking:
1. Did it hurt? and
2. Can you show me your frown?

Firstly the Pain
I was expecting the worst, I had even considered putting numbing cream across the area before going in. I truly didn’t feel any pain, AT ALL. Maybe I am unusually tough, maybe I missed my true calling of a secret government agent able to hold up under torture and not give up government secrets, probably. Or maybe it actually didn’t hurt. I would like to send my husband in to see if he thinks it hurts but I really wouldn’t want to give up the rest of my day to nurture him back to health.

Secondly, my Frown
Ahh, no! I have been a performing monkey too many times over the last 2 weeks. You have seen my last frown attempt. I went to all the trouble of getting botox to get rid of my frown. You have been looking at it for the last 2, 5 or 10 years, aren’t you sick of my frowny face? If I could frown, I would be frowning right now, while I write this rant, right!

Now the photos:
Before – deep lines, especially when I pull this face.
Two days after Botox – Still have slight frown lines.
Two weeks later – I am trying really hard to frown.

I am loving the results and I can see why people get addicted. Will I get it again?? Hopefully, yes. I think I need to find a Botox sponsor for Redcliffe Style.


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  1. Yay Rach – love it! Love those photos. I had to laugh because you do keep trying to make it frown or wrinkle – and that moment it first kicks in is amazing! I get Botox twice a year around the eyes – am lucky that don’t need bit you’ve got done.

  2. I’ll be happy with twice a year. It’s feel weird when it’s first immobilised, I bet it will feel strange when movement starts to come back too. Rx

  3. Wow it works!

    Hey did you know that there’s research showing that people who have botox, have less depressive symptoms? ie if you look happy, you feel happy????

  4. Hi Footprints, I completely believe that. Lets not stop there, I think it also makes other people happier too, they don’t have to look at a grumpy face. Win/win. Rachel x

  5. Anonymous says:

    Hey Rach, It looks fantastic but I didn’t noticed you needed it before. Great fun article. Sam

  6. Anonymous says:

    Sorry, not a fan. You have lines… so what? Now you just look like a woman with Botox. It looks fake and nobody will be honest with you.

  7. Hey, So a fellow Rachel! and same spelling! Did you know that the Dr’s surgery in scarborough do botox at a MUCH cheaper rate! I went to cozmedics in ascot for Botox in 2006, and it was pricey then! Haven’t had it since, did it for my wedding. Gotta look good in those damn wedding pics, they so Expensive!

  8. Micarla Nicholas says:

    wow look at you!!!!! you are so funny…love the pics!!you have always been gorgeous to me……..

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  10. Lisa Bennett says:

    Good afternoon
    Do you offer botox/ disport?
    I am after a local person as l am due
    I look forward to hearing from you.


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