Botox: You shouldn’t get it when you are feeling insecure

I haven’t been secretive about botox. I’m happy to be 40 years old and I have no problem sharing my age. I just want to look happy and 40 but I have two angry lines between my brows that work against this. So, twice a year I pop into a place in Ascot to semi erase the angry line between my brows. I love the effect. I look happy and relaxed but can still look super, pissed off when necessary. And it’s often necessary.

The Angry line

But today when I dropped in for my bi-yearly injection, they were offering a discount. I was feeling particularly insecure and I quietly enquired about a teeny, tiny, drop of a muscle-freezing injection high in the middle of my brow. I’m not sure what happened but I’m pretty certain I’ll know in a week. I have decided to look upon it as an experiment.

Clown brows

How will people react to my surprised expression? Will I be offered a role in “The Real Housewives of Redcliffe”? Will I use more eyeshadow?

Real Housewives of someplace

Real Housewives of someplace

To be continued….

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  1. You look gorgeous Botox or notox I can’t wait to see the results of your experiment! Not sure if I will be able to tell the difference??

  2. Haha… funny girl. And such a cutie pie!

    Keep us posted on the ‘movement’…

  3. I don’t mind the frown lines. I hate the grumpy dog jowls. You know the sag around your mouth. Not your mouth, obviously my mouth. What can be done with that?

    • I know those lines. The marionette lines. I understand that they don’t fill them anymore but crete more fullness in the cheeks to lift the area back up to where it use to be. I think it’s also about $350 but lasts about 12 months. Not completely sure though.

  4. Mandymoo says:

    Hey Rach, you only enhancing your natural beauty, it is only an issue when people totally change and it looks disastrous! I don’t hide the fact that I would love a nose job, but then I worry what if I look worse and they stuff it up!! At least the injections aren’t permanent, perfect for experimentation!! Xx

  5. Hi Rachel, I found you via Imogen’s link… so glad I found a post about Botox – I had it for the first time a month ago (I’m 41) for those two lines as well. I was nervous about the results, but I’m really pleased with it! The only thing is – I used to like being able to raise one eyebrow to give someone a “quizzical” look – I can’t do that any more!! It’s actually a really weird sensation once it’s settled down, like a sunburnt forehead that’s tight, but without the pain (if that makes sense). I’m pleased to hear you only have to do it twice yearly, I’m hoping it’ll be the same for me :)

    Anyway thank you so much for sharing! So great to read an honest post about it!

    Catherine x

  6. Great post. It’s good to read honest, real experiences. I’ve thought about having my crow’s feet done but am a bit of a wuss. Give it to me straight. How much does it hurt??

    • Hi Jen, On a scale of 1 – 10, I’d give it a 1 or 2. Less than an ant bite and goes away immediately. My friend thought it was more painful than me, I think she would say a 3 but also commented that the pain goes away immediately and she has a needle phobia. The only lingering is a slight headache. You feel like your dehydrated and need lots of water. I hope that helps :)