Botox: Your Questions Answered (Updated)

Many people had questions about botox when I wrote about it last time.  There were many, many quietly asked questions. Lots of whispers to me in the school yard, texts, messages and phone calls. Lots of queries about where? how much? and how long does it last?

I am not an expert, but I am happy to over share.

I had botox for the first time mid February 2012, seven months later I was ready to go again. I certainly could have gone earlier but I didn’t. Just over two weeks ago I visited COZmedics in Ascot for some more injections. I still only had the very angry lines between my brows injected.

Botox: Your Questions Answered

So to answer some questions I have been asked a lot:

Would I do it again?
Yes. edit: and I do
How often?
I would be happy with twice a year. edit: It is only twice a year
How much did it cost?
It was $300 for that area. edit: now it’s about $150 for that area.
Was it worth it?
I think so. I love not having my angry lines but I am happy with all the happy lines. Edit: Still love the results
Would I do more than botox?
Hmm, maybe. I don’t want to look frozen and I don’t want to reverse ageing but I would be interested in learning more about temporary, simple, cost effective ways to look less angry and a little refreshed. Edit: I’ve just stuck with botox and only there. A face needs to move
Why did you do it?
All I could see were those two angry lines and I felt like I looked angry all the time. I hated the impression I was giving because it didn’t reflect how I was feeling.

Clean the area…
then cool it with a phallic icicle.
Needles. I didn’t feel a thing and the marks faded immediately
Pat the botox through, making sure it’s setting in the right area
Before: very angry and frowny and obviously very worried

Vlog: 2 weeks post botox injections, showing frowning in motion

Botox! Would you? Have you?

This is not a sponsored post. I have not been paid to review this business or product


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  1. Ouch! I hope not to have to have to go there – but never say never eh!

  2. I don’t think I would ever Botox but you make it look rather appealing. Thanks for sharing your experience.

    Fairy wishes and butterfly kisses #teamIBOT

  3. Go you, for being so open and so happy to share this in a very judging world!
    I have no issues with this kind of treatment at all. Yes, I don’t want to see people all frozen like you said, but I guess you just need to know the line. I’ve scheduled some in before my wedding because I have horrid line across my face from frowning a lot when I was younger and needed stronger glasses. I don’t like the judgy mc judgersons who say “OH NO WHY WHY WHY BLA BLA BLA”.. if you dont want to do it, dont do it, if you do, do.. SIMPLE!


  4. Wow – you’re so brave. I don’t think I could do it – even thou I too have some lovely ‘angry lines’. I’m very much along the ‘each to there own’ theory with anything like this. If it makes you feel good about yourself and enjoy life more – then it’s a winner :)

  5. Oh you are hilarious …lots of opportunity to try and frown on the school holidays!

  6. I love the results – love you trying to frown :) I would definitely be open to it if there was an area I was not comfortable in. What I want is a breast up lift once we are finished with babies. Not a change in size at all, just have them pulled up closer to where they should be rather than my belly button :)

    Happy Tuesday xxxx

  7. Haven’t, wouldn’t but I do look like crap most of the time…now if I could botox my butt away, then I’d consider….(and I know there’s lyposuction but I just couldn’t go there!)

  8. and you look great, btw

  9. I haven’t really thought of it, but I think if a person wants to, it’s perfectly ok. It’s their lives and faces, and thanks for being open and sharing your experiences.

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  10. Wow… Amazing how it works! I know of someone who’s had it done around the moputh area and she has permanent duck lips now… Not pretty.

    Lol… Loving the frown…

    Sophie xo

  11. Love this. I would love to get some botox but feel it would be silly given there are so many other bloody things wrong with my body (ie. need to get layers and layers of fat removed first!)

    Am gonna go and study my face in front of the mirror now cos I’m wondering where my WORST wrinkles are!


  12. Firstly, hilarious vlog! I love that you’re practicing hard to frown!

    Seriously though, you look amazing. I am definitely going to get some work done to my angry lines some time down the track!

  13. Oh Rachel, you’re hilarious! Thank you for sharing this, it’s wonderful to see you embrace your gorgeous happy lines and take away the angry-ness!
    I think once I’m done making babies I’d like my boobs put back to where they used to be. I don’t want implants, just a relocation would be nice. Maybe a lil tummy tuck while they’re there 😉

  14. you definitely do make it look appealing – thankyou for being so open and honest about your experiences. just one of the many things I love about your blog! x

  15. I think I might need my angry lines for a while longer – I’m hoping they’ll help me deal with my children’s teenage years. Not sure I could do it but I love that you have shared and your reasons for doing it.

  16. thanks for being so open! jumping over from IBOT

  17. Botox is all I want for Christmas! I’ve got a deep line on my forehead that would rival Cadel Evans!

  18. Your vlogs are so funny. Look at me, iboting! Stand back, world 😉

  19. I am totally pro any kind of cosmetic procedure that makes you feel good about yourself, and helps you reflect on the outside how you feel on the inside. I’ve always joked that for my 30th birthday (in 2 years), I want to have a Champagne & Botox party just like The Real Housewives of OC!

  20. Haven’t done it… probably wouldn’t but totally loving you trying to frown. I keep thinking I’d like a lift done and then I remember it’s surgery and while they’re nowhere near as high and firm as they used to be, I kinda like my breasts the way they are (as in not cut into!).

  21. I’ve honestly never considered it, or noticed my frown lines, so now I’m sitting here examining all my wrinkles!

  22. I’m just terrified of needles. I know, I know…you don’t feel a thing. But just the thought of having this long piercing thing come at my forehead…
    Having said that, ask me in a coupla years when I start seeing angry lines…

  23. ooooo that looks painful!!!

    nope not for me!!! Though I would like my boobs done haha!!

  24. Good for you I say, Rachel! I’d certainly not rule out Botox ….. but don’t think I could do anything more major – surgery scares me stiff but needles I could handle ….. I think …

  25. You look awesome. I’m all for cosmetic surgery if it makes you feel better. Most recently I had intra-ocular surgery (permanent contact lenses) so that I could ditch my glasses (I was too blind for laser). I love that you embrace happy wrinkles x

  26. Mmm I’m not a convert yet, especially when u r so gorgeous that u don’t need it. Mind u it’s a good thing to keep in the back pocket … x

  27. You are so, so funny Rachel. You’ve made me laugh, thank you! I’m a complete convert and will be getting my angry lines done too one day 😉

  28. Thank you for a very honest post and very helpful for many women. You look beautiful!

  29. Thank you for a very honest post and very helpful for many women. You look beautiful!

  30. I’ve been thinking about getting Botox for my angry lines, as well. At the moment, I’ve been doing the sports tape trick. Sometimes, I forget the tape is there and I go out with it on. My fella has dubbed me… “Sports Tape Girl” Sigh.

    While sports tape (kinda)works, it’s only temporary. After a night’s rest, the lines are back. And sleeping with it on, doesn’t work for me.

    So, my question is.. and maybe it’s a dumb one.. When you wake up in the morning, are there any angry lines or any indication that you were frowning while sleeping?

    Lastly, great post and thanks for sharing your experience.

  31. I can see myself having it in a few years, I can see my angry lines already forming.

    Great post!

  32. If we have the technology then why not use it to make ourselves feel better. I’m also a never say never type of gal :)
    Prue x

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