30+ Style and Beauty featuring Glamour Mama

Hello gorgeous people! I have been so crazy with my new schedule, I completely missed last Thursday. I woke up on Sunday and realised I hadn’t done a 30+ style and beauty link up. How is that possible? Usually I’m so great with time management. I was so angry, I pulled the cover over my head and went back to sleep for a few hours. That is angry!

Any woo to make up for it, I have the lovely, gorgeous and funny Kate from Glamour Mama featuring this week. I can’t believe I haven’t featured Kate yet. Love this girl, her blog and her style!

30+ Style and Beauty featuring Glamour Mama

Glamour Mama headshot
How would your friends or family describe your style?

I gravitate to classic, tailored clothing that flatters and feels good to touch; with a dash of sports luxe. I like to inject personality with a statement shoe or necklace; and love the drama and femininity of a full midi skirt, floaty feminine dresses in a bold print or fun colour. And there’s always a touch of glamour to make everyday outfits feel special… “classic and feminine glamour with a cool modern edge”??

What would be your dream outfit?

I’ve always struggled with casual wear. Maybe it’s a hangover from working among red carpet gowns for so long, but I’ve always had two dress codes: dressed to the nines, or pyjamas all day.

There’s no question that my dream outfit would have to be a Haute Couture Dior ball gown. Probably red and pink worn with sky high heels. Or a glittery gold fitted sheath that sparkles head to toe. I can’t decide. If I had to choose a dream casual outfit – Valentino rockstud flats, Hermes Birkin handbag in signature orange, my old ripped denim jeans, oversized cat eye sunglasses, Stella McCartney black tuxedo jacket and silk jersey striped Breton top. For those “Jarmie Days” of luxe lounging, I’m dreaming of a pair of silk pyjamas from French IT Girl Raphaella Riboud. So many outfits, so little time… I like this dream, does it have to end?

Describe your biggest beauty disaster (and do you have photographic evidence)?

Thankfully most of my beauty faux pas were made pre-Instagram and all photographic evidence has been destroyed!

My beauty crimes have been many and varied so I couldn’t possibly narrow it down to one… I’m a self confessed beauty junkie, so if there’s a product, treatment or technique, chances are I’ve tried it.

Biggest beauty blunders have included the obligatory 80’s scrunch dry and the obligatory 90’s belly ring and tattoo. A tween makeup moment featured Boy George Karma Chameleon rainbow eyeshadow attempt that resulted in my friend and I looking like Jon Benet Ramsay twins in drag. But the one that has emotionally scarred me as a teenager was when I cut my long blond curly locks. Right. Off. I was supposed to look like my then hero Olivia Newton John in the “Let’s Get Physical” film clip. But I just looked like a boy. Cried for months. DIS.A.STER.

Which bloggers inspires you and why?

There are so many amazing bloggers and I find something inspiring about each and every one of them. I love the international street style bloggers that combine high end designer with high street style – it’s a very modern and REAL way of dressing that I find both inspirational and aspirational. Some of my fave local blogs and style sites are They All Hate Us, Style by Yellow Button, The Joye, Paddo to Palmy and Inez Daily. For mummy style inspo I look to Captain & the Gypsy Kid, Not So Mumsy, BellaMumma, The Grace Tales, Fox in Flats. And of course all the gang you’ll see weekly on Redcliffe Style!

What made you decide to start blogging?

After a lifetime working in the fashion industry, then I became a Mum and pink became my new black. Whilst on maternity leave, a designer friend asked me to write some blog articles for him and I was hooked. The writing stopped my brain turning to mush and kept me connected with the fashion world whilst I was busy changing nappies. Soon friends started asking for maternity and new mum style advice; and when I realised my responses were basically blog length articles (complete with images and links) I knew I had to blog – so Glamour Mama born! I love helping mums find their style mojo and get some glamour among the goo of motherhood. Fashion and beauty are tools that to make us feel good about ourselves; and when we feel good about ourselves, we’re better mamas.

Where you can find Kate:  Glamour Mama | Instagram | Facebook | Twitter | Pinterest WIW Chevron print skirt WIW-double-denim WIW-printed-smock

Would you like to feature? I’d LOVE to feature you too. Send me an email xx


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Exercise Style: Exercise belt giveaway!!

I’m pretty excited about this giveaway. I like to run and like all runners, I need to carry a few important items while I’m out. I’ve spent years running with a bra full of keys, gate clickers, cash and phones. This is not ideal! iPhones and gate clickers hate being shoved into a sweaty sports bras plus my boobs thinks it sucks too.

Exercise Style: Exercise belt giveaway!!

I’ve bought quite a few running or exercise belts over the years but my biggest problem is that they are uncomfortable or jump around with each leap. This exercise belt from Hips Sisters is awesome!! Not only is it cute but it stays where it should. It has two zip pockets with enough room for your iPhone, keys and cash, and doesn’t move around. Nothing shits me as much as an exercise belt moving up n’ down and wiggling about.

Hips Sisters is offering a Hips Sister Left Coast belt to one Redcliffe Style reader. These great belts are valued at $49.95. Add this to your #exercisestyle wardrobe! Visit their website to pick out your favourite colour, come back and tell me your favourite colour to enter.

a Rafflecopter giveaway
Entries open on March 3 2015 6am and close on March 10 2015 at 9pm. Sorry, Australian entries only, sorry. The winner will be judged on originality and creativity. The most inventive answer will win and the winner will be emailed and must claim their prize within 48 hours.
Exercise belt giveaway!!
Exercise Style: Exercise belt giveaway!!
PS: My Hips Sister belt was gifted and I’m pretty happy about it. I love it, I want to share it and I want to give you the opportunity to win it xx

30+ Style and Beauty : My work makeup products

I really love getting on my work clothes, hair and makeup each day. I’m sure there will be a time when I’m over it and the routine is just clean teeth and lipstick is just a dream. But at the moment, I love putting my ‘work face’ on each day with my favourite work makeup products.

30+ Style and Beauty : My work makeup products

These are the products I reach for every single morning at exactly 6.45am. I want to mix it up, but these are so easy, I know them and I don’t have time to play.

When I put them all out, it looks like a bucket load of makeup but, trust me, it only takes about 5 minutes and less if you don’t care about a light hand or blending.

My work makeup products

The Deets

These are in order I apply them

  • Benefit The Pore Professional
  • L’Oreal The Foundation True Match
  • Maybelline Superstay Better Skin Skin Perfecting Concealer
  • Hoola Benefit – this is a matte bronzing powder but I use it for contouring under the cheek bones, the brush is ideal. If you want some tips on contouring and highlighting. Check out this easy, peasy tutorial.
  • Face of Australia Pressed Powder – for blending the contouring and setting the makeup
  • Face of Australia Mineral Therapy Illuminator – to Illuminate, derr.
  • NARS Orgasm blush
  • Youngblog Brow Artiste in dark
  • Some Eyeliner in black I get this in Coles but I can’t remember the brand
  • Motives 1o Years Younger Makeup setting Spray – I swear by this
  • L’Oreal False Lash Wings in black
  • Carmex Moisture Plus in Pink.

How many products would be in your typical day look?


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Daily Style: Sequinned Pants

I discovered a pair of sequinned harem pants at Events Retail online these were reduced to a crazy $24 (originally $199) and are now even cheaper ($15). Sequinned pants didn’t make sense in my wardrobe, they didn’t make sense for Summer but I needed them. I needed their shiny, sequinned goodness in my life and 2 days later they landed in my sweaty palms.

Daily Style: Sequinned Pants

I won’t need much to achieve good cost-per-wear but I decided to give them a whirl immediately to get a start on it. First stop, a morning at the laundromat. Yes, this might sound a wee bit dressy for the laundromat but I knew I could dress the sequinned pants down and ‘make it work’.

I’m dressing them down with my Bohemian Traders Chambray shirt (rolled and tucked), and ugly slides. I also rolled and scrunched the pants to make the more casual and less Dynasty.

Daily Style: Sequinned Pants Daily Style: Sequinned Pants and chambray shirt

I think they would look awesome teamed with a B&W striped tee or a crisp white shirt too. Maybe that’s next week :)

Would you wear sequinned pants as day wear?


My hair: Brown with Balayage Highlights

I’m surprised how many questions I get asked about my hair. To be honest this is the first time in years I’ve been really happy with my hair because this cut and colour works so well with my hair type. My hair is very fine, prone to frizz, snaps off at the mention of peroxide and is naturally a mousy medium brown (doesn’t that sound like the most boring colour on the planet).

I have a lovely, skilful and patient hairdresser (Toni from Beautiful You) and she has gone through all my phases with me (red, blonde, black, short, blonder, longer, shorter again) to end up here. The reason I am so happy with this do is because it’s really low maintenance. It doesn’t matter if I don’t make it to the hairdressers to deal with regrowth and it looks great messy. It’s perfect for a lazy or time poor lady.

PicMonkey Collage

Colouring my Hair: Brown with Balayage Highlights

First, do you know the difference between Ombré and Balayage highlights? I didn’t! What I have discovered is that both are lighter towards the ends but Balayage is from the French word meaning to sweep or to paint. The highlights are achieved by painting the colour on by hand, for a more natural finish.

My girl, Toni, uses a natural, warm brown that is slightly darker than my natural colour for my roots. This is a) to cover any sneaky little greys that might be trying to appear, b) so that it fades enough to blend regrowth and c) to give the colour longevity. Toni uses the amazing Redken Chromatics products which are an ammonia free, oil based colour that strengthens the hair x 2.

Then, she hand brushes powder lightener randomly through some pieces of the ends to create very subtle sunkissed highlights. My hair throws red or golden colours which I don’t like, so every few trips to the salon she tones the ends.

I usually visit the salon every 2 or 3 months for regrowth. We probably look at the highlights every second visit to decide if I need a few more blondes painted on or a few lowlights thrown in to break it up.

Then at home I use Kerastase Resistent Bath and Care to strengthen my hair and keep it it healthy and shiny.

Another turning point was learning how to create beachy waves at home. Here my vlog demonstrating how easy and quick it is.

Brown with Balayage Highlights

 What has been your favourite hair cut and colour on you? 

30 Plus Contouring and Highlighting Tutorial

I have spoken before about my love of contouring and highlighting. After reading my last contouring post, quite a few people emailed me and asked for a contouring and highlighting tutorial video. Now, I’m no makeup artist, or TV presenter, but I love you guys enough to jump infront of the camera and share my contouring and highlighting routine.

30 Plus Contouring and Highlighting Tutorial

30 Plus Contouring and Highlighting Tutorial

Initially, I was scared to start contouring, because I didn’t really understand how or why. Now I love it, it just adds a little shape and life back to your face after foundation and concealer takes it away. I’m mainly using L’Oreal products in this tutorial because they are easy to locate and so affordable.

There is sound and background music, so turn it down if you don’t like music or an ocker voice :)

Easy hey!

Why you should Contour your face

I’m going to make this super, duper easy.

The reason you should be contouring when doing your makeup routine is that foundation creates a flat look and takes all the curves and personality out of your face, contouring adds them back in. You can use contouring to change the appearance of the shape of face but I prefer to use it to add back life and light.

I’m don’t do a lot of contouring but I do LOVE it.

Why you should Contour your face

Why you should Contour your face

These the steps I take to contour and illuminate:

  1. Apply your foundation as usual
  2. Use your normal concealer and eye primer, etc.
  3. Apply the darker contouring to under cheekbones. Start under your cheek bone and follow the line to your mouth but finish short. About 1/2 or  2/3 of the line  – this brings back your cheekbones or helps create them
  4. Around the jawline. This is important for 40+ ladies. It helps to create the appearance of a tighter jawline
  5. Down the side of the nose. I don’t do this all the time, only when my nose looks extra crooked. You can thin the nose with contouring but I just like to use it to straighten. I also do a little under the tip, to take a little length off. My nose is a little hooky and loves a little contouring.
  6. Apply the lighter contour between the dark cheekbone & jawline contouring, around the eyes and up the centre of the nose
  7. Grab a big brush and gently blend it all in. You need to get rid of the harsh lines
  8. Then I use a illuminator on top of my lip, centre of my chin, up the nose, between my eyebrows and the top of my cheeks. This gives a little light a dewiness. It’s like rewinded your age at least 3 weeks.
  9. Finally,You favourite blush on your apples at up towards your temple

This all sounds like a lot of effort but takes me a maximin of 5 minutes.

For the final image, I added lipgloss, a brown eyeshadow and mascara. Simple!

Why you should Contour your face

The products I used

  1. Motives Shape & Sculpt Duo
  2. Brushes. A contoured tip brush, a thinner one and a big blending brush
  3. Nars Orgasm blush
  4. Face of Australia Mineral Theraphy Illuminator in Angel Mist
  5. Youngblood Eye-Illuminating Duo. I actually use this to draw a line down the centre of my nose or highlight under the brow
  6. A cheaper contouring option is the L’Oréal Glam Bronze. Fantastic product!

Why you should Contour your face

10 tips from the LOreal Paris Workshop

One of my absolute highlights of the PBEvent14 was the Thursday night L’Oréal Paris workshop. I love makeup, I love hanging with the girls and I love champagne and food. This evening combined all these awesome things!

Elsa Morgan, the L’Oréal Paris Makeup Director was sharing all her tips. She was so gorgeous, knowledgeable and charming. Serious girl crush material.

10 tips from the LOreal Paris Workshop - Elsa Morgan

10 tips from the LOreal Paris Workshop


  • Always do your eyebrows. If you only have 2 minutes to do your makeup, include the eyebrows. The Super Liner Brow Artist pencil makes it so easy. The pencil has the pencil at one end, wax pencil at the other and a brush on the lid. Three products in one
  • Use a highlighter pen or concealer to sharpen the shape of your brows. Just along the outer third of the brows.


  • Don’t be scared to use mascara on the lower lashes. Just one coat and it opens up your eyes
  • A little highlighter in the corner makes your eyes pop


  • Highlight your cupids bow with a white kohl or a highlighter pen before applying your lipstick. This makes your lips appear a little fuller and poutier
  • To create a matt lipstick. Hold a 1 ply tissue over your lips and give a gentle brush with translucent powder


  • Don’t be scared to use your fingers. Use them to warm up and massage product onto your face including primer and foundation
  • Layering products a little at a time is better than one big layer. This builds up colour and gives it longevity
  • Foundation creates a flat face, add bronzer and highlighter to add the shape back
  • Let your skin shine through. Don’t make makeup too heavy and mask like

After the tutorials, we all got the opportunity to get our makeup done by the lovely L’Oreal makeup artists.

10 tips from the LOreal Workshop 10 tips from the LOreal Workshop - make over 10 tips from the LOreal Workshop - Bright lippy Other important information: What I wore!

A stunning Maiocchi Kiss and Tell dress $245 from the Spring Summer 14 collection. This dress is amazing! So comfortable and pretty and it travels and wears well! I’m wearing it with amazing Ramarim shoes from Shoe me Gorgeous (gifted). These are currently on sale for $117!

Kiss and Tell Maiocchi dress Ramarim heels from Shoe me Gorgeous

Maybelline SuperStay Better Skin & Win a $100 Priceline voucher {Sponsored}

I’m working with Maybelline to show you their amazing new SuperStay Better Skin foundation and Skin Perfecting concealer.
Maybelline SuperStay Better Skin

Maybelline SuperStay Better Skin

Now that I’m a little older and so much wiser, I’m not going to bother with foundations that don’t tick all my boxes. In case you are wondering, this one does tick all my boxes.

What I’m looking for:

  1. Makes me look good (the most important box to tick);
  2. Lightweight. I cannot wear foundations that feel likes masks without trying to rip my face off after 5 mins;
  3. Long wearing. It’s pointless if it just slides down and sits on my collar;
  4. Doesn’t settle into wrinkles. This accentuates the wrinkles instead of hiding them; AND
  5. It does my skin good! The SuperStay Better Skin foundation is vitamin enriched with skin improving Actyl-C. After 3 weeks your skin is meant to look even better. I’ll have only been using this for a few days and look forward to sharing the results after 3 weeks.

I’m wearing the shade ‘Sand’ and just applied quickly with my (clean) finger tips. Then patted a little Concealer (Medium) under my eyes. I am going through a stage of insomnia at the moment and my dark circles are huge. It still managed to cover them well.

I finished off with just a light dusting of blush and a lip balm with a pinky tinge. I’m really happy with the coverage, comfort and staying power.

Maybelline SuperStay Better Skin & a giveaway

If you would like to try the Maybelline SuperStay Better skin yourself the foundation is only $21.95 and comes in 8 shades, the Concealer is $14.95 and comes in two shades, Light and Medium

Win a $100 Priceline Voucher!!

I have a $100 Priceline voucher to giveaway!! You will be able to hit your local Priceline and check out the awesome range for yourself!! You will be able to buy some great products with this voucher!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Entries open on September 4 at 5am and close on September 15 at 9pm. Sorry, Australian entries only, sorry. The winner will be judged on originality and creativity. The winner will be emailed and must claim their prize within 48 hours. The giveaway T&C are located here – http://blog.nuffnang.com.au/terms-and-conditions-of-maybelline-superstay-better-skin-i-giveaway/

Keep an eye on the Maybelline Superstay Better Skin Facebook page to find out more about the products and win 1 of 500 foundations.

This post has been brought to Nuffnang and Maybelline. 

What to wear in Wet Weather

Wet weather makes everything a little harder. Getting out of the house, school drop off and pick up and, most importantly, making yourself look awesome.

What to wear in Wet Weather

When the weather is working against you, here are my wardrobe tips

  • Dark clothes. Think navy, charcoal or black. These colours hide the wet marks and won’t turn the school run into a wet tee-shirt competition. Unless you want it to be, then go for it but be prepared for the backlash
  • Boots. You will never regret buying a cute pair of gumboots. I have a fantastic pair from Thomas Cook and these awesome ones from Crocs Australia

What to wear in Wet Weather

  • Find some fun, bright and weatherproof accessories. Wrist party, scarves or a cool umbrella
  • Sunglasses. The sun might be hiding but I still wear the sunnies. They keep the rain out of your eyes and hide the lack of makeup

What to wear in Wet Weather

Beauty tips

  • A slick hair do. You might want to blow dry, straightened & brush or you can just load it with leave-in conditioner and pull it into a slick bun. Both will result in exactly the same do but have a difference of 30 minutes.
  • Simple make up. I just use a waterproof mascara and a bright lipstick. These won’t wash off or run down your face when the rain gusts up and under your umbrella

What to wear in Wet Weather

What are your wet weather tips?

My Lip product addiction

I usually carry a big handbag. It was getting a wee bit heaving and so I decided to clean it out.

I discovered a ridiculous amount of lip products.

My Lip product addiction

2 x Lipsticks
One is my absolute favourite Issada Lipstick crayon in Pirate and the other is a Youngblood lipstick that snapped off the first time I used it. I get angry looking at it. I’m going to move on, throw it out and release my anger.

4 x Lipglosses
I love lip glosses because they won’t melt in the heat and I don’t need a mirror to reapply. Two of these glosses I really dislike but they cost a bit so I force myself to wear them. Then when I catch a glimpse of my myself in a mirror, flinch and wipe it off. I will donate these two to my daughters play kits.

7 x Lipbalm
This is a little extreme. I wear lip balm a lot, so I guess I wasn’t surprised to find a few tubes but SEVEN! I will remove at least 5 and spread them around the house, so I will always have lip balm at arms reach.

My Lip product addiction

Be honest, how many lip products are living in your handbag at the moment?

5 Beauty Products to keep makeup in place

When I am planning a long day or night I want my makeup to stay put. After years of dancing up a storm, then looking in the mirror and realising you weren’t quite the goddess that left the house 6 hours ago. In fact, the image staring back is pretty scary.

Smudged Eyeliner
Faded Eyebrows
Eyeshadow in the creases
Makeup around your collar
Nude Lips
Wild hair

I can’t help with the hair but I can share the awesome products I use to keep my makeup where it should be.

5 Beauty Products to keep makeup in place

Start with clean, moisturised skin.

Benefit The PORE Professional
I how did I live without this product. This minimises the appearance of pores, makes your makeup smoother and last longer. I apply a pea sized amount all over my face avoiding the eye area. I apply after moisturiser and eye cream.

Benefit Stay Don’t Stray
This is great for the eye lids and under eye bags. A little goes a long way. I just apply 2 dots under the eye and one on top. Gently pat into place

Motives Eye base
This is when I’m serious about my makeup not going anywhere. Eyeshadow won’t settle in creases, it won’t slip down your face and it won’t fade away. It might not ever come off! I use my nail to dig out a teeny, little piece and then apply to my lid area up to my brow bone. This not only creates a great base but it’s also a nice neutral colour to use as your base colour.

Napoleon Perdis The One Concealer
I pat this over my under eye bags, over the top of the Benefit Stay Don’t Stray. This just works for me and is the right colour to counteract purply shadows

Motives Makeup Setting Spray
This shiz is da bomb. Not only does it set the makeup up, it makes you look amazing. You only need about 4 sprays and it’s stops makeup from settling into wrinkles and pores as the night progresses. It’s like airbrushing in a spray.

5 Beauty Products to keep makeup in place

What are your favourite products to keep makeup in place?


This is a shallow post. Back away now if you’re less shallow than me. This could be hard, because sometimes I’m pretty shallow.

I’m 41 years old. I’m pretty happy being me and where I am right now. I dye my hair, I wear make up and sunscreen. I love eye cream and hunt down wrinkle minimising creams and I get….BOTOX. I’m not afraid to admit that I hate my angry lines. Because I haven’t kept my botox a secret, people ask me about it ALL THE TIME.

It’s for these people I’m sharing this.

My Botox

I’m going to answer a few of the questions I’m usually asked.

When did I start?

It was a gift for my 39th Birthday from my husband because I asked for it. I realised I was only noticing two deep, angry lines between my brows in the mirror and in photos. I would play in iPhoto and PicMonkey. I’d erase those annoying lines and I liked it so much more. I was more than just an angry face.

My Botox Journey

Does it hurt?

No. I’ve never felt any pain. I could just be super tough but I’m fairly certain it just doesn’t hurt.

Where do you get it injected?

The first time I got it between my brows, and that is still were I get it. I haven’t graduated to a completely frozen botox look, I haven’t tried fillers or anything else. I’m happy to age…but age in a happy way. My laughter lines are from my spending years laughing with friends and family, and I want them to stay because I love them.

My Botox Journey

How often?

I probably get it twice a year. I time the injections it to work with Christmas and my Birthday. These are the most photographed moments and I want to see more than 2 angry lines in the photos.

The Price?

I would spend about $100 – $150 each time. If it was more than this, I’d probably hesitate or buy less groceries.

Would I do more?

I’m still not interested in injecting more areas. I’m very expressive and I need to be able to use them all. My hands can only do so much.

Where do you get it done?

I would never, ever go to someone that wasn’t recommended. I visit CozMedics in Racecourse Road, Ascot. (Not sponsored)

Would you? Have you?


When I realise I have forgotten my Eye Cream…

I can not function without eye cream.

If I don’t have it on, I can’t think about anything else until I slather it on and around my eyes. I realise that I’m just meant to use a teeny bit, and dab it on with fairy like taps with my ring finger, but the longer I leave it, the more generous and furious my application is.

When I realise I have forgotten my Eye Cream

If I leave the house nude faced, in a hurry and forget my eye cream. I can actually feel my crows feet growing and a cracking sound as I blink. I shit you not!

I have been known to grab ANYTHING in desperation and poke it around my eye area. Lip balm….paw paw ointment…vasaline…handcream…anything.

When I realise I have forgotten my Eye Cream

What drives you to distraction when you have forgotten it?