Wella System Professional Hair Care Giveaway RRP $195!!

I love the System Professional Hair Care range by Wella! I’ve written before about how it’s part of my hair repair program.  No only does it smell delicious, it’s given my hair some much needed life. I’ve started wearing it down again! Thanks to the awesome team at Wella I have three packs valued at $65 each to giveaway.

System Professional Hair Care  Wella System Professional Hair Care

The System Professional hair care packs are available in Color Save, Hydrate or Repair. They include a full size shampoo, conditioner and a mask treatment! The packs have been created with your individual needs and wants at heart.

Hydrate Pack is for hair that requires additional hydration.

Screen Shot 2014-04-30 at 3.58.30 pm

Care Colour Save Pack is perfect for coloured hair between salon visits.

Screen Shot 2014-04-30 at 3.58.01 pm Repair Pack is to give some love to damaged locks

Screen Shot 2014-04-30 at 3.58.39 pm

Wella System Professional Hair Care Giveaway RRP $195!!

Thanks to Wella I have three packs to giveaway. You have to comment, the most interesting comments win and make sure you mention the pack you would prefer as well. Sorry, Australia only.
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Autumn Lips Carmex Giveaway valued at $50!!!

As you probably know, I’m a lip gloss or balm girl. It’s quick, it’s easy, you don’t need a mirror to apply and it’s keeps your lips lovely, soft and kissable. Lipstick is great too but I alway eat it off and I never have a mirror handy to re-apply plus I’m lazy. Most days, I’ll only wear my Carmex Moisture Plus tint, this provides just the right hint of colour and is deep penetrating and has a long-lasting moisturising effect.

Autumn Lips Carmex

When my Summer tan starts to fade and my sun kissed cheeks are just a memory then my makeup needs to pick up the slack and work harder. Traditionally Autumn shades are browns, apricots, etc, etc. I tend to steer clear and try to capture a little of the natural sun kissed tones from Summer. Think dewy, rosy and glossy.  When I need a little deeper colour than my gloss or balm provides, this is my technique:

Autumn Lips Shades

  • If your lips are a little dry, give them a gentle scrub with a little sugar
  • Pick a lip pencil. During the day, I usually pick a nude or soft pink/brown and at night time I use something richer and deeper
  • With surgeon like precision, outline your lips and then colour them in
  • Then go over with your favourite lip balm. Mine is Carmex Moisture Plus tint in Pink because this adds just the right amount of colour and shine. After 30+ (or 40+), a little shine is better than a harsh, ageing matt finish

Autumn Lips Carmex Giveaway valued at $50!!!

Thanks to Carmex Australia I have a bunch of Carmex products to giveaway. Who wouldn’t want these great beauty products for Autumn?

The pack includes: 1 x Carmex Jar – $5.99, 1 x Carmex Click Stick – $4.99, 1 x Carmex Click Stick in Strawberry – $4.99, 1 x Carmex Tube – $5.99, 1 x Carmex Moisture Plus in Clear – $8.99, 1 x Carmex Moisture Plus in Peach – $8.99 and 1 x Carmex Moisture Plus in Pink – $8.99
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Autumn Lips Carmex

I am a Carmex Ambassador. I love their products. Why? The products have deep penetrating and long-lasting moisturising effects, provide just the right about of lip colour and they are not tested on animals.

Thursday Style and Beauty Link Up!

Thank you to all the gorgeous, stylish bloggers who linked up last week. You may have noticed that you have been added to the Style & Beauty Blogger list. If your name is missing. Leave a comment below and get angry at me!

We have changed a little in the last week. I had so many ladies that were almost 40 ask if they could participate, I think the more fabulous ladies we see, the better. The linking party now is for 30+ bloggers and includes style AND beauty.

PicMonkey Collage

Thursday Style and Beauty Link Up!

This Style and Beauty link up is to show off how fabulous 30+ ladies are. A new link up will open every Thursday morning. Feel free to link up any style or clothing post you have written in the week before. The link will stay open until the following Wednesday night, then the next one will take over. I’d love it if you could visit a few other inspiring bloggers that might link up too.

Let’s inspire all women and show off how fabulous life continues to be after 30! If you don’t blog but want to show off your style then please add the hashtag #thirtyplusdailystyle and @redcliffestyle to a Facebook or Instagram image and I’ll find you!! I can not wait to see your gorgeous posts and images and be inspired myself xx

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How to Repair damaged hair

Over the last few years I’ve been changing my hair colour a lot and it’s affected the health of my hair. At the moment my hair is in a terrible condition, it’s dry, thin and frizzy and it has been snapping off. Ekk! I’m desperate and I’ve made the decision to do whatever I can to help it regain some hair health. Whatever the cost!

How to Repair damaged hair

How to Repair damaged hair

These are the steps I am taking:

  • Stop playing with the colour ie. No more lightening in the foreseeable future
  • always use a wide tooth comb or brush on damp hair. I LOVE my Tangle Teazer for this
  • have regular trims
  • use the correct shampoo and conditioner for damaged hair. My hair is loving System Professional’s Hydrate Collection. It’s hydrating but doesn’t weigh my fine hair down
  • regularly use a intensive mask. I’m sticking with the System Professional’s Hydrate mask. This is helping my hair with the breakage too.
  • Stop pulling at my hair to see if it’s still breaking. Stupid I know, but addictive
  • use a leave-in treatment after every wash. I swear by Redken Anti-Snap. This is a protein treatment and is a must for distressed hair
  • Reduce blowdrying and straightening
  • use hair bands that don’t pull on my hair and change the position of my ponytail regular. You must hunt down these Invisi Bobble. They don’t leave ponytail marks in your hair, I don’t get a ponytail headache and they just slip out and don’t pull at your hair
  • Add some smoothing serum to give it a little shine. I’m been using Redken Glass for years
  • use a silk pillow case

This is going to take a while and I must be patient. I have spent years damaging it, surely I can put a few into making it healthy again.

What’s the current condition of your hair?

How to Repair damaged hair

Before and After: Makeup lesson

A few weeks ago I needed to put on my fancy pants and go to a fancy-schmancy cocktail party. Not just any cocktail party but one thrown by Mercedes-Benz & QueensPlaza. I knew I wanted to do something a little more special for my makeup, so I contacted my close friend and makeup artist, Rebecca Kate, to talk makeup. Instead of getting Rebecca to apply my makeup, I asked for a makeup lesson. You know the quote…

Makeup lesson

This was the best and most fun idea ever!! We set up a workshop in my dining room and spent the afternoon, playing with new products, giggling about silly things and learning lots of new makeup techniques and tricks.

Before and After: Makeup lesson

A few things I learnt in my Makeup Lesson:

1. Motives. I hadn’t heard of this brand before. It’s amazing for those occasions you need your makeup to stay in place for hours. The eyeshadows are AMAZING and the setting spray is a must own product

2. A blended line of highlighter under the brow makes a world of difference. It makes your brows look crisp and clean

3. Don’t be scared to add a little colour to a smoky eye. Here we added a little peach and it soften and warmed up the eye area.

What’s the best makeup tip you have learnt?

How to have Perfect Smooth Lips

I’m addicted to lip balm. I often use a lip gloss or balm instead of lipstick. Whenever I get run down, my lips are the first thing to start showing it, so I’m extra careful and apply a lip balm with long-lasting moisturising effects regularly. Plus, with the gusty Autumn winds and Winter around the corner, it’s even more important to look after them.

How to have Perfect Smooth Lips

How to have Perfect Smooth Lips

1. Apply a long-lasting Intense Moisturiser before bed. Unlike feet or hands, you can’t cover your lips with a pair of socks or gloves, so apply a decent amount of uncoloured lip balm and sleep on your back

How to have Perfect Smooth Lips - long lasting

2. Wear a lip balm during the day. Look for one with moisturising effects and a high SPF. Reapply whenever your lips begin to feel dry. This is usually about every 3 hours for me

3. You want a little colour? You can apply lip balm under your lipstick or find a lip balm with a tint. I LOVE Carmex Moisture Plus Ultra Hydrating Lip Balm in Pink. This beauty product was awarded Reader’s Choice for Best Lip Gloss in the Australian Beauty Awards

How to have Perfect Smooth Lips - Moisture plus

4. Exfoliate your lips. You can make your own lip scrub with a little honey, sugar, and olive oil. Gently rub the mixture on your lips and let sit for a few minutes before rinsing

5. Drink at least 8 glasses of water a day. Dry lips can be a sign your body is dehydrated

6. Keep lip balm where you are reminded to apply it. I discovered the perfect lip balm spot in my car and I reapply whenever I hop in the car

How to have Perfect Smooth Lips - Convenience

7. And DON’T lick your lips!


I’ve recently signed on as an ambassador for Carmex. This is a brand I have used for years and I’m thrilled to share the products with you.

Carmex lip balm is one of the world’s most loved lip balms and a Carmex product is sold every 29 seconds around the globe. Carmex uses a range of beautiful ingredients including Lanolin, Theobroma Cacao Seed Butter, Beeswax and Menthol, the brand is best know for its much loved Carmex ‘tingle’.

Get prepared for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. One of my favourite ways to feel irresistibly, touchable is to give my skin some attention. There is something seriously, sexy about smooth, soft skin. It’s annoying how Valentine’s Day arrives when the weather is the worst for your skin. The heat creates pimples, bumps and sticky skin and the wind dries it all out and makes it itchy. Uughh!

Getting prepared for Valentine's Day

How to get prepared for Valentine’s Day

One of the easiest ways to achieve gorgeous smooth skin is with a bath glove. These are great for exfoliating your entire body but they are addictive. You have been warned! I use my glove in my evening shower with a generous blob of something delicious and bubbly. I adore the new Honeymania range at The Body Shop for this. It contains Community Fair Trade honey made from the nectar of thousands of wildflowers and has a light scent so you aren’t going to feel overwhelmed by the scent.

Use a pumice for the rougher skin on your body, like the knees and elbows. If you can find a comfortable and safe way to balance in the shower, use it to go to town on your heels too.

Get prepared for Valentine's Day - exfoliate

Get prepared for Valentine's Day - pumice

After you have exfoliated your body and dragged yourself out of the shower, pat yourself dry and rub in a body moisturiser. I love to layer and build up scents, so I stick with the Honeymania Body Butter.

Get prepared for Valentine's Day - moisturise

Before you go to bed, rub a generous amount of foot cream on your feet. The more the better! Then cover your feet with some cute socks to protect your sheets and give the cream time to sink in. This won’t look super sexy but will reap rewards later. Plus, I find it helps to lower expectations before the big Valentine’s unveiling. I’d even start wearing rollers to bed just the make the improved version so much better by comparison.

If you do this every second night for the fortnight before the night out, your skin will look and feel amazing. Plus, you have created smooth surface if you decide to get a fake tan for the evening.Get prepared for Valentine's Day - foot cream

It’s a new year and don’t start the New Year in a job you hate! The Body Shop at Home has a special offer for people wanting to start their own business, with the opportunity to purchase a Mini Business Kit for only $99 (valued at $200). You can find out more on The Body Shop at Home website or Facebook page.

I’m thrilled to be an ambassador for The Body Shop At Home and to be able to share their gorgeous products with you.

Drop Dead Gorgeous Daily

Today I am over at the amazing Drop Dead Gorgeous Daily site sharing some beauty tips. Pop over and say hello!

Drop Dead Gorgeous Daily

Drop Dead Gorgeous Daily



9 Tips on How to look Younger

So I’m 40 years old. I’ve never been too worried about my age but I have realised (at last) that I am a grown up and I look like one. That’s cool, but I just want to look like a fresh 40, not a tired one.  Here are a few tips to on how to look younger and fresher:

9 Tips on How to look Younger

  1. Stand tall. The slouching, teenage supermodel pose only works if you are a slouching, teen supermodel. Plus when you stand straight you look thinner
  2. Wear good bra and if you can, flaunt your ladies. A healthy, heaving bosom is youthful. If you have time, exfoliate and moisturise beforehand. You could also give this product a whirl, it’s meant to be amazing!
  3. Whiten your teeth. Use the toothpastes, the gels, whatever you can get your hands on. Then wear a lipstick that increase the white factor. Look for a creamy lipstick in a soft pink with a blue tinge. Dark lipsticks are awesome but can make lips appear thinner
  4. Use a creamy blush to add some colour. I love a pinky blush to make me look alive without it I do actually look like a corpse. Not a good look if you are trying to look younger
  5. Don’t over pluck your eyebrows. Bushy brows are youthful and groomed, bushy brows are hot. Go talk to a brow specialist about the best shape & colour you can achieve with what you have. They can do amazing things and they made a HUGE difference p_eyebrow_makeovers_p01
  6. Curl your eyelashes. This will open up your eyes without needing a heap of makeup packed on
  7. Use a primer and find a great foundation. Look for something dewy and don’t go crazy with powder. Powder can sit in the wrinkles and accentuate them
  8. Tell people you are AT LEAST 5 years older than you are. Obviously, they think you look amazing for your age then: and
  9. Smile. Happy faces always look younger than grumpy ones

9 Tips on How to look Younger

How to create Nail Art for beginners

I have the worst nails. They are weak, flaky and never grow. I try to make them the best they can be without resorting to Shellac or gel. You can read my nail care tips here.  They still aren’t great, I’ll never be a hand model but I do love a little basic nail art.

Here are a few even the shakiest, unskilled hands can re-create. I’m completely self taught. Impressed?

Nail Art for beginners

Nail Art Tools

Polishes of choice
Base coat
Toothpicks/Cuticle stick (these are used to create smaller designs)
Cotton Pads
Nail Polish remover (to take it all off and start again when you mess it up)
Cotton Buds
Foil (I use this to drop the polish on, so I can easily dap the toothpick in for smaller designs)

Nail Art for beginners

Bridal beauty
I used OPI My Vampire is Buff and Sally Hansen Big Money on the moons. I used toothpicks dipped in a blob of Big Spender to gently create the moons.

Nail Art for beginners - Bridal beauty

Goth Girl
Nicole Razzle Dazzle, Ingot Matt Top Coat and clear top coat on the tips to create shine.

Nail Art for beginners - Goth Girl

Imma gonna getcha
Same as above but with OPI Not like the Movies on the tips. I love Matt nails

Nail Art for beginners - Imma gonna getcha

I Freakin’ love you too
OPI Strawberry Margarita on all but the ring finger, OPI My vampire is Buff on ring finger, Nicole Have a Heart – one heart on ring ring.

Nail Art for beginners - I freakin' love you too

You don’t want to Cross me
Ingot Grey 961, Nicole Razzle Dazzle. I was not steady for this one but you get the idea…sort of, right?

Nail Art for beginners - You don't want to cross me

She’s such a bitchy Princess
OPI Dulce de Leche with Nicole Rainbow in the S-Kylie on the top half

Nail Art for beginners - She's such a bitchy Princess

You must be Dotty
Butter Pillar Box red on all the nails but the ring finger. OPI My Vampire is Buff on the ring finger. Dots created with a toothpick

Nail Art for beginners - You must be dotty

 If you are looking for some serious nail inspiration you must check out Sonailicious and Nail Romance.

5 Style Rules Everyone should know

There are so many style rules out there but here are 5 style rules everyone should know, follow and you should never, ever break!

Style rules everyone should know

11 Beauty Sleep tips

We hear over and over how sleep is great for your health and keeps you looking good. You have probably notice for yourself, that when you’re short sleep, it effects your appearance and sometimes makeup isn’t enough to cover it.

NYC Dermatologist Doris Day MD says that lack of sleep “…makes you look angry, tired, sad, and certainly older” and “While you sleep, your skin renews itself. New skin cells grow and replace older cells. It’s repairing and restoring and rebalancing

Beauty Sleep tips

Here are a 11 beauty sleep tips:

  1. Get enough sleep. Derr. Only you know what is the correct amount for you, but if you’re waking up tired, then you aren’t getting enough
  2. Use bed sheets with a higher tread count. These are gentler on your skin
  3. Slather heel balm or foot moisturiser over your feet, cover with cotton socks
  4. Apply a cuticle cream and hand moisturiser and slip on gloves
  5. Wash your face well and apply a good night time moisturiser and eye cream
  6. Use a silk pillow case.This is gentle on your hair and helps reduce wrinkles
  7. Change your pillowcase and sheets regularly. You might not see the dirt, oils and pet hair but your skin will show the effects
  8. Sleep on your back. I can’t stress this enough. This might not be your preferred position but it the best for your beauty. “The single biggest reason for accelerated aging of the skin is sleeping on your face” warns Lupo. “The skin is compressed and doesn’t get enough circulation, so it breaks down and creases, forming wrinkles.”
  9. Open a window. If you don’t have enough oxygen in your bedroom it affects the blood flow to the skin, causing puffiness
  10. Check the temperature of your room is better if it’s slightly cooler
  11. Keep an enclosed water bottle beside your bed. This is for small sips during the night for when you stir and notice how dehydrated your feeling. Don’t guzzle or you’ll be waking up to go to the toilet

Just like diet and exercise, sleep deserves your respect. “You want to look at sleep as a source of fuel and energy and health, and not just look at it as something you have to do” Day says.

Tips for creating a Day Spa at home…

I LOVE going to the salon for a little pampering and prep work for the festive party season. I live for those quiet little moments. But, thanks to school holidays, there is no way I can get there and if I did, the girls would ruin the serenity.

Instead, I set up a day spa in the lounge room for a spa experience at home. This was a great way to get my pampering and spend some quality time with the girls. They thought it was all about them, but I thought it was all about me! We managed to fill hours and felt amazing afterwards.

Tips for creating a Day Spa at home…

  • You can’t have too many fluffy white towels. Once the children join in, you will need all of them
  • Play music. We decided against gentle relaxing music and belted out P!nk instead
  • Have some books and magazines in reach
  • Have chilled water and snacks prepared beforehand. It’s hard when you are relaxed and have fingers like sultanas to prepare food and it’s important to keep drinking water
  • Put a deep hair treatment on before you start and wrap your hair in a top knot. I like to use scrunchies because they are easy to use when your hands are wet and they are gentle on your hair. These are for AT HOME use only
  • Cleanse your face and put on a face mask after you have your hair treatment on. I used the Body Shop Warm Mineral mask. You can feel this working, I love how warm it gets!
  • Invest in a foot spa or at least stop re-gifting them. I know these are probably considered daggy but I love them! Foot Fantasy! Fill the spa warm water and Peppermint foot soak. I adore foot pampering and they need to look their best for our Summer sandals and thongs
  • After the foot soak. Scrub and moisturise your feet before giving yourself a pedi. Pick a bright Summer nail varnish for Christmas!
  • Feel free to have a little, wee glass of bubbly. You’re not driving anywhere afterwards
Tips for creating a Day Spa at home...

Tips for creating a Day Spa at home…

The girls loved it so much, they spent hours playing foot spas with each other. They now have the softest feet in Brisbane. They have also suggested their next birthday party could be a spa experience at home with their friends. Hmm, that’s not a bad idea!

Feet Fantasy

Have you heard of The Body Shop at home? The Body Shop At Home parties offer free and discounted products with a VIP spa experience at home 

You can find out more on The Body Shop at Home website or Facebook page.

I’ve recently signed on as an ambassador for The Body Shop At Home and I’m thrilled to share the products with you.

Tips for staying fresh on Christmas day

Not to take anything away from all the hard work men might do all year. Christmas day is hard work for women. We spend weeks (or days) preparing the menu, organising the well planned shopping, buying and wrapping a billion presents. Then on game day we have to find places to hide all the newly unwrapped toys, cook food, make the house presentable for guests, decorate the table. Serve, clean, smile etc etc. It’s a looong day and we often finish it looking a lot worse than when we started.

Comfort is the key to enjoying Christmas day!

Here are my tips for staying fresh looking

The Outfit

  1. Dress for comfort. I like to wear clothes I can move in, that move with me and can accommodate a meal without feeling like I need to undo a button or zip. I’m a massive fan of Metalicus and it’s my go to brand for comfort dressing.
  2. Wear or add colour to a simple outfit. You automatically look fresher with colour around. I love scarves and necklaces to add the colour, print and texture
  3. Keep a hat and scarf nearby. You never know where the day will go. We often finish off playing cricket, having water fights or swimming. Be prepared
  4. Wear shoes you know you can stand in all day. I prefer not to wear shoes for the first time. If you have new ones, wear them a few times beforehand. Only men can wear uncomfortable shoes since they will have their feet up all day until they have their hero moment at the BBQ
  5. Wear comfortable bra and undies. Nothing can ruin a day like a constant wedgie or uncomfortable bra
  6. Find some fun statement jewellery pieces but avoid anything with flashing lights. You’re not a Christmas tree! At the moment I’m wearing a lot of Ellen S Design necklaces. It’s my aunts store and she creates amazing, one off pieces. I commissioned the centre necklace using an Art deco brooch I bought
Tips for staying fresh on Christmas day

Tips for staying fresh on Christmas day – The outfit

Dresses all Metalicus: Nasturtium & White Solomon Dip dye Tank dress $139.95 | Clouds Seychelles Maxi dress | Mist Oversized Tunic $103 ON SALE | Scarves from Sussan and Target | Shoes from Sutton Street Shoes, Skipping Girl Tote and Necklaces from Ellen S Design Store

The Beauty

  1. Go light on the makeup. If you wear too much, it will melt off and you’ll end with panda eyes and brown/beige marks around your neckline. It’s better to look a little natural than a sweaty, melting mess
  2. Use a BB cream or moisturiser with sunscreen
  3. Use a face primer and an eye primer to keep your complexion smooth and make your little bit of makeup last. I love Benefit Stay don’t Stray for the eyes. My great friend and makeup artist Rebecca Kate got me onto it and it’s amazing! Not only does it keep your makeup in place, it’s also great for hiding bags and evening out your lids
  4. Tie your hair back. It’ll stay out of the way, strands are less likely to fall into the meals and it’s going to keep you cool
  5. Keep your hair simple. Don’t create a complicated hair do, with lots of pulling or bobby pins. You’ll end up with a headache. Plus, the humidity and the heat in the kitchen can make big hair do fall flat
  6. I always greet guests wearing a bright red lipstick. It looks fresh, teeth look white and it balances out the light makeup. I usually switch to lipgloss or balm during the day. I find it more hydrating, it’s not as likely to get smudged across my face plus you can reapply without a mirror
  7. Eyebrows make a huge difference to a natural look. If you can’t do anything else, just fill in your brows. I love my Youngblood eyebrow kit I bought from Beautiful You
  8. Keep a water bottle nearby. I like to drink champagne on the day but mixing it up with water will keep you hydrated and everyone looks better hydrated. Plus, it’s going to make sure Boxing day isn’t unbearable
  9. A light spitz of a day time fragrance. Florabotanical by Balenciaga is still my favourite
  10. Deodorant. It’s time to use the heavy stuff

This is what I’ll be using. When put on display it looks like a lot, but on the face it will be light and should stay in place.

Tips for staying fresh on Christmas day

Tips for staying fresh on Christmas day – The beauty

What do you usually wear on Christmas day? 

PS: My friend Norlin from Baubles, Bubbles & Bags Style file has also written some tips for style & comfort.

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