Selfie Basics: Best angle for outfit photos

I always feel like I have to know the rules before I can break them. When it comes to outfit photos I have taken hundreds, no thousands of unflattering photos and I will take a million more. But one of the lesson I have learnt is the best angle for outfit photos.

Selfie Basics: Best angle for outfit photos

Initially, I would take photos on my iPhone in the mirror. I quickly realised this didn’t work for me. It didn’t work because I needed to be close to the mirror to get a clear image, which meant the iPhone was angled down to fit it all in. This meant, short legs, large head.

Camera high and angled down

This is also the case if you have someone taller taking a photo of you. The best solution is get the giant to stand back further and even couch down a little or dig a hole to stand in.

The upside of this angle is, if the photographer comes in closer and focuses on your head and shoulders, it’s a great face angle. One chin, large eyes, smaller shoulders.

Selfie Basics: Best angle for outfit photos - too high

Camera low and angled up

The next alternative was to engage the help of a kid. After bribery, they are still short. Short means a low camera, angled up, which equals longer, thicker legs and a pin head.

A solution is to bride them to stand on a steady chair while snapping your awesomeness.

The upside to this angle, the kids can get down low, focus on your shoes and take some great shoe shots.

Selfie Basics: Best angle for outfit photos - too low

Eye Height, aimed straight

This is my favourite angle. I might have short legs and a large head in real life but at least it’s not exaggerated.

Selfie Basics: Best angle for outfit photos - straight

Once you find out the best angles, then you can have fun playing with the other ones.

The reality of a blogger: Behind the scenes of an Instagram photo

I love looking through Instagram feeds and being inspired by all these clever, stylish people with amazing, professional looking images. I dream of a life like that. It looks so easy and photogenic.

BUT…then I think about everything that goes on behind my scenes and I have to assume plenty goes on behind these other stunning feeds too.

Behind the scenes of an Instagram photo

Behind the scenes of an Instagram photo

  1. I don’t take selfies or outfit photos with my iPhone. I think the angle you need to hold the iPhone to take a photo are unflattering to me, and if I’m trying to snap an outfit in the mirror I look like my legs are 5 inches long. I’d rather an angle that adds an extra 5 inches on.
  2. I use a DSLR and a remote and then transfer the photos to my iPhone. This gives me crisper images from a much better angle
  3. I have learnt over the last few years what poses work best for me but I still take about 50 photos to get just one decent photo. The rest are crap. So crap, that if my cloud was hacked and the photos released, I’d be more embarrassed than a movie star with naked photos.
  4. Before before sending images to my phone. I always add a little yellow tone because I think it makes the image seem less cool, which I think makes me seem more approachable. I also do a quick adjustment for shadows or light. I am tempted to erase wrinkles, pimples, etc but you need to stay true to yourself and people will eventually meet you in person. Plus I know and everyone else knows that I am 41 years old. Let’s be real, I’m not going to look 20 or even 30 and I don’t want to.
  5. I rarely use use Instagram filters or apps to edit the images. I sometimes feel some images are too filtery and unreal and I like to feel the image more. It’s a personal thing. I like flaws and imperfections (usually I like them more on other people though).
  6. I also don’t share images on days I feel yucky. If I am dagging around or feel gross.  I don’t want to try to pretend to look happy and I’m also not going to share “look how sad I am” photos.
  7. Most of my photos are ruined by my face. I’m either blinking or looking the wrong way or my face looks odd. So I pretty much wear sunglasses most of the time. This means I don’t have to worry about makeup either. Yes, I’m that lazy!

So, you really are seeing an edited, better version of me. It’s still me but this version doesn’t miss her mouth and spill coffee down her new white dress, she doesn’t step in dog shit when trying to take a selfie and she doesn’t overcook pasta three times in a row…she is just cooler.

Behind the scenes of an Instagram photo PicMonkey Collage


Blogger Basics: How to blog on the go

Do you have those moments when you are out-n-about and you have a flash of inspiration for a blog post? You know it’s the best idea ever, so great that you could never possibly forget it. But then by the time you get home and steal a few minutes to get in front of the monitor and it’s gone. Not even a whisper of an idea left behind. Just the frustration of a shit house memory.

A way to avoid this forgetfulness is to blogging on the go.

How to blog on the go

Blogger Basics: How to blog on the go

Here are some tips for Blogging on the go:

  1. Carry a Notebook or iPad. When inspiration strikes, drop by your favourite bar/cafe, order a glass of red or coffee and ask for their free Wifi code.
  2. No Wifi? Work out how to tether/hotspot your iPad or  Computer to your phone. This way, if you can’t find free Wifi you can still have access to the internet. On the iPhone you can set up Hotspot by going into Settings, general, cellular and set up personal hotspot. This will create a hotspot password that you will need to use when logging in from your other devices. You can also change the password to something rememberable.
  3. Download the Blogger or wordpress app for your phone. The WordPress app is awesome!
  4. While you are there, download the buffer and bitly apps too. This will help you to stay organised when you are not organised.

Now you have one less excuse why you can’t blog regularly.

Things I learnt taking selfies

I was raised in a family that never took photos. In fact my mother hid from cameras and if you were ever caught looking at a photo of yourself, you were accused of being ‘up yourself’. Yup, so it was important to avoid getting your photo taken and never, ever ask to see the photo if someone happened to capture your elusive image.

Then, my snap-happy husband and his family came into my life. These people love photos! They have caught every moment, from every angle on camera. In fact, my husband would even ask me to take photo of him (How vain!). He even wanted to look at them after they were developed (Clearly narcissistic).

Then I came a blogger.

I was always going to be anonymous, just learning about social media while writing about my local area. Obviously, this is not where my blog ended up. It’s completely the opposite! When businesses started sending me samples and products I realised that I had to be in them, using them, wearing them, photographing me in them. This was waaay out of my comfort zone.

I ended up in front of the camera a lot.

Things I learnt taking selfies

  1. The camera is not scary. In fact, when used correctly she is a great friend. When you take the time to position your body and face (your arse), the camera really appreciates the effort and the results prove it
  2. The camera doesn’t see clumsy. It doesn’t matter if you can’t even walk in a straight line without falling, you can appear more graceful than Grace Kelly
  3. No one is perfect. Perfect is so boring. Originally, I was annoyed at myself for being wrinklier, asymmetrical, wider, shorter, etc etc than a super model. It’s the differences that make people interesting. I love studying peoples faces and noticing what makes them special
  4. A camera can make every outfit beautiful. Even outfits you might not wear in real life, that are physically impossible to walk in or are quite hideous in reality. The camera doesn’t mind at all, in fact, she loves the challenge
  5. The more time you spend in front of a camera, the easier it gets. You get more comfortable and your photos improve
  6. A tripod and remote are the BEST investment ever!
  7. Sunglasses and lipstick make you look done

Things I learnt taking selfies

Preparing for PBEvent14

I know PBEvent14 (Problogger Event 2014) is over 3 months away but now is a good time to sort out what you are going to need to make the most of the conference and work out how you are going to get it.

Preparing for PBEvent14

The must have list

  1. Business Cards. Yes, don’t wait or you’ll be rushing. Include all your blog details and other platforms
  2. Smart phone. You will want to follow the hashtag on social media and you will want to add to the feed. Plus, when your greasy little hands can’t write fast enough, you can take a photo of the powerpoint presentation. Plus, you will be meeting all of your blogging heroes and taking selfies ALL THE TIME
  3. Phone recharger. Derr
  4. Mobile phone recharger. There will be power sockets but you will find these mobile rechargers to be invaluable. I swear the Logitech one is the best I have ever used. It only fits an iPhone 5 but I have also used it for my Mini iPad. They are worth every penny
  5. A light weight cardigan or scarf that can scrunch up into your bag and not look any worse for wear. The air-con is COLD. I’m eyeing off this Bohemian Traders one.
  6. Pen and hard covered notebook. There may be notebooks, but don’t risk not having one. A hardcover will be easier to write on while balancing your iPhone, water, tissues, etc,etc….
  7. A list of what you want to achieve at the conference. What you want to learn, questions you want answered or people you want to met. You might forget your goals with so many distractions
  8. Shoes you can wear all day. You’ll be surprised how much walking and standing you will be doing

Preparing for PBEvent14 The rest

  1. Laptop/Notebook if you are planning on blogging over the weekend
  2. A real camera if you’re like that. I didn’t end up using my good one last year but my photos proved that too. This year I’m planning on improving the quality of my photos
  3. Clothes that travel well and don’t need a lot of attention. There is way too much fun to be had, don’t waste it if you don’t need too
  4. A backup outfit. You never know
  5. Lip Balms and eyedrops. Air-con drys out your puckers and your peepers. You don’t want to look crusty and dried out
  6. Tissues. Because something will make you cry. I guarantee it!
  7. Panadol. You are going to have so much fun, you might lose track of the amount of cocktails you consume. You will realise it was a few too many when you wake up and have to do it all again
  8. Mints. Because of the night before, you might need them too

What else will you be packing?

Thursday Style and Beauty Link Up!

Thank you to all the gorgeous, stylish bloggers who linked up last week. You may have noticed that you have been added to the Style & Beauty Blogger list. If your name is missing. Leave a comment below and get angry at me!

We have changed a little in the last week. I had so many ladies that were almost 40 ask if they could participate, I think the more fabulous ladies we see, the better. The linking party now is for 30+ bloggers and includes style AND beauty.

PicMonkey Collage

Thursday Style and Beauty Link Up!

This Style and Beauty link up is to show off how fabulous 30+ ladies are. A new link up will open every Thursday morning. Feel free to link up any style or clothing post you have written in the week before. The link will stay open until the following Wednesday night, then the next one will take over. I’d love it if you could visit a few other inspiring bloggers that might link up too.

Let’s inspire all women and show off how fabulous life continues to be after 30! If you don’t blog but want to show off your style then please add the hashtag #thirtyplusdailystyle and @redcliffestyle to a Facebook or Instagram image and I’ll find you!! I can not wait to see your gorgeous posts and images and be inspired myself xx

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Logitech Review and Giveaway valued at $99!!

We are nuts for technology in my house. If it’s new and shiny, my husband wants it and wants it now. Then the girls and I will want the same thing ASAP. It’s got to be equal. Now, I have the awesome job of reviewing a few new Logitech products. You can image how jealous they are.

Logitech Review

Over the past week I have been playing with these Logitech products:
1. Case + Energy
2. Case + Tilt
3. Case + Drive
4. Ultrathin Touch Mouse

Logitech Case

This comes with a few of the products but I’ll touch on it briefly. This is a simple, protective black + grey, magnetised iPhone cover. It makes your iPhone slightly heavier but it’s a small price to pay.

Logitech Case + Energy ($129.95)

This is a must have for a serious blogger (or talker…or Candy crush addict). I have had quite a few mobile iPhone rechargers but this one is my favourite. I love that it snaps onto the back of your phone and you can continue to use your phone while it’s charging. Previous ones clip onto the bottom and dangled around like an annoying lose tooth. I have had to charge it a few times because my children keep stealing it to charge their iPod Touches. It’s a great size to throw in your handbag. Put it on your list of items you must buy for Pro Blogger!!

Logitech Case + Tilt ($29.95)

This snaps onto the back of your Case, it adds colour and is similar to the Apple smart cover for an iPad. This is convenient for sitting your phone up while you are Face-timing, creating Vlogs, following recipes, painting your nails or just being super duper lazy. This is a neat way to personalise your iPhone cover.

Logitech Ultrathin Touch Mouse

I use a Macbook and use the built in mouse that comes with it. I love having the external option and this one is deliciously, small and neat. I love small and neat because I need to be able to keep my area tidy. I also found this very handy for when other people want to look at my computer. Usually they get a little confused by the built in mouse and the secret Apple hand signals. It happens!!

Logitech Case + Drive ($69.95)

This is the best phone product ever!! My phone usually slides around the car, onto the floor and slamming into the door while I’m driving. I have lived with this inconvenience because I haven’t been happy with any phone holders. Usually they are ugly, bulky or fiddly to use. This one is neat!! I attached it to the top of my windscreen and the magnetised iPhone just slides onto it. I have been using my phone GPS a lot because it’s so easy to see and read. I can also see who is phoning when the bluetooth rings and if an urgent email, message or text comes in, I can pull over to answer it. No more distractions! This is so handy and it is my absolute favourite product. My husband is trying to hunt one down for his car too. He can’t handle it when I have something cool and he doesn’t

Logitech Review and Giveaway valued at $99!!

Logitech Giveaway!!

Thanks to Logitech I have one UE Mini Boom Bluetooth Wireless Speaker valued at $99 to giveaway!! Just leave a comment telling me your favourite Logitech product and/or how this product makes life easier. Competition closes at 9pm on 25 February 2014. Australian residents only.

Logitech Review and Giveaway valued at $99!!

Logitech have just launched a new product range. The product is a new case system for iPhones which is called Case+. The case is a smart sturdy case for iPhone 5/5S with a metal backing that provides protection. Case+ comes with a variety of accessories to add on to the case. For more information and stockist details visit

How to create a collage in PicMonkey

PicMonkey is one of my favourite ways to create a quick collage for a blog post. I’m going to give easy step-by-step instructions to show you how to create a collage in PicMonkey. It takes minutes to create an eye popping, pinnable collage. Basic PicMonkey is free and fantastic but for a small amount you can upgrade to use the Royale features too.

How to create a collage in PicMonkey

Step-by-Step: How to create a collage in PicMonkey

1. Go to and click on Create a collage

How to create a collage in PicMonkey - Step 1

2. Click on the open photos box

How to create a collage in PicMonkey - Step 2

3. Select the images you would like to use and click choose. You may be able to select all the images in one go, or you may have to do one at a time

How to create a collage in PicMonkey - Step 3

4. Choose your collage layout. You can even change this while you are mid collage. So don’t worry too much

How to create a collage in PicMonkey - Step 4

5. You have your layout, now head back to photos. Then click, drag and drop your images into place

How to create a collage in PicMonkey - Step 5

6. If you change your mind, don’t worry. You can remove images or change their positions easily. Just click on the ‘x’ or drag the images to a new home. You can even change the sizes of the images by clicking and dragging the outside box of the image. Don’t like your change, just click undo

How to create a collage in PicMonkey - Step 6

7. If you would like to add text to white space later, just leave a blank space without an image

How to create a collage in PicMonkey - Step 7

8. Want to add text? Click on Edit to take you to the Editor

How to create a collage in PicMonkey - text

9. Click on ‘Tt’ (text), choose your font, click on the Add Text box and start typing in the new box. You can move the text box to a new position, or change the dimensions and text size by manipulating the text box. If you would like to change the font or colour, just select the text and click on the colour or new font. To add more text, just click on Add Text again and that creates a new text box

How to create a collage in PicMonkey - Step 11

Tip: You don’t need white space to add text, it looks great over images too

How to create a collage in PicMonkey - Step 12

10. Finished playing and happy with your collage. Click save and give it a great name

How to create a collage in PicMonkey - Step 8

And have fun!!

Blogging Basics: How to Edit a Blog Post

This is subject I need a lot of help with. So I called my good friend and fellow blogger to help me out and give me a few tips on how to edit a blog post. She did even better, and wrote a post. Sonia has a gorgeous blog called Sonia Styling. She writes about many thing including fashion, home wares and life. Thank you Sonia!

How to Edit a Blog Post

OK gang, let’s get one thing out of the way first up. I am not an editor but I am a total English nerd, so that does give me some kind of (self-appointed) authority on this topic…!

If you’re a blogger, I really believe you should take the time to edit your work to make sure you’re publishing the best possible version of your post. Having said that, we’re human, we’re busy and sometimes we make spelling mistakes. It happens!

Editing doesn’t need to take all day or night, I promise. Here are 5 quick tips to get your work polished to the most sparkling of standards:

  • Use spell check. Obvious but essential. Do this as soon as you’ve finished writing your post and make sure you do it again after you’ve made any amendments. You can never run spell check too many times in my opinion!
  • Hit the preview button. I find reading your post the way that it’s actually going to look on your blog is much easier than trying to read it in the little window you’ve been spending all that time writing it in. Any mistakes will be much more obvious to spot this way too.
  • Give yourself a 5 minute breather. Pop the kettle on, play with the dog, go for a walk – do anything you enjoy that takes you away from the screen. Quite often I’ll think of a better ending or a great title when I’m away from the computer. Once I go back to it, I’ll also quickly discover anything that needs to be changed.
  • Say it loud and proud! On occasion, I’ll read my post out loud. I swear it works! When you’re reading your post out loud, you’ll discover where you need to put a comma (where you’re naturally inclined to take a breath), where you need to break up a paragraph (where a different idea/topic enters the post) and if the post flows well. Try it!
  • Rope in someone else. If you aren’t totally confident editing your own work or you’re writing about something you don’t want to be misconstrued by your readers, grab your significant other, neighbour, friend or anyone you trust to have a read. They’ll be able to give you an honest opinion and point out any mistakes (in a nice way, hopefully!).


Know when to walk away! Once you’ve edited your post using any of the above, don’t overdo it. Walk away. Actually, before you walk away schedule it or hit ‘publish’ and then walk away!

Blogger Basics: How to Edit a Blog Post

Blogger Basics: How to Edit a Blog Post

So there you have it.

Editing takes a bit of work. Remember when you first started blogging? It takes time and practice to develop your voice and your writing – just like your editing skills. Be patient with yourself and try any or all of my little editing secrets to help you along.

If you have any other editing tips and tricks, please share them with us in the comments!

Hi I’m Sonia! Fashion lover. Homewares connoisseur. Wannabe writer / editor / stylist / personal shopper. I have a blog called Sonia Styling and you can find me on TwitterFacebookInstagram and Pinterest. Styling my life, one story at a time.

Selfie tips Part 1: How to pose yourself thin

I’ve been taking more photos of myself in the last year than I have ever before. I’m not comfortable in front of the camera but if you are going to be taking photos and sharing them with the world it’s important to give the appearance of being comfortable.

After spending hours and hours, and editing hundreds of photos to find two acceptable images, I have learnt a few tricks to make myself look better, slimmer, younger, hide the bits I hate and show the bits that I think are sort of okay.

I have decided to share my tips with you in my new series, Selfie tips.

Part 1: How to pose yourself thin

If you are not model slim (and most of us aren’t), then posing straight on to the camera will make you look bigger. Try turning to the side a little or a lot.

Selfie tips Part 1: How to pose yourself thin - Turn side on

Placing a hand on your hip is good and it slims out the arm. It also looks makes you look more approachable. Two hands on the hips doesn’t work as well. I think it makes the hips the focus point, like a frame with arrows saying “Look at my hips”. It also looks like wings and you’re trying to fly away.

Selfie tips Part 1: How to pose yourself thin - One hand on hip

Your arms are in the perfect position and length to hide larger hips or bums. I must have the hardest working arms on the Peninsula.

Selfie tips Part 1: How to pose yourself thin - Use arm to hide hips

If your camera is too high or too low it will give you odd proportions. But, maybe you like odd propoertions, so play with it to find the angle that works best for you.

Selfie tips Part 1: How to pose yourself thin - Check camera angle

When wearing pants, sometimes it helps to create a gap between your legs. This stops the image from looking too ‘blocky’ and shows that you actually have two legs and aren’t a mermaid.

Selfie tips Part 1: How to pose yourself thin - Create space between legs

Use props. Hats, handbags, sunglasses, cavoodles, a letterbox etc. Use whatever you have and work it. The bigger the prop, the smaller you look.

Selfie tips Part 1: How to pose yourself thin - Use props

Also, good posture, stand tall, shoulders back and down but relax your limbs.

Next week I have received some more fantastic tips from someone that actually knows stuff. I look forward sharing these tips too.

What is your best full length photo tip?

PBEvent13: The Outfits

The lead up to PBEvent13 was huge. I had to pack for 3 days and 3 nights. Usually I’m sort of okay at travelling light, not this time. I was so anxious, I ended up with about 12 outfits, not counting PJs and travelling outfit.

PBEvent13 Day One Outfit

First impressions count. I was a bundle of nerves but I wanted to give the impression of confidence. I wanted to look semi-professional, Spring-like but I also didn’t want to get cold in the aircon. I found this gorgeous, patterned Cue dress with Tony Bianco heels that I loved. An old cardigan and I was good to go. I had to adjust the simple, professional updo I’d planned to hide an eye that suddenly swelled and reduce in size by %50.

PBEvent13 Day One outfit

PBEvent13 Dressy-Tropical Party at the Hilton Outfit

This was the hardest outfit to plan. It was dressy but tropical. I dumped the Tropical idea immediately. I’m a Queenslander and wear tropically outfits 1/2 the year. I wore this Black and White paisley Cue suit with a Witchery top and some stunning Vizzano heels. This was the first time wearing these heels so I was concerned about wearing such high heels to walk from QT to the Hilton, dance, socialise, walk back and dance some more, all while a little bit tipsy. It was not a problem. Either I’m a heel wearing star or these shoes are amazingly comfortable. My eye was nearly back to normal size, so I was able to go for a messy updo.

PBEvent13 The Party outfit

PBEvent13 Day two Outfit

I was more worried about comfort and warmth. I was freezing in the aircon the day before plus I was a wee bit tired from the night before. This Yargici dress feels like PJs and is long enough that I could curl up on the couch when in the PB Lounge and still remain lady like. Messy natural hair, because I was getting lazy and red lipstick to pretend I wasn’t that lazy.

PBEvent13 Day two outfit

PBEvent Day Three Breakfast and Goodbye Outfit

This one was tropical and full of too many colours and too many patterns. Just the way I like it! I toned it down with these gorgeous nude Ramarim heels and a Bonds T-shirt. Ramarim make the most comfortable heels, they look like strutting heels but feel more like slippers.

PBEvent13 Breakfast & Goodbye outfit

PBEvent13 The People

The absolute best part of these events is meeting all the people you have been following and communicating with all year. I got to say hello and catch up with some amazing bloggers and I look forward to do it all again next year at PBevent14!!

PBevent13 The People

 Were you at PBEvent13? Feel free to link to your PBEvent13 posts in the comments.

A big thank you to Shoe Me Gorgeous who provided me with the Ramarim and Vizzano heels. Not sponsored and not obligated to post but I loved the shoes and will get miles of wear from them.

How to make a cheap Light Box

A few days ago I compared professional and DIY cheap light boxes. I found that the Storage Box Light Box did a great job. It created an excellent filtered light and was super easy to make.

This Light Box took about 5 minutes to make and cost about $20. I love this because the storage box comes with a lid, so after using it, you can use it to store your photography paraphernalia until next time. It’s also really solid and will last a very long time.

I will warn you, it might be quick and easy to make but the plastic is tough to cut through. I worked up a sweat and I would highly recommend safety glasses.

How to make a cheap Light Box

How to make a cheap Light Box with a Storage Box

How to make a cheap Light Box with a Storage Box

…and that is how to make a cheap light box. Easy hey!

Blogging Basics: Why you should use a ‘Light Box’ for Photography

As bloggers, we take A LOT of photos and not all of them are selfies. Sometimes we need to take some good photos of smaller items. Light boxes are the shizz. My husband bought me a Light Box for Christmas one year and I didn’t know I needed one until I had one.

Why you should use a Light Box

In case you are unsure of what a Light Box is, it filters the light and reduces the shadows.

Today I made some super, duper cheapo light boxes to compare the results and what I discovered is…

1. You can’t get better than a clean, uncreased, curved piece of cardboard as a base

2. Filtered light rocks and makes everything beautiful

3. $20 spent on a handmade light box is almost as good as a $500 store bought one and much better than harsh natural light or flash. I hate flash and would be happy to never use it

4. A light box made with a storage box is excellent and will last years, plus you can keep the lid and store your photography paraphernalia in it

5. A light box made with a cardboard box is so cheap it’s nearly free and it’s a little better than natural light but the light isn’t as good as the storage box. Plus, this is so fragile you can’t use it for longer than one photography session.

6. The professional store bought one will last forever and fold up neat to slide under a bed.

Here are the photo comparisons…

Natural Light photography

Curved Cardboard - Why you should use a Light Box

The Cardboard Box Light Box - Why you should use a Light Box

Storage Box Light Box - Why you would use a Light Box

The Kast Light Box - Why you should use a Light Box

Over the next week or so, I’ll show you how to make the Cardboard and storage box Light Boxes.

PS: All photos have been cropped but untouched in any other way.

Blogging Basics: 10 Blogging Necessities for Problogger

Problogger is less that two weeks away!!!

I haven’t thought about my wardrobe yet. I think this will cause me too much stress. But I am getting the business side of packing ready.

  1. Business Cards. There will be over 400 bloggers. How many cards are you planning on taking? Now double it!! If you haven’t ordered business cards do it today!!
  2. iPhone (or your phone of choice). Derr, you’ll want to social media the crap out of this weekend.
  3. iPad Mini. I think the mini is 100% better than the original. These are the perfect size for your handbag, the WordPress app is awesome and they can take photos and send messages when you start to worry about the battery life of your phone. Plus, if I can’t get Wifi I’ll have a good internet connection wherever I go.
  4. Macbook. I’m still trying to decided if I’m bring this. I’ll want to be able to blog while I’m travelling but the iPad might be enough.
  5. Nikon SLR because sometimes you need to take nice photos especially when you have the gorgeous Surfers Paradise as a backdrop.
  6. Charges for everything!
  7. Belkin recharger. You know that feeling, when your phone hits 20%, you get a message saying low battery and it’s only 10am on the biggest blogging event of the year! This charges your phone on the go and it’s great for iPads too.
  8. Notebook with Redcliffe Style logo. Because I’m that organised (for once)
  9. Small Grid-it. This helps organise & pack all the little ‘blogging’ things. I picked this up from the Apple Store and use it to organise my pieces on my desk, in my draw and when I’m travelling.
  10. Eclipse chewy mints. You want to be fresh (like iceman) while you’re schmoozing.

Problogger necessities

 What else are you packing?