This is a shallow post. Back away now if you’re less shallow than me. This could be hard, because sometimes I’m pretty shallow.

I’m 41 years old. I’m pretty happy being me and where I am right now. I dye my hair, I wear make up and sunscreen. I love eye cream and hunt down wrinkle minimising creams and I get….BOTOX. I’m not afraid to admit that I hate my angry lines. Because I haven’t kept my botox a secret, people ask me about it ALL THE TIME.

It’s for these people I’m sharing this.

My Botox

I’m going to answer a few of the questions I’m usually asked.

When did I start?

It was a gift for my 39th Birthday from my husband because I asked for it. I realised I was only noticing two deep, angry lines between my brows in the mirror and in photos. I would play in iPhoto and PicMonkey. I’d erase those annoying lines and I liked it so much more. I was more than just an angry face.

My Botox Journey

Does it hurt?

No. I’ve never felt any pain. I could just be super tough but I’m fairly certain it just doesn’t hurt.

Where do you get it injected?

The first time I got it between my brows, and that is still were I get it. I haven’t graduated to a completely frozen botox look, I haven’t tried fillers or anything else. I’m happy to age…but age in a happy way. My laughter lines are from my spending years laughing with friends and family, and I want them to stay because I love them.

My Botox Journey

How often?

I probably get it twice a year. I time the injections it to work with Christmas and my Birthday. These are the most photographed moments and I want to see more than 2 angry lines in the photos.

The Price?

I would spend about $100 – $150 each time. If it was more than this, I’d probably hesitate or buy less groceries.

Would I do more?

I’m still not interested in injecting more areas. I’m very expressive and I need to be able to use them all. My hands can only do so much.

Where do you get it done?

I would never, ever go to someone that wasn’t recommended. I visit CozMedics in Racecourse Road, Ascot. (Not sponsored)

Would you? Have you?


Botox: You shouldn’t get it when you are feeling insecure

I haven’t been secretive about botox. I’m happy to be 40 years old and I have no problem sharing my age. I just want to look happy and 40 but I have two angry lines between my brows that work against this. So, twice a year I pop into a place in Ascot to semi erase the angry line between my brows. I love the effect. I look happy and relaxed but can still look super, pissed off when necessary. And it’s often necessary.

The Angry line

But today when I dropped in for my bi-yearly injection, they were offering a discount. I was feeling particularly insecure and I quietly enquired about a teeny, tiny, drop of a muscle-freezing injection high in the middle of my brow. I’m not sure what happened but I’m pretty certain I’ll know in a week. I have decided to look upon it as an experiment.

Clown brows

How will people react to my surprised expression? Will I be offered a role in “The Real Housewives of Redcliffe”? Will I use more eyeshadow?

Real Housewives of someplace

Real Housewives of someplace

To be continued….

I have previously shared my botox experiences.

Botox: Your Questions Answered

Botox or Notox Update – 4 1/2 months later

Botox or Notox? 2 weeks later with photos

Botox: Your Questions Answered (Updated)

Many people had questions about botox when I wrote about it last time.  There were many, many quietly asked questions. Lots of whispers to me in the school yard, texts, messages and phone calls. Lots of queries about where? how much? and how long does it last?

I am not an expert, but I am happy to over share.

I had botox for the first time mid February 2012, seven months later I was ready to go again. I certainly could have gone earlier but I didn’t. Just over two weeks ago I visited COZmedics in Ascot for some more injections. I still only had the very angry lines between my brows injected.

Botox: Your Questions Answered

So to answer some questions I have been asked a lot:

Would I do it again?
Yes. edit: and I do
How often?
I would be happy with twice a year. edit: It is only twice a year
How much did it cost?
It was $300 for that area. edit: now it’s about $150 for that area.
Was it worth it?
I think so. I love not having my angry lines but I am happy with all the happy lines. Edit: Still love the results
Would I do more than botox?
Hmm, maybe. I don’t want to look frozen and I don’t want to reverse ageing but I would be interested in learning more about temporary, simple, cost effective ways to look less angry and a little refreshed. Edit: I’ve just stuck with botox and only there. A face needs to move
Why did you do it?
All I could see were those two angry lines and I felt like I looked angry all the time. I hated the impression I was giving because it didn’t reflect how I was feeling.

Clean the area…
then cool it with a phallic icicle.
Needles. I didn’t feel a thing and the marks faded immediately
Pat the botox through, making sure it’s setting in the right area
Before: very angry and frowny and obviously very worried

Vlog: 2 weeks post botox injections, showing frowning in motion

Botox! Would you? Have you?

This is not a sponsored post. I have not been paid to review this business or product

Botox or Notox? 2 weeks later with photos

It has been two weeks since I visited COZmedics and voluntarily had botox injected between my eyebrows 6 times. The two things people are always asking:
1. Did it hurt? and
2. Can you show me your frown?

Firstly the Pain
I was expecting the worst, I had even considered putting numbing cream across the area before going in. I truly didn’t feel any pain, AT ALL. Maybe I am unusually tough, maybe I missed my true calling of a secret government agent able to hold up under torture and not give up government secrets, probably. Or maybe it actually didn’t hurt. I would like to send my husband in to see if he thinks it hurts but I really wouldn’t want to give up the rest of my day to nurture him back to health.

Secondly, my Frown
Ahh, no! I have been a performing monkey too many times over the last 2 weeks. You have seen my last frown attempt. I went to all the trouble of getting botox to get rid of my frown. You have been looking at it for the last 2, 5 or 10 years, aren’t you sick of my frowny face? If I could frown, I would be frowning right now, while I write this rant, right!

Now the photos:
Before – deep lines, especially when I pull this face.
Two days after Botox – Still have slight frown lines.
Two weeks later – I am trying really hard to frown.

I am loving the results and I can see why people get addicted. Will I get it again?? Hopefully, yes. I think I need to find a Botox sponsor for Redcliffe Style.

Botox. Two days post injections with photos

It has been two days since I had botox injected between my eyebrows. You can see the before photos here. It takes a week or two to see the results, but I can already see it working. I am still able to convey all my emotions with a twitch of my eyebrows but I do look less angry. I can tell I look less angry because the kids aren’t taking me seriously anymore.

You are suppose to resist frowning after botox, but just for you I tried really hard. As you can see, still plenty of wrinkles but the grooves between my eyebrows are less severe.

Looking back at the photos, I think I had better rethink the whole beachy hair thing.

Birthday Botox??

I have a birthday next month and I am very excited. No, there isn’t anything special about this one, no big 0 or party planned –  just that it’s mine. I love birthdays and I will tell everyone it’s coming, I’d even wear a birthday girl badge if people didn’t think I was weird. I happily skip around for a month beforehand in anticipation. I have no problems with my age, 38 nearly 39. I am a little surprise at the number but I wouldn’t want to go back to the 20s for all the chocolate in Coles or Moet in Dan Murphy. The twenties were ruled by silly emotions, working too hard and too long for other people and drinking sweet, creamy cocktails in dim night clubs. The thirties have been great and the late thirties have been the best half (well, third).

My husband always chooses my presents and he does an excellent job, but this year I quietly whispered “I just want you to know that I wouldn’t be insulted if you gave me a botox voucher”, he scoffed and told me that the lines give me personality (Thank you darling, yours too). I am happy with personality but I want the personality to be happy. I have angry lines between my eyebrows, or they could also be from deep thinking or confusion. I would only like those ones smoothed out, I’d be happy to keep the others.

I know he is probably right, but I can’t help but imagine how the world would smile back at me if it didn’t look like I was always frowning at it.