Daily Style: Mid Week Party

At the moment there seems to be a party, function or get together every second day. Sometimes it’s hard to sort out what to wear, especially if you keep running into the same people at all of these events. Don’t be scared to step away from the flirty frock and strappy heels.

Daily Style: Mid Week Party

Last night I wore this olive and tan sports luxe combination. I absolutely love these colours together. The pants are from Bohemian Trders (on sale), the jacket is Seduce (sold out) and the heels are new season FRANKiE4 MONiCA.

One of the best tips for a long night is to dress in something you are completely comfortable in, you don’t want to be pulling at your dress or top all night, wondering what might be slipping out. And most importantly, wear comfortable shoes. Don’t let your shoes ruin your night. Trust me, I have had many, many nights ruined by gorgeous but ill fitting shoes. Do whatever you need to to find gorgeous and comfortable shoes.

Daily Style: Mid Week Party

I am a huge fan of FRANKiE4 shoes. I have been wearing them for years and they are the epitome of comfort and they are classics you can wear year after year.

These babies are from their new season. MONiCA is the perfect neutral heel and will go with almost every outfit. I have been wearing them to work with dresses, on the weekend with jeans and with pretty frocks for parties.

Daily Style: FRANKiE4 MONiCA in Walnut

*the shoes are gifted by FRANKiE4. I’m thrilled to work with them, wear them and share them. FRANKiE4 know their stuff and create amazing, feet friendly shoes.

Another week pushing the boundaries of Office Wear

My work background was very serious, staid law firms. From the ages of 17 to 30 I wore navy, black or grey Country Road suits, pressed shirts and pearls … every freakin’ day.

My bob was perfectly groomed and frizz free, my makeup was flawlessly inoffensive, my heels were Nine West Pumps and my stockings had enough colour and sheen to make my legs looked almost Barbie like. Sure this looked bagged me a husband … but it bored me shitless.

This time around my office wear is a little different. I started off, trying to stick with my thoughts on traditional law firms. Maybe they have changed over the years, or maybe I have. Now I could be pushing the boundaries of Office Wear.

Do you work in an office? I’d love to hear about your outfits. I mean it! 

Black on Black. I found this Witchery lace jumper on sale in store but I couldn’t find it on their website for you. I can’t wait to wear it with a nude or white singlet.

Jumper & Singlet Witchery, pants Sussan, Shoes Basque and bag Trent Nathan from Myer

Another week pushing the boundaries of Office Wear

I realised this photo made my legs look 5 cms long. I’m gonna blame the angle of the camera because they are at least 10cms. Beige and khaki are my loves at the moment. PS: You must hunt down a soft trench, they will go over everything

Soft trench Seed Heritage (last season), shirt and skirt Sussan and my go to Winter boots by FRANKiE4. PS: Don’t miss out on the competition to win a pair of FRANKiE4 shoes – link here

DSC_0055 DSC_0046 2

Waitress Chic. Just because black and white is a classic, plus I just love to serve.

Shirt Bohemian Traders, skirt Mela Purdie, Shoes Ramarim from Shoe me Gorgeous


More Black and white. Because I have no original thoughts by Thursday. That’s not completely true, I am dressing up Jogging pants, this did take a little imagination.

Blazer JAG, Bonds tee, Sussan pants, Wittner heels

Another week pushing the boundaries of Office Wear

Casual Friday
YAY!! Khahi and khaki with my new boots Remonte boots. I am obsessed with these boots from Sutton Street Shoes. Blue and tan, comfortable and cool.

Shirt Sussan, pants Bohemian Traders, shoes Sutton Street Shoes

DSC_0053 DSC_0057

Daily Style: Black Maxi Skirt

I noticed a hole in my Summer wardrobe and the more I was aware of it, the more I obsessed on filling it. I needed a black maxi skirt and I needed it now. I had outfits ready to go with it.

Daily Style: Black Maxi Skirt

It needed to be light, floaty and low maintenance. You do not want to spend a hot Summer in front of a hot iron.

tried this one on at Sussan, I knew it was perfect, then when my daughter and the sales assistant told me how hot it was. I was sold. Sales Assistants don’t lie.

Daily Style: Black Maxi Skirt Daily Style: Black Maxi Skirt

Here are some great Black Maxi Skirts for Summer …

1. Seed Heritage $129 | 2. Witchery $99 | 3. French Connection for $75 | 4. Sussan $119

Daily Style: Black Maxi Skirt

Daily Style: the White Blazer

I set an alarm this morning to get up early and go to a top secret event. I didn’t know much but I knew I want to look presentable, sort of casually cool. The girls were great and got ready for school quickly so I could drop them off early too.

After the rush around, I was sitting on express bus, planning my day on the 60 minute journey and I realised I was a week early!! I was trapped and felt like a complete dumbarse. Lucky, the gorgeous girls at the Myer Benefit Brow Bar fit me in for some emergency grooming to make the trip worthwhile.

Daily Style: the White Blazer

My casually, cool outfit was centred around my JAG White Blazer (worn before here – buy similar here for $55). Everyone should have one in their wardrobe. I wore it with my old Boyfriend jeans, a B&W striped Tee shirt and Ruby Ramarim ankle boots (on sale now – here)

Have you ever turned up on the wrong day?

If you would like some more inspiration for the White Blazer, check out Daily Style‘s inspirational images.

Daily Style: the White Blazer DSC_0009 DSC_0023

Daily Style: Sequinned Jacket

Are sequins okay for an early morning breakfast? Hell yes! I love wearing sequins dressed down with casual clothes.

This Seduce sequinned jacket is one of my favourite purchases this year (worn before here). I don’t know how I managed to get it for a ridiculous $65 when it’s still $129 on the Seduce website. I think the only thing it won’t go with is a string bikini. It’s the colour that makes it so wearable. Beige.

Daily Style: Sequinned Jacket

Today I’m dressing it down with NYDJ Jeans (NYDJ Kadyn Fitted Ankle in Lake Havasu), Bonds Tee, a Chambray shirt and brown boots. I rolled up the sleeves and the jeans to make it even more casual.

At least it wasn’t too sunny today, so I didn’t blind anyone with my excess sequins.

Are you comfortable with sequins during the day?

Daily Style: Sequinned Jacket Daily Style: Sequinned Jacket Daily Style: Sequinned Jacket

Bargain Shopping: Mix Apparel White Linen Shirt

I can not resist a bargain. When I was grocery shopping in Coles yesterday, I stumbled upon this White Linen Shirt. I have been looking for a white linen shirt for Summer. I have been lusting after a more expensive brand but I am on a tight budget and had been holding strong.

I know the more expensive one was made with a gorgeous Linen but this is amazing for right now.

Bargain Shopping: Mix Apparel White Linen Shirt

This Mix Apparel White Linen shirt was only $29 (Sizes 6 – 18) and also comes in mauve.

Today I’m wearing it with my gorgeous Bohemian Traders Linen pants – Yes, I’m head to toe linen today, my cheapo tan Bali market belt, blue Lillian Nai Sundance boots (sizes 35- 43.5) and a tan Som & Tooby clutch (with an added dingle dangle).

Mix Apparel White Linen Shirt Mix Apparel White Linen Shirt & Bohemian traders linen pants Mix Apparel White Linen Shirt Lillian Nai Sundance Boots

Deja Vu: Boyfriend Jeans

It’s Deja Vu Tuesday and today I’m talking about my Boyfriend jeans. I absolutely love these jeans. I hunted and hunted for the perfect boyfriend jeans and most gave me a penis. Don’t get me wrong, I love penises but just not on me.

After my long hunt, I discovered these at Just Jeans and then they stopped making them. Grrrr!! They have something almost exactly the same I can only see the differences between them (The Rip & Jean jeans in Infinity blue). The new ones are slightly lighter, have different whiskers and I think they are a little lower in the waist. They tell me they aren’t but I know stuff about things.

Deja Vu: Boyfriend Jeans

Do you know how often I wear these? Going over the photos I must be wearing them an awful lot. I thought of going back further but I was thinner and I’m kind of in denial :)
Boyfriend Jeans Boyfriend Jeans PicMonkey Collage
Looking for boyfriends? Here are a few similar ones. boyfriend jeans
ASOS Curve $60.84 sizes 18-28 | Bohemian Traders $100 | Just Jeans Rip & Repaire $79.95 | Dannii Minogue Petites for Target $47.20

What’s your favourite style of jeans?

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Daily Style: Wearing stripes and floral

I have had some meetings today. I didn’t want to look uptight but I also didn’t want to look like a street kid. So, my ripped boyfriend jeans were out… and so were my ripped skinnies…and ripped cargos.

Daily Style: Wearing stripes and floral

I decided on this gorgeous Maiocchi Kiss and Tell frock. In my L’Oréal post yesterday, I showed you how I dressed this dress up for a night time event. Today, I’m wearing it with tan to make it more daytime. These tan wedges are from Lillian Nai….everyone needs a pair of tan wedges for Spring and Summer. They go with everything and make your legs appear longer. They are surprisingly comfortable and easy to walk in.

The belt was discovered in a street stall in Bali on the weekend. The owner told me it took 3 men/2 days or 2 men/3 days to make. The story changed a few times, but I’m sure it was all true. Anywoo, he convinced me it was so good that I didn’t need to negotiate. I’m terrible at negotiating.

wearing stripes and floral - Maiocchi frock wearing stripes and floral - Maiocchi dress Lillian Nai Tan Wedges

Daily Style: Lace Dreamer Dress

Yay!! It’s a gorgeous day in Brisbane and I’m spending the day with my husband. Lunch and movies. It feels a little naughty sneaking out during the day…but I like feeling a little naughty.

Daily Style: Lace Dreamer Dress

I wore this dress on the weekend and really rugged it up (you can see the Winter outfit here) but today is completely the opposite. Let the lace be free!!

Today I’m wearing the Lace Bohemian Traders Dreamer dress with my Mustard Cardigan (also Bohemian Traders). I freeze in the cinema and will need this to brace myself against their Arctic air-con. These Lillian Nai Romantic days wedges are perfect with it. They might look high but they are super comfortable and very easy to walk in. It’s pointless trying to look pretty and lady-like if you end up arse up.

Lace Dreamer Dress

The lace sleeves are so pretty and flattering. No, I’m not picking anything out of my teeth.

Lace Dreamer Dress

These Lillian Nai Wedges will be getting a huge workout this Spring and Summer.

Lillian Nai Romantic Days wedges

Wearing Lace to join Vanessa from Style and Shenanigans in her SnS Texture challenge and sharing my everyday style with Nikki from Styling You

 The Dreamer dress was gifted, but I love it so much that I’m going back to buy the cream version.

Daily Style: Dressing for a Wet day at the Markets

I’m an assistant at a table at the Handmade Samford markets today. My aunt is setting up a table to sell her gorgeous necklaces and I’m going along to keep her company, motived and entertained. We haven’t done this before, but I’m pretty sure is going to be a lot of fun.

If you are in the area, come down to the Ellen S table and say hello. Don’t forget to bring your purse, and your neck (to try on necklaces), and your purse. Yeah, I know I mentioned it twice but you are going to want to buy these babies.

Pity it’s raining!

Dressing for a wet day, I have to wear dark colours to

  1. Avoid a spontaneous wet tee shirt competition; and
  2. highlight my Ellen S necklace.

Want a few more tips – read this post about dressing in wet weather.

Daily Style: Dressing for a Wet day at the Markets

I’m wearing black and brown. One of my favourite colour combinations to wear. This is a Dreamer dress  (in M) from the new Bohemian Traders Spring/Summer range. Don’t be scared to play with Summer dresses in Winter. My Clementine vest, old Cowboy olds and a gorgeous Ellen S Design necklace.

Dressing for a Wet day Dressing for a Wet day Daily Style: Wet day at the Markets Daily Style: Wet day at the Markets

What are you doing today? 


What to wear to PBEvent14

Lots of people are asking me what to wear to PBEvent14 and what I am wearing.

Last year I had a beautiful wardrobe that I agonised over and took months to put together. It was great and I felt good but I didn’t feel like me. I am pretty casual and, because I share my wardrobe pictures daily, people know that about me.

What to wear to PBEvent14 – Day time

So my advice:

  • First impressions count. Dress like you….but the shiny, happy, bestest version of you. Pretend you are about to go out to long lunch with your best friends. What would you wear?
  • Wear clothes you know and that make you feel awesome
  • People have probably been following you on various social media platforms for a while and kinda know what to expect. If you are dressed like Duchess Kate or Kim Karadashian they might not recognise you
  • You are going to be wearing these clothes for a long time, you need to be comfortable. Don’t try to break in shoes or experiment with a new g-string when you are a full brief girl

What am I going to wear?

It’s going to something like this. I haven’t picked it out yet but it will be layered, casual and probably with an awesome pair of heels. I was super cold last year and will be better prepared this year. They have probably fixed the chilly aircon and be the girl sitting in the corner, in a puddle of sweat with frizzy hair.

PicMonkey Collage

What to wear to PBEvent14 – Night time function

  • For the Friday night party. Kick it up a notch and dress up a bit. Its theme is ‘Ahoy’, if you are comfortable in complete costume, then go crazy but if you aren’t, then go for a little ‘nautical nod’.
  • The bar is upmarket, casual. I’ll keep this in mind when picking my outfit. I would not normally wear head-to-toe sequins to a casual bar, but hey, if you love them and they are blue and white, go nuts.

What am I going to wear?

This is another one I haven’t quite sorted. I would love to look like one of the amazing nautically inspired ladies on Pinterest but that requires ironing, a steady hand and avoiding anything with alcohol or grease.

I did buy this dress from Bohemian Traders, with the intention of wearing it for the Friday party. Don’t think I will be able to resist wearing it until then, so now I really don’t know. I do know that I will not be in costume but I do hope to have a little nautical feel to my outfit.

 Image from Bohemian Traders

I will be using all these products, all weekend to ensure my makeup doesn’t move.


Have you started sorting your wardrobe yet?

Daily Style: A little Boho

I do love a little Boho.

It’s perfect for the busy mum. It’s comfortable, you can wear your biggest undies and no one will know. The fabrics breathe, so you don’t get too hot running around and you can toss them in the washing machine. We don’t have time for high maintenance clothes that require dry cleaning runs.

Daily Style: A little Boho

I’m wearing a Bohemian Traders Sunset blouse (worn before here), Just Jeans Boyfriend Jeans (worn here), See by Chloe boots from Kimba Likes Boutique  (worn here)and a Cobalt Everyday Cashmere scarf. Cobalt is one of my colours for Spring/Summer, so I will be wearing this scarf to death. Plus, it’s so soft it’s like a mother’s hug. Not my mother’s but certainly someone’s mother.

I think my jeans have maybe passed the point of acceptable for a 40+ woman and ripped jeans. What do you think? A little muttony?

Daily Style: A little Boho Daily Style: A little Boho

Sharing my everyday style with Styling you and Wardrobe Wednesday with Kimba Likes.

The Everyday Cashmere scarf was gifted for editorial consideration. I considered it for 1 millisecond before I decided I freaking loved it and it was never leaving my neck.

Daily Style: Unlock Your Style Book Launch

Nikki from Styling You had her Unlock your Style Brisbane book launch last night. This one was a tough one to dress for. Things to consider:

1. It’s a book launch
2. It’s for Nikki Parkinson
3. It’s a BOOK launch!

Daily Style: Unlock Your Style Book Launch

So I quickly dumped any thoughts of basic suits, appropriate footwear, safe clothes and reached to the glowing, magical, sparkling section of my wardrobe. Nikki deserves sequins. Then I grabbed sky-high, strutting, sexy-arsed ankle boots. Nikki deserves sexy-arsed ankle boots. Then I washed my hair and I used my good makeup (and all my staying on tricks), yup, you know where this is going. That is how much I love Nikki.

Daily Style: Unlock Your Style Book Launch

The Sequinned Jacket is a George Gross hand me down – but I’m calling it vintage because I’m so cool & hipster. I’m wearing this dress from The LBD Boutique.

Daily Style: Unlock Your Style Book Launch

These amazing Ramarim shoes are from Shoe me Gorgeous. They are currently on sale for $129 (originally $219)

Shoe Me Gorgeous Ramarim heels

Not Sponsored but go and buy Nikki’s book because she is awesome and knows stuff about things.

  Unlock your Style

Style it Project: Clashing prints and double denim

Today I’m rushing around all day and then getting pretty at night for the Unlock You Style Book launch with Nikki Parkinson from Styling You. I’m wearing Clashing prints and double denim. This could be risky!

Style it Project: Clashing prints and double denim

My rushing around outfit includes the August Style it Project piece. The awesome Mix Apparel Skinny Camo Cargo pants. These are super comfortable and super cheap.

I’m wearing them with Bohemian Trader Chambray shirt, White Bonds tee, French connection denim vest, Leopard print scarf (gift from BIL) and See by Chloe boots from Kimba Likes Boutique.

The Leopard print scarf was added to bring some brown tones to the top half of the outfit.

Clashing prints and double denim

So I didn’t iron my shirt. I think it makes me look like I have been working hard on the farm.

Clashing prints and double denim

Clashing prints and double denim

Are you joining in the Style it Project this month?

Grab a your camo cargos, style them and share it.
Link with @kimbalikes, @redcliffestyle and #styleitproject