A week in my wardrobe

I’m going to pretend for 5 minutes I haven’t been the slackest blogger ever. I seem to dropping more balls than I’m keeping up in the air. I do seem to spend a bit of time on Instagram but I’ve been neglecting my special, loved part of the web and I do love my little part.

So I’m starting back with …

A week in my wardrobe


On the spur of the moment I bought a pair of gold ankle boots in the recent Nine West online sale. I immediately regretted the purchase. It could have been made when I was feeling emotional, tired and after a stiff Vodka n’ Soda. I’ve become determined to achieve great cost-per wear from them to prove it wasn’t a mistake. So far, I worn them twice, so they are down to about $27 per wear. I must admit they are growing on me.

This time I wore them with a gold/khaki shiny shirt from Cue (sold out) and a Classic White Button down shirt from Bohemian Traders.

A week in my wardrobe OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


I seem to drag this black ruched skirt out a lot. This was a hand-me-down from my gorgeous buddy Kimba from Kimbalikes. On this day I wore it with a Just Jeans Chambray shirt and black laced up Ramarim heels.



Giving my new gorgeous, white silk, wrap shirt from Living Silk its first outing. I have a ridiculous obsession with white shirts and have been looking for something crisp to add to my collection. Love!



I really want to wear this amazing embroidered Bohemian Traders jacket (the black version is still on sale). It’s gorgeous and stretchy velvet, which means it’s like wearing a velour tracksuit. Could it be any better!!

I decided to go completely Bohemian Traders with the cream resort skirt and blush cami, these are both on sale ATM.

A week in my wardrobe

And at last the perfect outfit for these tan and peach Ramarim heels.


Casual Friday

I live for the days I can wear jeans into the office. Once again breaking out a few of my favourites – Ramarim and BT with a Noosa Amsterdam tote from T-Leaf (currently on sale for $275).


The Weekend!!

This included a morning of hair pampering at Beautiful You in Margate, movies previews, food, swimming and family.


How was your week?


Style it Project: Skinny Camo Cargo Pants

It’s August! Usually this is my least favourite month of the year. It’s cold and windy. But this year I’m looking forward to it and it’s all thanks to these Skinny Camo Cargo Pants. These pants are only $29 from Mix Apparel and will be so much fun to dress up.

Style it Project: Skinny Camo Cargo Pants

Kim-Marie from Kimba Likes and I will be playing with these all month, sharing ways we have styled them. We’d love you to play along with the mix pants or something similar you have at home.

The Style it Project is for everyone (not just bloggers), you can share your photos on your blog, Facebook or instagram and if you don’t have these then feel free to email it and I’ll share it for you!

Style it Project: Skinny Camo Cargo Pants

Now it’s your turn.
Grab a your camo cargos, style them and share it.
Link with @kimbalikes, @redcliffestyle and #styleitproject

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How to Dress like a Rock Star

Today I was dressed, and then remembered to check out the prompt for the Fox in Flats style dare. It was “Rock Star”. I didn’t even need to change my assemble. I can’t sing or play an instrument, I rarely remember lyrics and I can’t handle late nights BUT I do love black and I give good attitude.

How to Dress like a Rock Star

  1. don’t use an iron unless you are throwing it at a wall
  2. only wear jeans picked off the floor
  3. don’t give a crap about labels. They are for ‘wanna be’ rockers
  4. you can brush your teeth but don’t tell anyone. Don’t use a bottle of Jack, stick with toothpaste,
  5. layers but only because you sleep wherever you can find a free couch, so you have to wear your complete wardrobe
  6. go commando. Undies are for wimps.
  7. do wear a bra. Rock Stars have great boobs they need to flash and you want to look after them between flashes
  8. avoid hair brushes but dry shampoo is cool. It’s the only way you can dull the cigarette smell from the party the night before
  9. borrow clothes. Doesn’t matter where you find them or what sex they belonged to
  10. wear textures. Think leather, fur, feathers, rubber. Preferable all at the same time
  11. snarl at cameras. Not because you don’t like them, just because you are trying to work out the model and lens so you know how to pose better for the photo

How to Dress like a Rock Star How to Dress like a Rock Star
Rock on!

Daily Style: Mixing Pretty with Tough

I love mixing pretty with tough pieces together creating a ‘Pretty tough’ look. Today I am wearing a Lace dress from Lee Cooper for Big W (worn 4 ways here). This dress is a lot girlier than I would usually wear but I knew I would have fun playing with it.

Mixing Pretty with Tough

The dress could be super girly, but I have added a tough anorak from JAG (worn before here) to dress it down. I love the juxtaposition of these pieces. I added shoes that complimented the anorak.

Mixing Pretty with Tough Mixing Pretty with Tough

In these two photos I have let the dress have its girly moment. I much prefer the dress with the anorak.

DSC_0080-31-689x700 DSC_00761

Spotty Chambray Shirt – Look 3

The Style it Project piece this month is the Spotty Chambray Shirt it’s a Lee Cooper shirt from Big W. This great shirt was only $25. I’ve worn it a few times, but I keep forgetting to grab a photo while I’m still looking fresh. After the school drop off, I’m off to get firewood, this will mean a little physical activity and a few splinters.

Spotty Chambray Shirt – Look 3

Today I’m wearing it with my favourite Oversized striped dress from Bohemian Traders (worn before here), Orange JAG Jeans (worn here) and Silver Wittner Brogues (worn here).

Look 1 can be seen here
Look 2 can be seen here



DSC_0087 If you want to join in the Style it Project next month, you can read all about it here.

The idea of this project is to pick one item of clothing (or accessory) each month. These pieces will usually be cheap and easily available or if you have something similar, play along with that! You get to style it whatever way you like and show off the pictures. This will help inspire me, you and other people to play with their clothes, realise there are so many ways to wear pieces, and confirm that style doesn’t have to be expensive.

Jeans and a White Tee

Nearly everyone owns a pair of jeans and a white tee shirt. I live in jeans and tees! I would love to be a dress or sexy suit girl but it’s not me…at all! But, Jeans and a white tee shirt doesn’t have to be boring, it’s a great base for heaps of outfits. It’s all about the accessories baby!

Jeans and a White Tee

Today I’m wearing it with a vest and heels. These heels were a 37th birthday present to myself. 4 years later and I still love them as much as I did the first time I saw them.

White Bonds Tee Shirt, Bohemian Traders Distressed Boyfriend Jeans, Bohemian Traders Clementine vest (worn before here) and Luz Da Lua heels. I wish I thought to throw on a necklace – like this one from Red Phoenix Emporium – but I didn’t and I can’t travel back in time to correct my naked neckline. Darn my laziness! *stomp*

Jeans and a White Tee

Jeans and heels
Jeans and heels

Daily Style: Hand Me Down Dress

This is a shop my wardrobe post. I rarely wear these orange JAG jeans (worn before here). I love the colour but they aren’t as comfortable as my other favourites. I almost gave them away but decided to give them another chance. Everything deserves an opportunity to prove itself, even orange jeans. These were an insane $25 at DFO.

Daily Style: Hand Me Down Dress

I’m wearing them with a dress that was a hand me down from my lovely aunt, an stunning orange Ellen S Design necklace, a coral Mimco bag from my husband and old, old boots. I love these boots.

When I love a dress but it’s too short to wear comfortably (or modestly) as a dress, I often throw jeans or leggings underneath. This look isn’t for everyone, but it works for me. A belt would make it less dress like, but I was lazy and it seemed too hard to find a belt at 7am.

Do you have someone awesome that passes on the occasional hand me down?

Hand Me Down dress DSC_0054 DSC_0071

I’m sharing my everyday style with Styling You
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Daily Style: Peter Morrissey Silver Foil Cable Pullover

I really do believe that style is where you find it. Whether it’s a designer dress or a piece from Target, it’s all about you, what you like and how you put it together. Style doesn’t have to cost a truckload. Yesterday while shopping for stationery in Big W, I saw a fantastic knit with 40% off. It was hard to miss, glowing silver, sale signs and bright lights hitting it. It was like a mirror in the desert.

Seriously, this Peter Morrissey Silver Foil Cable Pullover screams style and is marked down to $23! You can find it online here.

Daily Style: Peter Morrissey Silver Foil Cable Pullover

I actually don’t like a knitted jumper on it’s own and need to have a little something poking out at the top or bottom. A button up shirt is perfect for this. I love it with a chambray or checked shirt too. I always push or roll the sleeves up a little or else it looks too bulky. Plus EVERYONE knows that wrists scream sex appeal, just ask a Geisha.

I’m the knit with a white shirt (worn before here), Just Jeans Boyfriend Jeans (are you sick of them) and Silver Wittner Brogues.

Daily Style: Peter Morrissey Silver Foil Cable Pullover Silver Wittner Brogues Peter Morrissey Silver Foil Cable Pullover

Daily Style: Boyfriend Jeans and an old chopped up Tee Shirt

Today I threw on a pair of boyfriend jeans, a white singlet and my gorgeous Lillian Nai backless boots but something was missing. I put on lipstick, brushed my hair, spritzed on perfume…yet still, it wasn’t quite right. I put on a Red Phoenix necklace and it was almost there…. It needed something to bring the top half and the bottom half of my outfit together. So I dug around the bottom of my husband’s closet, discovered an old blue tee shirt (that I know he won’t miss) and proceeded to chop it up to make a soft necklace to layer under the existing necklace.

I think it worked.

Daily Style: Boyfriend Jeans and an old chopped up Tee Shirt

An old chopped up Tee Shirt

Giving an old men’s tee shirt a new life….as a ladies necklace.

Boyfriend Jeans and an old chopped up Tee Shirt

What do you think? Yay or nay?

A Puffer Vest

I have been keeping my eyes out for a bright puffer vest. I love these for Autumn/Winter. Obviously, they are only for casual outfits but they are a great way to add colour and warmth plus they rolled into nothing when you are travelling.

A Puffer Vest

I found this Esprit puffer vest in Myer. There was 25% new Esprit stock and the Esprit membership got me another 10% off. So it was down to $47 from $69.95. It’s exactly what I was looking for.

The Puffer Vest

It’s easy for a puffer vest to enhance your curves. So, I tried on a few sizes and I settled on a size that worked when it was left open but could still be zipped up if I really wanted. Seriously, Unless you’re skiing how often would you do it up anyway.

I’m wearing the puffer vest with JAG jeans, shirt and chambray shirt and because it’s raining, a pair of Thomas Cook Gum boots (worn before here). In real life the boots go well with the jacket :)

Puffer vest

Would you wear a Puffer vest? 

Sharing my everyday style with Styling You.

My Little Photo bombers

I was looking through photos and I could not help but smile at my little photo bombers. Nearly every single one of my outfit shoots go a little like this…

My Little Photo bombers

My Little Photo bombers

Outfit details here

My Little Photo bombers

Outfit details here

My Little Photo bombers

If it’s not the wind, sun, weird shadows or a bad face or hair day making an outfit photo difficult, it’s my little helpers. I usually wait until I see them distracted by something else before I start, but I’m nearly always photo bombed by one or two children, the dog and sometimes my husband.

I should know better than trying to do it when they are home. I guess the lure of the camera is too strong :)

Do you have similar problems?