No Brush Everyday Makeup

Today I have the stunning creature Kate Ritchie from Loveface Beauty guest posting. If you like beauty and love humour, or even if you don’t love beauty but love funny chicks, this is your new girl crush. You’re going to love her!

Kate is sharing her no brush everyday makeup technique, using great affordable products. This is so great for a quick, easy face.

Kate Ritchie from LoveFace Beauty


Know I’m a little bit excited to be writing this post for Redcliffe Style. Rachel is one of the coolest chicks I stalk online and I’m super stoked that she’s looked past that creepiness so I can share some makeup tips with you.

When my skin is feeling the life sucking effects of the dry winter weather, I have a foolproof makeup routine that gets my face looking alive again and not like an extra from The Walking Dead (freaking’ love you throw in TWD – Rachel). Zero brushes are required, instead I use my patented application technique which is basically smooshing product onto my face with my palms. Sounds primitive, but it works a treat.

No Brush Everyday Makeup

After applying my skincare I start with a layer of Nude By Nature Soft Focus Illuminator all over. This gives a subtle radiance in a neutral colour base that lifts the skin out of the dead zone. It is one of my favourite products of all time and I recommend it to everyone – so, you should probably get it too.

Next comes the Liquid Mineral Foundation, also by Nude By Nature, which I apply all over with my fingers, then I work my palms all over my face, pushing the foundation into my skin, so it looks like I’m not wearing anything. On days when my skin needs a bit more coverage, I love the Physicians Formula CC Cream. It’s also a good option for oilier skins that don’t want the dewy finish of the Nude foundation.

No Brush Everyday Makeup

Like all mothers who enjoy a sanity regaining drink or 10, I have dark circles and bags under my eyes. To pretend I’ve got my shit together and everything’s fine, I use the Nude By Nature Concealer around my eyes, nose, chin and the middle of my forehead. Most women who have ‘elevens’ like me, would Botox them to death, but I like my family to know when I’m angry at them and having a frowny forehead helps to drive that home. Fortunately the Nude concealer tones down the redness in that area so I don’t look constantly annoyed. After all, I do love my family most of the time.

With my base sorted, I then add some colour. The Face of Australia Mineral Therapy Illuminator in Angel Blush, is a super cheap winning dupe for Nars Orgasm Illuminator and I love it. I rub the tiniest bit between the heels of my hands, then roll them over my cheek bones. This creates a subtle highlight and touch of colour that is perfect for an everyday casual look. Using the heels of my hands rather than patting a bit on with my fingers, ensures a more even and natural looking application. There’s no risk of dots or stripes from any unfortunate blending mishaps.

To finish off I add some colour. Firstly, I apply a small amount of Australis Metallix cream eyeshadow in Gold Gaga to my lids using my fingers followed by my favourite mascara, Face of Australia Impact Curl in Black. When all that is done, if I feel like I’m a bit pasty or in need of some sunkissed activity, I take the tiniest bit of the Natio Instant Bronzer, rub it into my palms until it’s almost gone, then yep, you guessed it, smoosh it all over my face with my palms ever so lightly to just leave a hint of warmth and extra glow. A quick slick of Natio Lip Smoothie in Peony to give my pout a natural flush, and I’m done.

I’d like to say that this is a completely brush free routine, but I have to be honest and admit that I can’t go without my eyebrow brush. The fingers just don’t cut it.   I hope you understand.

No Brush Everyday Makeup

Thank you Kate!! I seriously love these tips and products. If you want to stalk Kate too, you can find her on her blog, Loveface Beauty and Instagram. Plus if you like this piece, you must check out a few of Kate’s other product reviews and a few more tips:

Australis Metallix Cream Eyeshadow

Nude By Nature, Face of Australia & Natio liquid illuminators

Nude By Nature Foundation

Lola the Cavoodle

I’m sharing the story of Lola the Photo bombing Cavoodle at My Oodle. I’d love you to pop over for a visit!

Lola the CavoodleLola the Cavoodle

Oodles of Style

I have been following Belinda Irvine from My Oodle for a while. She is gorgeous, stylish and we share a love of Cavoodles. Now she is sharing her style journey and Jet her photobombing Cavoodle with us. You know how much I love photobombing Cavoodles!

Oodles of Style with Belinda and Jet the photobombing Cavoodle

My style journey has been strongly influenced by my environment, we live in hot, humid Singapore.  My style has always been fairly classic, I like to follow what’s going on in fashion but I’m not one to turn over my wardrobe every year.  I usually get my favourites and then wear them to death.  Prior to Singapore we lived in New Zealand for 18 months, I only just completed my ‘I live in a cold country’ wardrobe with everything coordinated from jackets to boots and many pairs of funky jeans and we moved.  I virtually had to replace my wardrobe.  Warm gear safely vacuum sealed for those cold trips during the year I set about adding to my wardrobe in order to cope with cool air-conditioned shopping centres and 34 degree 100% humidity heat outside.

The January Sales

You might say I was in the perfect place to do that, but I’ve got to tell you I don’t agree.  While I know the international brands better now than I did then, there are only a few local brands I follow up here and can safely buy to suit my height, shape, size and the weather.  Many of the locally made clothes and designs are made of synthetic fabric….think glad wrap when you’re outside.  I’m considered a large in local sizes (not that this bothers me) and often times have issues with shape and height….not to mention ‘boobs’.  I have managed to find of few great exceptions particularly in Haji Lane, but usually stick to companies like Banana Republic, Massimo Dutti, Mango & Zara, particularly when they are on sale.  My preferred option for shopping is Australia, I make it my mission to be in Australia each year in January to make the most of annual sales.  It’s summer virtually year round for me so it’s colour and summer clothes all the way.  Jeans and jackets are only required for going to the movies which is like visiting the Antarctic.

All of that given, I love cotton, linen, silk and anything flowy and breezy.  Clothes are rarely given a second outing in Singapore and I think my record is 4 or 5 fresh outfits in a day.  I went from owning one casual dress to a wardrobe full.  Following Styling You I came to realise I didn’t have enough staples and accessories so I’ve been working on this in the past year or so.  Though got to say I can’t go by a great show pony as Nikki calls them, being able to shop the sales makes this fair more economical too.  I love to support local designers and boutiques and have recently started wearing Whistling Teal (Noosa) as it’s also available in Singapore.

From Corporate to Working from home

The biggest way my style has changed has been going from a corporate office based job to mostly working from home.  I have a wardrobe full of weekend clothes, heaven forbid when we go back to Australia, I’ll have a big job ahead of me.  Along with my more casual fun look I’ve had to adapt footwear in the same way.  We don’t own a car in Singapore and I walk everywhere.  My footwear needs to look stylish but be super practical and this is one area I certainly don’t suffer for fashion.  It’s very common for ladies to take a large bag out in the evening just so they can pack their thongs for the walk home.  Hush Puppies believe it or not are my go to brand for shoes, their style has moved away from what I thought was quite grandma to a much younger crowd.  Their soles are super comfy which is what I need for the miles I cover on foot. Oh, and they have free shipping with a purchase over $50 anywhere in Australia, which I’ve made the most of more than once; lucky Mr MyOodle is my personal courier when he travels for work.  Living over here I’ve turned into an online shopper far more than I would have thought possible.  Previously I wouldn’t buy something unless it was perfect, now that’s not so much of an issue.  Alterations are super cheap here, so if the item doesn’t fit its usually easily fixed.

Writing this makes me think it’s time for a walk down Orchard Road and visit into Raffles City even if it’s for a spot of window shopping.  Despite attempting to keep my pennies in my pocket some of the time, I will miss the amazing selection available in Singapore from the few shops that I’ve come to love – I know most won’t be available when I return to Australia.

Oodles of StyleKaftan – @willowandbird | Shoes – aqua flats Hush Puppies
Necklace and Bracelets – Lovisa
Oodles of Style - 1
White Top – Whistling Teal | Navy Shorts – Uni Glo | Necklaces – Whistling Teal
Shoes – Jo Mercer
Oodles of Style - 2
Dress: Portmans | Shoes: Jo Mercer | Necklace: Whistling Teal (Noosa)
Watch: Adina
In August 2013, Belinda started as a place for oodle owners and lovers to ask questions get answers and share cute pics of their fluffy poodle mix dogs.  Jet Cavoodle is the star of the show and together they share their oodle adventures along with helpful tips for all dog owners. It’s a oodle community for all things poodle mix.  You can find Belinda at My Oodle | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Pinterest
Thanks Belinda for sharing your style journey & your cute photobomber. I think he’s a bit of competition for Lola.


If you want to share your own style journey or photo bombers, please send me an email to rachel (@)



Drop Dead Gorgeous Daily

Today I am over at the amazing Drop Dead Gorgeous Daily site sharing some beauty tips. Pop over and say hello!

Drop Dead Gorgeous Daily

Drop Dead Gorgeous Daily



Wardrobe Disaster Bootcut Jeans

I love looking back at old photos, looking at the clothes, beauty & hair, wondering what I was thinking. I’m glad I’m not the only one. The lovely Norlin from Baubles, Bubbles & Bags Style file is sharing a few of her jeans purchases. I can totally relate, I have way too many jeans and many I’ll never wear again. Thanks Norlin!

Wardrobe Disaster Bootcut Jeans

It is no secret that I am a HUGE fan of jeans. In fact, if I had a choice I would live in them – next to living in my plain and graphic tees of course. The problem is I love them so much that I can’t stop collecting them. When something fits beautifully (or I think it does), I would buy a few pairs in different washes, hence the ever- growing collection.

When I told Mr. C (that’s my husband for those of you who are unfamiliar) that I didn’t buy much during my recent trip to the U.S because I ONLY managed to buy 5 pairs of jeans, he was stunned. His response was, “Only?” Yes, only, because that’s just scratching the surface really. It wasn’t until recently that I decided to really have a good look at my collection of jeans. Over 10 pairs and that’s including the ¾ length and long denim shorts I had bought through the years.

It was time to face the music and cull. You would think that stylists never make fashion mistakes right? Wrong. We’re human after all and sometimes it does pay to have a good look at what you’ve got in your wardrobe to realise the mistakes you’ve made. For instance, the bootcut jeans used to be a favourite of mine. It elongated my body shape, and gave me the right balance – or so I thought. I had over 5 pairs of those and I started putting them on and was I glad I did. Really? What was I thinking? Why would something that looked amazing 4 or 5 years ago look so wrong on me now?

Case in point – the fit around the thigh area is perfect, then it tapers down and then flares out again at the bottom for that “bootcut” style right? What it only does is actually exaggerates the size of my thighs! Even if I had shortened the length, it would still make me look bottom heavy – not balanced at all. Plus it also made me look shorter than I already was. The cut would have worked a lot better if the bottom bit was a little bit more tapered, not necessarily in the style of the skinny jeans but not as flared out.

Wardrobe disaster bootcut jeans

Next is this one – what is with those faded horizontal lines right on the hips? While the dark wash might work on slimming down the lower body, the lines just causes a distraction and in fact makes the hips look wider. Urgh!

Wardrobe disaster bootcut jeans 2

Finally those long denim shorts? Those were bought during my “comfy mummy” phase. As in, whatever that fits comfortably phase. Yes I did go through that phase when my youngest was only a toddler right to until he was in kinder. There’s nothing wrong with them but, look at the shape of it! I was drawn to the very loose fit that stops right below my knees – again accentuating my hips. Not a good look. This would have looked a lot better if they were slightly more tapered but not too tight fitting, stopping right near my calves or at the length it’s at now.

Wardrobe disaster bootcut jeans 3

Except for two pairs of bootcut jeans, I’ve decided to donate the rest as well as the long denim shorts. I could alter them but I know that they will just sit in a pile, so why take up precious wardrobe space when I can give it to someone whom I know will fit better (I hope). The two pairs I’ve saved aren’t as flared out as the rest, the colours work and as my eldest daughter Miss 11 says, “Mummy, what if it comes back in style? You know the 90’s are coming back!”

What are the worst jeans hiding in your wardrobe?


Thank you for sharing Norlin! Norlin is a Melbourne based Stylist. You can find her blog at Baubles, Bubbles & Bags and on Facebook here.

If you’re interested in sharing your wardrobe disasters, please email me at rachel (@) I’d love to have a good laugh at you too :)

Healthy Tips for the Holidays

Today I have a guest post from Eli King. Eli is a local Personal trainer and is giving some healthy tips to help us control the holiday damage.
Healthy Tips for the Holidays

Eli’s Healthy Tips for the Holidays

Christmas is one of my favourite times of the year.  Coming from the UK it has taken me a while to adjust to the Aussie way of doing things (Christmas in the summer is just weird!!) but I LOVE to celebrate the festive season and have created some fantastic new holiday traditions.

The problem with Christmas, is that sometimes there is too much celebrating, and it can leave us feeling really off key.  Bloated, sluggish and generally a bit icky (not to mention the hangover!)I have found that trying to keep a good balance in the lead up to Christmas, really helps, so that I still feel great in my New Years party dress a week later!

Here are my top healthy tips for the holidays

1.  Keep up with your fitness routine throughout December.  Schedule it in your diary and make it a non-negotiable.  That way even if you do over do it at the Christmas Party, you’ll at least feel like you’ve earned it!

2.  In the Lead Up to Christmas, try to stick to healthy meals through out the day so that you can enjoy that meal out, or some Christmas cake in the evenings.  I advise an 80:20 rule.  Eat well 80% of the time, and ensure you enjoy yourself the other 20%.

3.  Get your family involved!  Maybe you can go for a walk to watch the Christmas lights, play some games on the beach on Christmas day or play a dance game on the wii!  Any thing that gets you sweating and having a giggle.  Fitness doesn’t have to be dull and boring.

4. Stay Hydrated.  Typically Christmas Day is one of the hottest days of the year, so try to get some water in between your bottles of beer!  Not only will you have less of a hangover the next day, but it will  help you to digest your Christmas dinner and shed a few Christmas pounds!

5. Get back to healthy eating on boxing day.   Healthy living really only comes down to one thing – habit.  The more you practice the better you get at it.  Conversely, the more you avoid it, the harder it becomes.  Try your best to get back on the healthy living train as soon after Christmas as you can.

Healthy Tips for the Holidays

BONUS TIP:  Join a Christmas Detox (You can check mine out at  Cleanse your body of all the toxins and nasty’s that you have thrown at it over the last month.  Start the new year with a clean system and a rockin’ hot body!

Thank you Eli, great tips!!
Eli King Fitness

Eli is a Personal Trainer and Group Fitness Instructor based in Rothwell.  She teaches Bootcamp and Pilates, and runs an online Kick Start Program ‘The Seven Day Slim’.  She offers free workouts on her blog ( and youtube channel (  Eli loves working with women who are really busy, but want to look and feel amazing.  She believes that you can live a healthy lifestyle without sacrificing the things you love – it’s all about balance.

Blogging Basics: How to Edit a Blog Post

This is subject I need a lot of help with. So I called my good friend and fellow blogger to help me out and give me a few tips on how to edit a blog post. She did even better, and wrote a post. Sonia has a gorgeous blog called Sonia Styling. She writes about many thing including fashion, home wares and life. Thank you Sonia!

How to Edit a Blog Post

OK gang, let’s get one thing out of the way first up. I am not an editor but I am a total English nerd, so that does give me some kind of (self-appointed) authority on this topic…!

If you’re a blogger, I really believe you should take the time to edit your work to make sure you’re publishing the best possible version of your post. Having said that, we’re human, we’re busy and sometimes we make spelling mistakes. It happens!

Editing doesn’t need to take all day or night, I promise. Here are 5 quick tips to get your work polished to the most sparkling of standards:

  • Use spell check. Obvious but essential. Do this as soon as you’ve finished writing your post and make sure you do it again after you’ve made any amendments. You can never run spell check too many times in my opinion!
  • Hit the preview button. I find reading your post the way that it’s actually going to look on your blog is much easier than trying to read it in the little window you’ve been spending all that time writing it in. Any mistakes will be much more obvious to spot this way too.
  • Give yourself a 5 minute breather. Pop the kettle on, play with the dog, go for a walk – do anything you enjoy that takes you away from the screen. Quite often I’ll think of a better ending or a great title when I’m away from the computer. Once I go back to it, I’ll also quickly discover anything that needs to be changed.
  • Say it loud and proud! On occasion, I’ll read my post out loud. I swear it works! When you’re reading your post out loud, you’ll discover where you need to put a comma (where you’re naturally inclined to take a breath), where you need to break up a paragraph (where a different idea/topic enters the post) and if the post flows well. Try it!
  • Rope in someone else. If you aren’t totally confident editing your own work or you’re writing about something you don’t want to be misconstrued by your readers, grab your significant other, neighbour, friend or anyone you trust to have a read. They’ll be able to give you an honest opinion and point out any mistakes (in a nice way, hopefully!).


Know when to walk away! Once you’ve edited your post using any of the above, don’t overdo it. Walk away. Actually, before you walk away schedule it or hit ‘publish’ and then walk away!

Blogger Basics: How to Edit a Blog Post

Blogger Basics: How to Edit a Blog Post

So there you have it.

Editing takes a bit of work. Remember when you first started blogging? It takes time and practice to develop your voice and your writing – just like your editing skills. Be patient with yourself and try any or all of my little editing secrets to help you along.

If you have any other editing tips and tricks, please share them with us in the comments!

Hi I’m Sonia! Fashion lover. Homewares connoisseur. Wannabe writer / editor / stylist / personal shopper. I have a blog called Sonia Styling and you can find me on TwitterFacebookInstagram and Pinterest. Styling my life, one story at a time.

Clothes Men do not like on Women

I have been interviewing men asking them the big question….

“What clothes men do not like on Women?”

I’m sharing the results at Styling You.

Clothes Men do not like on Women

Clothes Men do not like on Women

Trying Vintage Style without feeling like a try hard

Today I have the charming Trudie from My Vintage Childhood guest posting. I was thrilled when Trudie took up my offer because I don’t know a thing about wearing vintage but I have always loved it. 

One of the comments I get a lot from friends, acquaintances and strangers, when I’m complimented on a vintage item or ensemble I might be wearing, is how they too wish they could wear vintage without looking like a try hard. Usually their second comment is when they suggest that they lack the ability to find vintage items that are suitable when op shopping. So with Rachel asking me to pop in to do a guest post, I thought I’d help those who would like the idea of wearing vintage or would like to give it ago, with a few tips and pointers.

Wearing vintage isn’t an all or nothing way of styling. Millions of people have been wearing vintage well before “vintage” became the popular term to refer to anything from a few seasons ago. When I refer to vintage or retro I’m generally referring to anything that is greater than 20 years old. Although I prefer items from the 1950’s – 1970’s, it doesn’t have to be about dressing in head to toe vintage, you can be selective.  So I hope these tips help a little:

Tip 1
If you’re not sure that “vintage” is something you will embrace fully or it will even work with your current style, start small, start with jewellery.  Scope out your local op shops, antiques centres and nanas jewellery box for old bangles, pendants and brooches. You don’t need to spend a fortune; costume jewellery can be picked up inexpensively from op shop and eBay like these brooches and pins that cost me only a few dollars each. I have interesting pieces in my collection and on further investigation of my favourite pieces (which is on loan at the moment to a friend), I discovered it was a 1950’s piece from a costume jewellery designer in Melbourne.  So you truly can pick up genuine, unique pieces that are decades old by searching around. The great thing about jewellery is as women we all like to check out each other’s accessories and complement each other on interesting pieces. So my hottest tip is to give vintage accessories a go first.

Tip 2
·         It goes without saying that if you’ve tried jewellery and you’re feeling brave why not give; bags, belts, scarves and shoes a go. There are few things I love more in this world of vintage then gorgeous bags (frocks come first). But a bag is a great investment piece to making an outfit pop. This tooled leather 1970’s bag, sure gets the compliments and works with a modern boho or full fledged vintage hippy look. So don’t be scared, give it ago, mix modern ways of styling with vintage pieces and that way you can still look relevant and on trend but a little unique.
Tip 3 
·         So if you’ve given the jewellery and accessories ago and you’re feeling confident that you can mix those pieces you now have with the modern aspects in your wardrobe, the next step is try some clothing. I would always suggest that you try a dress, there is so much variance in dresses in the world of vintage you can try, and dresses are so easy and versatile. From maxi dresses, houses dresses, day dresses, formal; and more from retro prints to high end vintage designer pieces spanning all the eras, you will surely find something that peaks your interests. Spend some time thinking about the colours, length, fit and prints you like. I’m a flower power lover so I rather fancy the bold colourful prints from the 1960 – 1970’s as well as some retro geometrics. So give some consideration to what you already have in your wardrobe to give you a hint towards the prints and colours you might like.

But now you’re probably asking but where do I find all these items, you’re suggesting Trudie. In fact you’re probably saying you’ve tried op shops and they don’t turn up anything but everyone else’s rejects from last season. If you’re new to trying vintage I’d suggest trying vintage boutiques, antique centres and reputable online dealers. In these situations you know that these business owners are well versed in the world of vintage and curetting a selection which you can be assured is genuinely vintage. Yes you will pay more than op shop prices, but it is a great place to start, even just window shopping to develop an eye for indentifying what you like and what is and isn’t genuinely vintage.  Once you’ve developed your eye for vintage you will be able to spot potential vintage greatness in an op shop at a quick glance.

So there you go I hope that gives those wanting to give vintage a go a starting point to what undoubtedly (at least in my opinion) can become an obsession.  Finally for those in the greater South East Queensland area if you find yourself in Brisbane, a great place to immerse yourself in a world of all things vintage and retro from jewellery, accessories, clothing, home wares, memorabilia and so, so, so much more is the Woolloongabba Antique Centre(otherwise known as the WAC to us crazy vintage lovers).

Thank you so much Trudie for sharing with us. You can find Trudie at My Vintage Childhood

Get her Chic….

The lovely Sonia and Melinda from Shop-Me-Chic asked me to participate in their series, Get Her Chic. I love this site and this series, so I was thrilled to be included. Lola the photo bombing dog wanted to share her Doggy chic too.

Please drop by and say hello.

Wow your guests with a cheats dessert

I am excited. I have a guest post at the awesome Veggiemama blog. Please drop by, visit and say hello.

Getting ready after the gym

Today I have a guest post at my lovely friend Kimba’s blog Kimba Likes. Please pop over visit, say hello and have a look around.

My Obsession…

I am very happy to tell you that I have a guest post today on the wonderful Styling You.  Please visit and say hello.

Here is the link:

5 Breastfeeding Fashion Tips

Today Talia from The Climbing Tree and Number 19 is guest posting. I am thrilled that she has chosen to write about her fashion tips for breastfeeding mums. 

Talia’s Top Five Breastfeeding Fashion Tips

Hey lovely readers, I’m Talia (T’lia) from The Climbing Tree & Number 19. I’m no fashion expert, in fact, I’m only just now delving into the world of fashion at 25 years old.  When I was pregnant, fashion was FUN. I’m one of the people who just loves being pregnant and showing off my belly. But once my son was born I suddenly had nothing to wear! I am a determined public breastfeeder, but that doesn’t mean I want the whole world to see my ladies! I was on a quest to find my new breastfeeding friendly style! I’ve had six months practice now, and I think I’ve got things pretty under control. I am happy with how I’m dressing most days, possibly a first in my life! Woo! So here are my top breastfeeding fashion tips.

Singlet tops
I wear a singlet top (or one of those bra tops) under every top I wear now. Because I was pregnant in summer, I basically lived in singlet tops, and have quite a collection! I have nearly ever colour you can imagine, but the best ones for breastfeeding wear are black, light grey and dark grey.

When you are feeing, you can pull your regular top up, and the singlet down – so your mummy tummy is not showing to the world, and neither are the tops of your boobs!

Another great cover up, particularly good if you’re wearing a button up top, and need a bit of extra cover.  When Lior was little I fould it a good sun protector too in cause we weren’t sitting in an ideal place for feeding. Scarves are also great for creating slimming visual lines!

Button up tops
I don’t wear them exclusively (the singlet top idea makes wearing all tops accessible), but they’re still a really handy item to have. My only problem with them is unbuttoning it fast enough when the baby is in a tizz!

A good bra
Sorry of this is TMI, but I find that breastfeeding makes my bra size fluctuate every few days. It’s crazy, and getting a good fitting bra is really important to give you the right support, and keep them save and comfy.

A baby
Seriously. No one cares what you’re wearing when you’ve got a cute baby cuddled into you!

Thank you so much Talia for stopping by and sharing your tips.

Please visit her blogs at  The Climbing Tree & Number 19.