Quick Messy Summer Hair

Quicky messy hair is my go-to hair style. I don’t have the patience or the skill to do anything else. Lucky, a few years ago I taught myself how to do easy beachy waves (you can see the easy video here), else my go-to-do would be a top knot.

Quick Messy Summer Hair

I start with frizzy morning hair. I realise I would get a better result with a blow dry, but I don’t want to damage my hair further with extra heat and this saves time. Before I go to sleep I put some styling product in my hair so it’s ready for styling in the morning, then I give it a spritz of ghd heat protector.


then I grab my ghd platinum copper luxe to give some loose beachy waves – tutorial here.

ghd platinum cooper lux premium


Let the waves cool, then run your fingers through to break them up and look less like ‘sausage curls’


Then because I have very fine hair and not much of it, I will only need one bobby pin. Feel free to grab a few more if you’ve been blessed with a gorgeous mane.

I create a messy 1/2 up do by wrapping my hair around the pony, then loosen it out and give it a good spray with hair spray.

What’s your go-to-do?


My hair: Brown with Balayage Highlights

I’m surprised how many questions I get asked about my hair. To be honest this is the first time in years I’ve been really happy with my hair because this cut and colour works so well with my hair type. My hair is very fine, prone to frizz, snaps off at the mention of peroxide and is naturally a mousy medium brown (doesn’t that sound like the most boring colour on the planet).

I have a lovely, skilful and patient hairdresser (Toni from Beautiful You) and she has gone through all my phases with me (red, blonde, black, short, blonder, longer, shorter again) to end up here. The reason I am so happy with this do is because it’s really low maintenance. It doesn’t matter if I don’t make it to the hairdressers to deal with regrowth and it looks great messy. It’s perfect for a lazy or time poor lady.

PicMonkey Collage

Colouring my Hair: Brown with Balayage Highlights

First, do you know the difference between Ombré and Balayage highlights? I didn’t! What I have discovered is that both are lighter towards the ends but Balayage is from the French word meaning to sweep or to paint. The highlights are achieved by painting the colour on by hand, for a more natural finish.

My girl, Toni, uses a natural, warm brown that is slightly darker than my natural colour for my roots. This is a) to cover any sneaky little greys that might be trying to appear, b) so that it fades enough to blend regrowth and c) to give the colour longevity. Toni uses the amazing Redken Chromatics products which are an ammonia free, oil based colour that strengthens the hair x 2.

Then, she hand brushes powder lightener randomly through some pieces of the ends to create very subtle sunkissed highlights. My hair throws red or golden colours which I don’t like, so every few trips to the salon she tones the ends.

I usually visit the salon every 2 or 3 months for regrowth. We probably look at the highlights every second visit to decide if I need a few more blondes painted on or a few lowlights thrown in to break it up.

Then at home I use Kerastase Resistent Bath and Care to strengthen my hair and keep it it healthy and shiny.

Another turning point was learning how to create beachy waves at home. Here my vlog demonstrating how easy and quick it is.

Brown with Balayage Highlights

 What has been your favourite hair cut and colour on you? 

How to create Beachy waves in 5 minutes

I have been watching my hairdresser create waves in my hair for years. I have tried many, many times to recreate them but always managed to create a half straight, half squarish bumps do.

About a month ago I decide it was time and I really went for it. I managed to burn myself quite a few times but by the third go I got it. Now, I’m not sure why it took me so long.
How to create Beachy waves in 5 minutes

How to create Beachy waves in 5 minutes

When my hair is dry, it only takes about 5 minutes but I do have very fine hair. I use a ghd to create these waves. The new ghd V Sunset Styler is perfect and the colours are gorgeous:). Here is a little video showing how I create my beachy waves. You might notice I’m talking A LOT and it’s muted. I had to mute it because I’m telling filthy jokes the entire time and I wanted this to be suitable for work (not true, but it makes me sound way more interesting)

Wella System Professional Hair Care Giveaway RRP $195!!

I love the System Professional Hair Care range by Wella! I’ve written before about how it’s part of my hair repair program.  No only does it smell delicious, it’s given my hair some much needed life. I’ve started wearing it down again! Thanks to the awesome team at Wella I have three packs valued at $65 each to giveaway.

System Professional Hair Care  Wella System Professional Hair Care

The System Professional hair care packs are available in Color Save, Hydrate or Repair. They include a full size shampoo, conditioner and a mask treatment! The packs have been created with your individual needs and wants at heart.

Hydrate Pack is for hair that requires additional hydration.

Screen Shot 2014-04-30 at 3.58.30 pm

Care Colour Save Pack is perfect for coloured hair between salon visits.

Screen Shot 2014-04-30 at 3.58.01 pm Repair Pack is to give some love to damaged locks

Screen Shot 2014-04-30 at 3.58.39 pm

Wella System Professional Hair Care Giveaway RRP $195!!

Thanks to Wella I have three packs to giveaway. You have to comment, the most interesting comments win and make sure you mention the pack you would prefer as well. Sorry, Australia only.
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How to Repair damaged hair

Over the last few years I’ve been changing my hair colour a lot and it’s affected the health of my hair. At the moment my hair is in a terrible condition, it’s dry, thin and frizzy and it has been snapping off. Ekk! I’m desperate and I’ve made the decision to do whatever I can to help it regain some hair health. Whatever the cost!

How to Repair damaged hair

How to Repair damaged hair

These are the steps I am taking:

  • Stop playing with the colour ie. No more lightening in the foreseeable future
  • always use a wide tooth comb or brush on damp hair. I LOVE my Tangle Teazer for this
  • have regular trims
  • use the correct shampoo and conditioner for damaged hair. My hair is loving System Professional’s Hydrate Collection. It’s hydrating but doesn’t weigh my fine hair down
  • regularly use a intensive mask. I’m sticking with the System Professional’s Hydrate mask. This is helping my hair with the breakage too.
  • Stop pulling at my hair to see if it’s still breaking. Stupid I know, but addictive
  • use a leave-in treatment after every wash. I swear by Redken Anti-Snap. This is a protein treatment and is a must for distressed hair
  • Reduce blowdrying and straightening
  • use hair bands that don’t pull on my hair and change the position of my ponytail regular. You must hunt down these Invisi Bobble. They don’t leave ponytail marks in your hair, I don’t get a ponytail headache and they just slip out and don’t pull at your hair
  • Add some smoothing serum to give it a little shine. I’m been using Redken Glass for years
  • use a silk pillow case

This is going to take a while and I must be patient. I have spent years damaging it, surely I can put a few into making it healthy again.

What’s the current condition of your hair?

How to Repair damaged hair

Tips for staying fresh on Christmas day

Not to take anything away from all the hard work men might do all year. Christmas day is hard work for women. We spend weeks (or days) preparing the menu, organising the well planned shopping, buying and wrapping a billion presents. Then on game day we have to find places to hide all the newly unwrapped toys, cook food, make the house presentable for guests, decorate the table. Serve, clean, smile etc etc. It’s a looong day and we often finish it looking a lot worse than when we started.

Comfort is the key to enjoying Christmas day!

Here are my tips for staying fresh looking

The Outfit

  1. Dress for comfort. I like to wear clothes I can move in, that move with me and can accommodate a meal without feeling like I need to undo a button or zip. I’m a massive fan of Metalicus and it’s my go to brand for comfort dressing.
  2. Wear or add colour to a simple outfit. You automatically look fresher with colour around. I love scarves and necklaces to add the colour, print and texture
  3. Keep a hat and scarf nearby. You never know where the day will go. We often finish off playing cricket, having water fights or swimming. Be prepared
  4. Wear shoes you know you can stand in all day. I prefer not to wear shoes for the first time. If you have new ones, wear them a few times beforehand. Only men can wear uncomfortable shoes since they will have their feet up all day until they have their hero moment at the BBQ
  5. Wear comfortable bra and undies. Nothing can ruin a day like a constant wedgie or uncomfortable bra
  6. Find some fun statement jewellery pieces but avoid anything with flashing lights. You’re not a Christmas tree! At the moment I’m wearing a lot of Ellen S Design necklaces. It’s my aunts store and she creates amazing, one off pieces. I commissioned the centre necklace using an Art deco brooch I bought
Tips for staying fresh on Christmas day

Tips for staying fresh on Christmas day – The outfit

Dresses all Metalicus: Nasturtium & White Solomon Dip dye Tank dress $139.95 | Clouds Seychelles Maxi dress | Mist Oversized Tunic $103 ON SALE | Scarves from Sussan and Target | Shoes from Sutton Street Shoes, Skipping Girl Tote and Necklaces from Ellen S Design Store

The Beauty

  1. Go light on the makeup. If you wear too much, it will melt off and you’ll end with panda eyes and brown/beige marks around your neckline. It’s better to look a little natural than a sweaty, melting mess
  2. Use a BB cream or moisturiser with sunscreen
  3. Use a face primer and an eye primer to keep your complexion smooth and make your little bit of makeup last. I love Benefit Stay don’t Stray for the eyes. My great friend and makeup artist Rebecca Kate got me onto it and it’s amazing! Not only does it keep your makeup in place, it’s also great for hiding bags and evening out your lids
  4. Tie your hair back. It’ll stay out of the way, strands are less likely to fall into the meals and it’s going to keep you cool
  5. Keep your hair simple. Don’t create a complicated hair do, with lots of pulling or bobby pins. You’ll end up with a headache. Plus, the humidity and the heat in the kitchen can make big hair do fall flat
  6. I always greet guests wearing a bright red lipstick. It looks fresh, teeth look white and it balances out the light makeup. I usually switch to lipgloss or balm during the day. I find it more hydrating, it’s not as likely to get smudged across my face plus you can reapply without a mirror
  7. Eyebrows make a huge difference to a natural look. If you can’t do anything else, just fill in your brows. I love my Youngblood eyebrow kit I bought from Beautiful You
  8. Keep a water bottle nearby. I like to drink champagne on the day but mixing it up with water will keep you hydrated and everyone looks better hydrated. Plus, it’s going to make sure Boxing day isn’t unbearable
  9. A light spitz of a day time fragrance. Florabotanical by Balenciaga is still my favourite
  10. Deodorant. It’s time to use the heavy stuff

This is what I’ll be using. When put on display it looks like a lot, but on the face it will be light and should stay in place.

Tips for staying fresh on Christmas day

Tips for staying fresh on Christmas day – The beauty

What do you usually wear on Christmas day? 

PS: My friend Norlin from Baubles, Bubbles & Bags Style file has also written some tips for style & comfort.

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The Hair Dilemma

I am so over my hair. Naturally, I am a mousy brown but I haven’t been natural since high school. I know if I go natural now, there will be a stray grey or two and ‘ain’t nobody got time for that‘.

I am bored looking in the mirror and seeing the same thing looking back at me. The same beige face, the same beige hair, blah. I want a change, I want to surprise myself whenever I catch a glimpse of myself in a mirror or window. It’s a pity I am so lazy with upkeep. So it will need to look after itself a little.

I have just spent the last year growing out a short dark do and I’m way too lazy for red.

Hmmm, the hair dilemma….what to do now?

What do you do when you are bored with your look

The Hair Dilemma

The Hair Dilemma

Three Products you should get now

Here  are three products I have just discovered and think are awesome…

Benefit ‘They’re Real’ Mascara. The ladies at the Benefit counter have me this little sample and it was enough for me to become addicted. Tricky little ladies. This product makes my lashes look fake in a really natural way. (Oops, product upside down)


Hair Chalk Blast. I bought this little pack at the International Spa & Beauty Expo in Sydney because I thought the girls would have fun playing with them. I think I have had way more fun than the girls. Lucky it washes out.

Hair Chalk

Finally, SK-II Facial Treatment Essence. This product is gorgeous worth $39 and is FREE with the Marie Claire magazine this month. This is a must-have product for healthy radiant skin. I may have bought a few copies of the magazine.

SK-II Facial Treatment Essence

What are your latest discoveries?

6 tips for hiding regrowth

I’m in desperate need of an appointment with my special girl to get my hair colour redone. You might be shock to know this, but I’m not a natural blonde and my regrowth is out of control. I’m booked in on Thursday to have it tended to, but in the mean time I still have to go out in public.

Lucky I have a few tips to help minimise the obvious roots:

  1. I give it a generous spray of dry shampoo. This helps hide the obvious roots a little tiny bit. You can even buy dry shampoos with a little colour in them.
  2. Avoid a perfect straight part. This will only emphasise the re-growth. Go for a messy part instead.
  3. Flat hair shows off roots more, give yourself a big, bouncy blowout.
  4. Messy up-dos are a lot better than slick ones
  5. Braids look great and the regrowth gives them more definition
  6. Hair accessories, scarves and hats are your friend.

The day I almost found a grey hair!!

I am pretty lucky. I’ll be 40 years old in February and I am quite proud of the fact I don’t have any grey hairs or any fillings in my teeth. In fact, I might even be a little cocky about it.

Then my dear hairdresser pointed out that I did in fact have some. I doubted her and when I got home I went immediately to the mirror and started digging around. At first I thought it was a reflection of light on my shiny, shiny hair. Then I looked harder and I realised something was there. On closer inspection I came to the conclusion that it’s probably a rare albino hair, I noticed a few other rare albino hairs too.

I am glad I got to the bottom of it, because when I thought it was grey. It really knocked my confidence and made me doubt myself. I don’t know why but it did.

I still don’t have any fillings. I will stay quietly cocky about this too.

Have you had any grey hairs yet? How did you feel?

Hair Trends for Spring 2012

It’s that time again. The weather is going to start warming up and we are going to shed our winter layers and want to do something (anything) to freshen up our look.

Some huge hair trends for Spring 2012 are:
1. Short, short, short. I have already jumped on this bandwagon and feel free to join me. It’s great getting the heavy hair off your neck and it’s so easy and quick to style.
Think Anne Hathaway, Evan Rachel Wood, Ginnifer Goodwin, Miley Cyrus

Image source

2. Colour. Bright playful colours are still huge.  Any colour and don’t think it’s just for rocks stars. This is a good friend of mine and she is rockin’ a rainbow of gorgeous colours.
Think P!nkKelly Osbourne

3. What I like to call the undone do. The dramatic Balayage is going and being replaced with a more natural look. I am relieved, I am over it. The new version doesn’t look like regrowth, it looks like summer visited and the kissed the ends of your hair. Then you have to make it look like it dried naturally into a perfect rolled-out-of-bed do.
Think Alexa Chung, Rachel Bilson
4. The fringe. This is a quick way to have a dramatic change. It’s also awesome when you can’t afford botox. It’ll hide forehead wrinkles.
Think Jessica Biel, Zooey Deschanel
5. Short bobs. This still remains one of the most popular hair styles. This time it’s shorter with movement.
Think Carmeron Diaz

AND Looks to Avoid
Kim Kardashian Playboy hair extensions and waves.
Extreme balayage
over the top wigs like Nicki Minaj

5 Tips to make sure you are happy with your hair when you leave the salon

Every girl must have a great hairdresser that you can trust and that listens to you. A hairdresser that is honest with you about what you can achieve with the hair you have been cursed blessed with.
I luckier now with my current hairdresser but over the years I have had some hair shockers. I still have nightmares about my undercut, the wedge and the Mrs Brady layered do. I think the majority of my hair shockers were caused by a combination of:
  • My stupid inspiration choices
  • Hairdressers lack of skill
  • Our bad communication
  • Hairdresser cockiness. I am so great, me, me, me, snip snip snip and “oh…a masterpiece”
  • My unrealistic expectations

Here are five tips to ensure you are happier when you leave the salon:

  1. Bring in photos of your inspiration and try to include a back of head photos (this is always a little harder but very helpful). If you can’t find a photo, then take a photo of someone you see when you are out and about. I find that people are usually happy for you to take a snap and are flattered you like their hair so much.
  2. Be honest with yourself about how much time and money you are going to put into maintaining your cut and colour. Blonde can look amazing but are you really going to do your re-growth every 4 weeks? I am poor and lazy, therefore I need a low maintenance do.
  3. Ask your hairdresser if this would work with your hair and lifestyle.
  4. Keep in mind how much time you have in the morning to achieve your new do.
  5. Make you you have the right products for your hair. If you have the right products you will be able to maintain the cut and colour for longer between cuts.

I have always felt I was boring and stuck in a rut with my hair. Then I looked over the last year. I wonder what I should do next?

What is the worst hair do you have had?

It’s no secret that I love my hairdresser. I have been seeing her for a few years, before I started blogging and before they were sponsors and advertisers on Redcliffe Style. My high opinion of them hasn’t been bought but has been careful nurtured.

4 Duffield Road, Margate
07 3284 6463

Light v. Dark

On the spur of the moment I dropped into Beautiful You at Margate.  I have enjoyed my blonde hair and I never thought I would be able to go this light. Did I have more fun? No, because I always have fun. It was time to embrace my dark side again. Boy, I have missed my shiny dark hair.

v. Dark

I am thrilled to be able to break out all my red lippies again. I wonder if my husband will notice?


I have been bored with my look and so sick of looking at my face and hair in the mirror. So, when Beautiful You asked if I would be interested in participating in a Redken hair show I jumped at the chance.

Toni and I discussed hair cuts, suggestions were passed back and forth and then we both agreed on the same cut. Hair colour we had no idea. I decided to let her do whatever she liked. She asked if she could put a surprise colour in with the foils I said yes and I didn’t even want to know what it was. That is how we roll!

Once my hair was washed, I discovered that I had pinky-red highlights, mixed into the blondy foils.  I love it.

Here is my photo journal of the makeover.

 Foiled..still unaware of the mystery colour
 On the night