9 Tips for Tween Teen Skincare

I have two gorgeous daughters ages 11 and 13 and I think this is the perfect age to start educating them on skincare and getting them into a simple routine.

It’s easy for a mum to give advice, but sometimes it adds a bit more weight if a specialist backs you up.  Tips for Tween Teen Skincare

I booked them both into see a skin specialist at the Brisbane Anti Wrinkle Studio for a consolation, to discuss a simple routine and also to kickstarted their new skincare regime with a gorgeous, gentle microdermabrasion treatment.

The girls walked out of that room feeling amazing, educated and inspired. Since the appointment, they have both been excellent with their new skincare routines.

Now they just need to keep it up for the next 70 years.

Tips for Tween Teen Skincare

Here are 9 tips for tween teen skincare.

    1. Use a gentle cleanser twice a day. It’s important that it’s gentle and they aren’t over cleansing. Over cleansing can increase oil production and breakouts. We are are using Skinstitut Gentle Cleanser. This is the same one I use and comes it a huge 200ml tube, so it’s great for the entire family. If they play sport or exercise a lot, they might want to throw in an extra cleanse, or use a gentle cleansing wipe.
    2. A very light moisturiser. This will hydrate and protect the skin.
    3. Don’t squeeze pimples. If there are breakouts, use a spot treatment instead. We love Mario Badescu Drying Lotion. Squeezing can cause infections and scarring. If they really can’t resist then see a professional for the extractions.
    4. Sunscreen. Every single day. We are using this 50+ sunscreen because, once again, it’s the same one I use and it doesn’t feel sticky or sunscreeny.
    5. Water, water, water. Tweens need about 7 glasses per day and teens 8 – 10 glasses.
    6. Keep hands away from your face. You want to protect your skin from dirt and germs and your hands are covered in them. Often you don’t even realise you touch your face and hair so much.
    7. Check the diet. The wrong foods can have an affect on the skin and be causing breakouts.
    8. Changing pillowcases regularly. Your pillowcase can hold a build-up of dirt and oil from your skin and hair, then transfer it back to your skin. This can clog pores and cause breakouts.
    9. Don’t share makeup or brushes. They will no doubt be playing and experimenting with makeup, so they shouldn’t share their makeup and brushes with friends, and they need to wash their brushes regularly.

9 Tips for Tween Teen Skincare 17861959_10154340918235951_6310702016308264301_n 17903455_10154340918165951_8436138740155801271_n 17951686_10154340918185951_1363407756015918057_n 17953014_10154340918125951_1193469685870041329_n

Beauty: Laser Vein Removal Treatment

I’m thoroughly enjoying educating myself and discovering new beauty treatments. This week at the Brisbane Anti Wrinkle clinic I discovered laser vein removal treatment. For a few years I’ve had a couple of small veins or broken capillaries on the side of my nose that got worse after the removal of a basel cell carcinoma.

These small veins can be caused by quite a few things including, trauma, age, genetics, hormones, environment and medical conditions.

I could easily cover them with makeup but throughout the course of the day, they would reappear, giving me a just a slight redness on my nose – like I had cold. The veins were only small and didn’t concern me too much but I also didn’t know it has become so easy and quick to remove them.

Laser Vein Removal Treatment

They used Cutera’s Coolguide which, as the name suggests, cooly slides over your skin before delivering a sharp, warm prick pulse of light energy. It’s completely bearable and the results are instant! 5 minutes later I walked out of there will no little red veins.

How did I not know about this!

I don’t have a great before and after photos, because I didn’t take a before – I didn’t realise the results would be instantaneous! Here is a earlier photo, fully made up, at the beginning of the day but showing the slight redness popping through.

Have you noticed any small veins or broken capillaries? Do they bother you?

Laser Vein Removal Treatment


Exercise Style: Exercise belt giveaway!!

I’m pretty excited about this giveaway. I like to run and like all runners, I need to carry a few important items while I’m out. I’ve spent years running with a bra full of keys, gate clickers, cash and phones. This is not ideal! iPhones and gate clickers hate being shoved into a sweaty sports bras plus my boobs thinks it sucks too.

Exercise Style: Exercise belt giveaway!!

I’ve bought quite a few running or exercise belts over the years but my biggest problem is that they are uncomfortable or jump around with each leap. This exercise belt from Hips Sisters is awesome!! Not only is it cute but it stays where it should. It has two zip pockets with enough room for your iPhone, keys and cash, and doesn’t move around. Nothing shits me as much as an exercise belt moving up n’ down and wiggling about.

Hips Sisters is offering a Hips Sister Left Coast belt to one Redcliffe Style reader. These great belts are valued at $49.95. Add this to your #exercisestyle wardrobe! Visit their website to pick out your favourite colour, come back and tell me your favourite colour to enter.

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Entries open on March 3 2015 6am and close on March 10 2015 at 9pm. Sorry, Australian entries only, sorry. The winner will be judged on originality and creativity. The most inventive answer will win and the winner will be emailed and must claim their prize within 48 hours.
Exercise belt giveaway!!
Exercise Style: Exercise belt giveaway!!
PS: My Hips Sister belt was gifted and I’m pretty happy about it. I love it, I want to share it and I want to give you the opportunity to win it xx

Exercise Style: Black and White mixed prints

I seem to spend the first half of every day in lycra, bare faced and with frizzy hair.

Exercise Style: Black and White Mixed Prints

The Fitbit brings out my obsessiveness. Yesterday I barely cracked 10,000 steps and I hated it. Today I’ve set myself a goal of 20,000, but I will be happier with 25,000. So, I’m off on a run.

Do you have a Fitbit? Does it effect you this way?

My exercise style today is all super old pieces from Lorna Jane. I love these tights because they are high waisted PLUS they have the black strip down the side which is very slimming. I really need to replace my beloved ASICS Noosa Tris because they are really missing the bounce but I love the colours so much I’m wearing them much longer than I should.

Of course I have a shirt tied around my waist for the school drop off. This stops any hint of camel toes or my butt being forced upon the innocent public.

Exercise Style: Black and White mixed prints

Exercise Style: High Waisted Tights

High waisted tights are one of the most important workout items for me to hunt down. This shouldn’t be as hard as it is.

Exercise Style: High Waisted Tights

Exercise Style: High Waisted Tights

They can’t just be high, they have to have a good waist band. I need these tights to grab n’ smooth any muffin top existence and then they need to stay there for the entire workout. If they start slipping or rolling down, then I loose concentration and then it’s all over.

I discovered my current favourites at Elsa Shop. They sit high, they stay there and they are super cute.

Exercise Style: High Waisted Tights

High Waisted Tights for you

If you’re looking, I’ve been hunting down some great high waisted tights. I have also heard that Kmart has some great ones but I couldn’t find an image or link online.

Clockwise top left: Shop Elsa Carnival 7/8 tights $82 | Lululemon Stash it Crop $109 | Shop Elsa Afterglow 3/4 tights $79 (Exact Match) | Target T30 3/4 Compression Leggings $30 BARGAIN | Lorna Jane Core Stability 3/4 Tights $92.99 

Exercise Style: High Waisted Tights 1

Here are a few other tips for looking for workout wear.

Exercise Style: Lycra Kinda Sucks…

…it all in.

As you know, I’ve been trying to exercise I lot more this year. I’ve been spamming you on Instagram with my #ExerciseStyle photos. This was not a lot of fun for me to start with because Lycra isn’t fun for me.

Gym wear shows off every lump, bump, jiggle and roll. These are all the things I have been hiding and camouflaging for decades.

Exercise Style: Lycra Kinda Sucks…

So my mission has been to find outfits that appeal to me. They have to be the most flattering of the unflattering selection. My tips:

  1. Look for high waisted with a thick waist band. These can smooth over muffin tops and allow your ‘lady bits’ to remain as private as they can be in tights. If you are wearing ill fitting tights you might have these problems
  2. Thick, well made tights are best. Not only do they suck it all in better but if tights are thin, they can become quite see through when stretched or if you are bending over
  3. Matt clothing is more forgiving than anything with a sheen
  4. Show off what you do like. If you are showing off some cleavage, then the bumps around the waist will get less attention. Or, if you have great calves, go for knee length tights
  5. Layering. I do it all the time with everything. This might be too hot for some people, but it doesn’t seem to affect me

Now for the run into the shops or school. I will always cover up. No body wants to see my jiggly arse while they are innocently going about their business. I have found some great cheap skirts at places like Supre, that are perfect for slipping over the tights. Or just tie a shirt around the waist.

What are you favourite Exercise Style tips? 

Exercise Style: Knee length tights Exercise Style: A little cleavage Exercise Style: A short skirt Exercise Style: Shirt around waist

Exercise Style: 6 tips to Finding Exercise Motivation

Finding exercise motivation is something I really struggled with last year. I got into a funk, which turned into a merry-go-round of unhealthy choices, which lead to feeling shitty about how look and felt. I was disappointed in myself because I knew what I should be doing and I knew I could do it. But sometimes it’s really hard to get over yourself and get started.

6 Tips to Finding Exercise Motivation

My turning point was late last year, when I ran into an old friend, who happened to be a Personal Trainer at my local gym (Genesis Rothwell), she knew the old me … the motivated, competitive me … the confident, strong me. She agreed to help me finding exercise motivation.

I started having personal training once a week and continued Tae Kwon Do training twice a week. Nat (Personal Trainer) continually asked me, texted me, bugged me etc. about my diet, if had I stopped drinking wine and if I had started running again. Nope, nope, NOPE.

I was scared to start running again. Over a year ago I was managing half marathon distances, and I didn’t want to know how bad I had become. Over the Christmas holidays I decided to break out the running shoes and give it a whirl. I was aiming for a pissy 2km but would be happy with 3km. I did 5km! I felt amazing afterwards. I immediately remembered why I love running. As hard at it is in the moment, the feeling afterwards is euphoric.

I haven’t stopped. I’ve been running between 10km – 12km 5 times a week. My physical appearance hasn’t really changed, but I feel better … stronger …. capable. I feel the old me slowly seeping back in.

When I am struggling to motivate myself, a few tricks I use:

  1. Strap on my Fitbit Flex. Seriously, the best arm party addition ever. Watching your steps increase each day is motivation to move more
  2. Put on my exercise clothes first thing in the morning and I’m not allowed to take them off until I have done some sort of exercise. I’ve even started my own #exercisestyle hashtag on Instagram. Feel free to join in
  3. Shiny new exercise wear or shoes are extremely motivating. Even a new pair of socks are exciting enough to get me to put on my running shoes
  4. Plan a reward. When I started running, I promised myself that if I kept to my routine, I’d get new runners at the end of January. Well, I’m nearly there and I totally deserve them
  5. Commit to a friend. If you make plans with someone, you are less likely to let them down. If you can’t do it in person, then do it online or use your Fitbit to find a friend. Shit, I’ll be your friend!
  6. Have an excellent Playlist. Music makes me want to move. Or try a Podcast, in fact you must listen to Serial. This will keep you moving just so you can listen for longer.

PS: Today my friend Sonia from Sonia Styling has shared her HIIT workout you can do from home. This looks awesome. Check it out here.

6 tips to Finding Exercise Motivation Exercise Style: 6 tips to Finding Exercise Motivation Exercise Style: 6 tips to Finding Exercise Motivation


Fitness Update and my running playlist

I have been really sort of great over the Christmas break. Sure, I’ve been eating and drinking too much but I have been running everyday (except for Christmas Day). It’s been a looong time and knew it would be hard to get back into it. I was given a delicate shove by my Personal Trainer, Nat. She knew I used to run and she knew I could do it again and she would send me messages all the time to see if I had gotten off my arse yet.

Fitness Update

So, I updated my running playlist, strapped on my Fitbit (because steps don’t count if a Fitbit doesn’t record them) and started off with a couple of gentle 5km runs and now I’ve managed to hit 10km. Sure they are pretty slow, but I’m doing it.

Shit it feels awesome to move again!

Fitness Update and my running playlist

My current running playlist

Shot me down – David Guetta
Can’t Believe it – Flo Rida
Take me to the Church – Hozier
Just like a Pill – P!nk (I like to sprint in the chorus of this one. It’s awesome)
Uptown Funk – Bruno Mars
Air balloon – Lily Allen
The Time (Dirty bit) – The Black Eyed Peas
The Case of my Ex – May
I’m an Albatroz – AronChupa
The Wire – Haim
If I were a Boy – Beyonce (cooling down)

What are your favourite running or exercising tracks at the moment?


Healthy Style: Fitbit Flex Arm Party & Review

My recent arm party has included a Fitbit Flex and this accessory isn’t going anywhere. My husband was given a Fitbit as a gift a while ago and didn’t do anything with it. A few days ago, I ‘borrowed’ it, set it up and then fell deeply in love. I’m completely obsessed. He is not getting this back but I’m sure Santa can help solve this problem.

Healthy Style: Fitbit Flex Arm Party

Fitbit Flex Arm Party

I’m so obsessed with the Fitbit Flex that I don’t want to take one step unless I am wearing it. I don’t want that step to go to waste or go unrewarded.

The Fitbit flex together with my awesome personal trainer are my motivation team. I was in a bit of a funk but getting moving again is really helping. And the more you move, the more you want to move. I feel the cloud lifting from around my head, I feel the sun warming up my bones.

What is a Fitbit Flex?

It’s a small wrist band that records your steps, sleep etc and syncs it to your computer. You can download the app to your phone, log information and sync to that too.

  • Tracks steps, distance, calories burned and active minutes
  • Monitor how long and well you sleep
  • Wakes you with a silent wake alarm
  • LED lights show how your daily goal is going
  • Able to keep food and drink logs
  • Water resistant

They are usually $129 but I found some for $99.

Not Sponsored.



Today is the first day of my new running routine. I haven’t done any running for a while but about a year (or two) ago I was running between 10-15 km a few times a week. I hope my body remembers something. Even how to put one doughy leg in front of the other.

To motivate myself, I’m using my foolproof techniques:

  • Bright colours
  • Great shoes
  • Comfortable clothes
  • an excited dog. When I tell Lola we are going for a run, there is NO WAY she will leave me alone until I follow through
  • Goal setting. Today, I’ll be happy with 3 kms. Not a huge goal, but a long way from sitting on my arse in front of my computer

Yeah, my hair is sticking up….I’m going to pretend it was on purpose!


Update: I managed 5 km in under 30 minutes. Yay! 



Tae Kwon Do Update

I’ve been doing Tae Kwon Do for about 7 months now and I thought I was really loving it.

The class last night pushed me into places I would prefer not to go emotionally or physically. Let’s just say, my personal space barriers where completely smashed. I was wrestling 16yo boys and I spent way too much time with my nose shoved into their armpits. I’m gonna tell you…it wasn’t the lack of oxygen that was making me pass out. Plus, I am so bruised I can barely move this morning. Maybe I really am too old for this? What is the age cut off point for choosing to get beaten up at least twice a week?

Recently, I’ve began to doubt my devotion. I have been thrashed in tournaments, battered in training and almost publicly wet myself with nerves in gradings. I have stepped well out of my comfort zone and have medals, belts and bruises to show for it.

Tae Kwon Do

I keep going because I need to proved to myself that…


I keep going because I need to prove to my girls that…


I have another tournament in 9 days. I am terrified! I am scared of standing in front of a crowd, I am scared of fighting, I am scared that my body will be aching for days or weeks afterwards.

When was the last time you did something that terrified you?

Day Spa Experience Giveaway RRP$380!!

I’m so excited about this giveaway and will be super jealous of the lucky winner.

I spend a lot of time at the Beautiful You Hair and Day Spa. It’s my go-to place when my skin, hair or body need some serious TLC. This place is almost like my second home. While I was there yesterday (getting the best hair treatment ever), the owner asked if I would like to run the most indulgent giveaway ever. How could I say no! Knowing that one wonderful reader will get to spend hours being treated like a VIP and then will leave looking and feeling amazing.

Day Spa Experience RRP$380!!

This gorgeous Day Spa Experience includes so many delicious services!!
*Far Infared sauna session
*Hydrotherapy Blue lagoon Spa
*Full body Salt scrub
*Micronized Marine Body Wrap
*Specialised Thalgo Facial
and finished off with….
*Issada Makeover

Day Spa Experience Giveaway RRP$380!!

The only catch is, you will need to be able to get to the Day Spa in Redcliffe (Brisbane Northside) and complete the spa treatment before 30th June between Mon – Fri!!

If you would like to know more about Beautiful You and their amazing services and products, check out their website or phone them on 3284 6463.

Day Spa Experience Giveaway RRP$380!!

This Competition has now closed and the winner has been notified by email!!

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Daily Style: Taekwondo uniform

Today I’m heading out to participate in my first Taekwondo tournament. I don’t know who I am anymore!! I’m so nervous, I’m going to the toilet every 5 minutes. I’m used to sparring little kids, not big ones!

I wish I’d watched ‘Karate Kid’ a few more times.

Daily Style: Taekwondo uniform

What are you doing today?

Edit: After a LONG day, I ended up with 2 medals! First in Patterns and second in Sparring. I am covered in bruises and a little shell shocked. These people are fierce. I hope I’m brave enough to participate again. 

Daily Style: Taekwondo uniform



The biggest kid in the class

I wanted my girls to start Taekwondo. There was a Dojang half a block from my home and even closer to aunt’s home. I imagined Summer evenings, dropping my girls off, skipping over the fence and enjoying a glass of something crisp and chilled for the hour before I needed to collect them again.

But that plan came to a halt when my girls insist they would only join if I did too. So, I did what any loving mother would do….I grudgingly joined the kids class. I can’t tell you how red faced I was on the first day. Lining up in a class, at least 2 feet taller than the next kid and not knowing how to throw a punch…or even stand in the line!

The biggest kid in the class

The upside to being the biggest kid in the class

  • You can beat everyone else in a spar. When it’s time to spa against one another, you can see the other children panicking, grabbing the closest kid just in case they end up fighting the big one.
  • The little black belts are too nervous to take on an old lady
  • It’s super easy to make a triple point kick to the head when they are waist height
  • Your head to too high for anyone else to reach
  • Your kids think you are the coolest mum in the world

The downside

  • You feel massive
  • and old
  • and wrinkly

After spending a month hunching down and throwing kicks while on my knees, I decided to stand tall and be proud of myself. I could have been one of the giggling mothers dropping their kids off, skipping away for some grown up time, but instead I’m exercising with my girls, earning belts and having the best time. Some other Big Kids are in the class now. We managed to find time to train together and throw in a few of those crisp, chilled drinks I was hoping for.

Sometimes you really need to throw yourself out of your comfort zone.

Would you join a kids class?

The biggest kid in the class

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