My Bedroom Style

There is not much that I love as much as fresh, clean sheets on my bed. If I wasn’t so lazy, I’d probably change them every second day instead of once a week.

My Bedroom Style – It’s all about Comfort

My taste is clean and comfortable, with a touch of boho and always with soft, white sheets. I only own white sheets and this includes the girl’s rooms too. I would love to have a collection of gorgeously printed, sheets to mix and match, but in the end I always go for white. They look so fresh and, with the right products, are easy to keep bright white. No need to worrying about fading.

Bamboo Village

Plus, I don’t like to over accessorise. I need cushions I can throw myself onto, nothing precious, delicate, or uncomfortable and definitely nothing that needs to be removed before you can lay on the bed. Just good tough cushions.

Most importantly, good quality, white sheets. You spend so much time in bed, you want to make it the very best experience you can afford.

At the moment I am obsessed with Bamboo Sheets and currently have a set of Mulberry Threads Co Organic Bamboo sheets (you can buy from Bamboo Village here). This might sound like an expensive mouthful, but they’re not and they are completely worth it. Bamboo are the perfect Summer sheet. Did you know that bamboo is thermal regulating and keeps you cooler in Summer (and warmer in Winter)?

Finish off the look, with a well placed Cavoodle.

Mulberry Threads Co Organic Bamboo sheets

A little bit more about Bamboo

I’ve been a fan of bamboo for years. It started off with a meeting with the lovely ladies from Bamboo Body and still going strong with the great team from Bamboo Village. Bamboo is a is a wonderful fabric for so many reasons:

1. Bamboo Eco-friendly. It’s a natural, highly sustainable resource that requires no chemicals and very little water to grow, plus it absorbs more carbon dioxide from the air than either cotton or timber and releases more oxygen into the environment which improves air quality.

2. It’s Hypoallergenic, naturally repelling dust mites. mould and mildew

3. It has natural antibacterial properties and is 30% less susceptible to odours than cotton

4. It’s highly absorbent, wicking away 60% more moisture from your body than cotton

5. Bamboo is 100% natural and biodegradable

You can read a little more about it here.

This is not a sponsored post, but I was gifted with the product from Bamboo Village. This is a product I love and will purchase over and over for myself and my family.

Date night at Mon Komo Redcliffe

On Saturday night my husband and I watched a show and had dinner at Mon Komo Redcliffe. I have been to Mon Komo a few times but never to a show. This one was a tribute to Johnny Cash, Elvis and Marilyn Munroe. We didn’t quite know what to expect but give me some bubbly and fill my tummy and I will always have a great time.

Date night at Mon Komo Redcliffe

The place was filled and the audience was eclectic. I spotted a 21st party, a pack of grey nomads, couples on date night and a local Style Blogger (me). The show was great. The entertainers could sing, they were charismatic on stage and they were funny. I love entertainers that don’t take themselves too seriously. Everyone was clapping and singing along. I’m just glad the music was loud enough that no one could hear my screeching. Even better, the food was excellent too. IMG_5577 Date night at Mon Komo Redcliffe

But what did I wear?

I had my hair done earlier at Beautiful You in Margate. So half the job was done. I wore this amazing skirt given to me by the lovely Kimba Likes. So it didn’t look too prissy, I wore a long tee from Frankie & Co $39 and finished it off with a pair of Sandals from Windsor Smith DFO Jindalee – these were only $15!! Date night at Mon Komo Redcliffe

How to give the Illusion of Cool

A friend recently asked how how I managed to look cool in my photos. I thought that was a pretty cool thing for her to say, considering I’m a bit more like Goofy than Kate Moss in real life. It got me thinking … what gives the illusion of cool?

How to give the Illusion of Cool

I decided to study some cool (and some not so cool) people and have come up foolproof tips for giving the illusion of cool in photos.

  1. Try not to smile. Think Kayne West. If you are going to smile, tone it down to a smirk but
  2. If you are going to laugh, laughing with someone equally cool is okay
  3. Mess your hair up a bit. Helmet hair looks like you have tried way too hard
  4. Sunglasses. Eyes show weakness or self doubt so they must be covered
  5. Stand strong and own your ground. Toes pointed in, knees together and hair whirling are cute but not cool … not cool at all
  6. Just think ‘What would Kate (Moss) do? And do that.
  7. Just think ‘What would Taylor (Swift) do? And don’t do that
  8. Have a shot of Vodka beforehand. If you don’t like Vodka or are under 18, just water in a shot glass has the same effect
  9. Instead of ‘making love to the camera’, treat the camera like someone you could bitch-slap at any moment

It’s too easy!

‘Sorry … busy … being cool’

How to give the Illusion of Cool

‘I can’t hear you’

How to give the Illusion of Cool 1

‘Are you talking to me?!’

the Illusion of Cool

PS: I do like Taylor Swift

Exercise Style: 6 tips to Finding Exercise Motivation

Finding exercise motivation is something I really struggled with last year. I got into a funk, which turned into a merry-go-round of unhealthy choices, which lead to feeling shitty about how look and felt. I was disappointed in myself because I knew what I should be doing and I knew I could do it. But sometimes it’s really hard to get over yourself and get started.

6 Tips to Finding Exercise Motivation

My turning point was late last year, when I ran into an old friend, who happened to be a Personal Trainer at my local gym (Genesis Rothwell), she knew the old me … the motivated, competitive me … the confident, strong me. She agreed to help me finding exercise motivation.

I started having personal training once a week and continued Tae Kwon Do training twice a week. Nat (Personal Trainer) continually asked me, texted me, bugged me etc. about my diet, if had I stopped drinking wine and if I had started running again. Nope, nope, NOPE.

I was scared to start running again. Over a year ago I was managing half marathon distances, and I didn’t want to know how bad I had become. Over the Christmas holidays I decided to break out the running shoes and give it a whirl. I was aiming for a pissy 2km but would be happy with 3km. I did 5km! I felt amazing afterwards. I immediately remembered why I love running. As hard at it is in the moment, the feeling afterwards is euphoric.

I haven’t stopped. I’ve been running between 10km – 12km 5 times a week. My physical appearance hasn’t really changed, but I feel better … stronger …. capable. I feel the old me slowly seeping back in.

When I am struggling to motivate myself, a few tricks I use:

  1. Strap on my Fitbit Flex. Seriously, the best arm party addition ever. Watching your steps increase each day is motivation to move more
  2. Put on my exercise clothes first thing in the morning and I’m not allowed to take them off until I have done some sort of exercise. I’ve even started my own #exercisestyle hashtag on Instagram. Feel free to join in
  3. Shiny new exercise wear or shoes are extremely motivating. Even a new pair of socks are exciting enough to get me to put on my running shoes
  4. Plan a reward. When I started running, I promised myself that if I kept to my routine, I’d get new runners at the end of January. Well, I’m nearly there and I totally deserve them
  5. Commit to a friend. If you make plans with someone, you are less likely to let them down. If you can’t do it in person, then do it online or use your Fitbit to find a friend. Shit, I’ll be your friend!
  6. Have an excellent Playlist. Music makes me want to move. Or try a Podcast, in fact you must listen to Serial. This will keep you moving just so you can listen for longer.

PS: Today my friend Sonia from Sonia Styling has shared her HIIT workout you can do from home. This looks awesome. Check it out here.

6 tips to Finding Exercise Motivation Exercise Style: 6 tips to Finding Exercise Motivation Exercise Style: 6 tips to Finding Exercise Motivation


Love the Whitsundays

Heads up….you are going to hate me!!

I recently had the most amazing experience at the Whitsundays thanks to Tourism and Events Queensland. This was connected to the Problogger Event Conference I attended on the Gold Coast last month. I was selected together with 3 other super, cool bloggers. I didn’t know these bloggers at all in the beginning but now we are amazing friends and had the most wonderful getaway.

It all started with a flight to Hamilton Island and it finished with memories that will last a lifetime.

Love the Whitsundays!

Love the Whitsundays

The Highlights

Lunch and Wild Oats Cabernet Merlot at Manta Ray, Hamilton Island.  Sitting on the sunny deck, looking over the Marina, eating great food, sipping delicious wine, laughing with new friends. It was a taste of things to come.
Love the Whitsundays - Wild Oats at Hamilton Island
The A-MAZ-ING luxurious Catamaran from Sunsail. We each had our own room and ensuite but spent most of the time hanging around on the front trampoline, mesmerised by nature. The smell, the feel, the heartbreakingly beautiful scenery.

Love the Whitsundays - Sunsail Catamaran

Sunsail Catamaran – Photo credit Valyn

Kroten Shoes from Sutton Street Shoes

Leslie our skipper. He was awesome and he had a story about everything. Seriously, whatever subject we brought up, no matter how random, he had a story about it. Plus, he cooks a mean breakfast BBQ and joined in every singing along…and there were a lot of sing alongs.
Love the Whitsundays - Skippy Leslie

Sunrise in Naras Inlet. The water was like glass, there was fog in the air, we were having a coffee on the back deck with our music quietly playing in the background. Before long we were all on the back deck belting out Bonfire Heart to the scared fish. Whenever I hear this song, I’m teleported back to this perfect moment.

Love the Whitsundays - Naras Inlet

Snorkelling around Dumbell Reef. I love sailing but I’m a little scared of the ocean. I’ve had a few scary shark moments and now I’m really paranoid. I did jump in the water (thanks to Leslie’s encouragement and a little trip in the dingy so I didn’t have to swim too far), I did have a mini panic attack, but I pulled it together quickly and discover the magical underwater world surrounding Dumbell Island


Valyn – “Like a fish” ;)

Love the Whitsundays - Snorkelling

Photo credit – Valyn

The Fruit! The View! At Abell Point Marina! My body was craving fruit after all the rich PBEvent food. The fruit platter from Barcelona at Abell Point Marina was almost too pretty to eat. Almost. The fruit was so fresh and sweet we devoured it in minutes.

Barcelona Abell Point Fruit Platter Abell Point Marina, The Whitsundays

Whitehaven Beach. This is everything you can imagine. The sand is unbelievably white and soft and water so clear and blue. To stand at Hill Inlet lookout and look down at the swirling sands is a humbling moment. To see such beauty and perfection makes you want to cry and then crazy laugh and then do both at the same time.

Love the Whitsundays

Photo credit – Valyn

Whitehaven beach Whitsundays

Fish D’Vine Airlie Beach. You know I don’t eat seafood right?! I decided to jump headfirst into this fishy pond and try every piece of seafood they offered. And they offered buck loads. It was all amazingly fresh, clean foods. I ate fish, calamari, bugs and prawns but the one thing I completely loved and kept going back for more….Sashimi!! Oh my freakin’ goodness.

Fish D'Vine Airlie Beach - Seafood lovers heaven

Still on the Fish D’Vine bandwagon. They have a Rum Bar and it’s gobsmackingly well stocked. I couldn’t help but order a Mojito or two. THE BEST MOJITOS EVER!!! It is worth travelling to Airlie Beach just for this. It’s only 9am while I’m typing this and if they offered me one right now…I’d drink it and ask for another.

Fish D'Vine Airlie Beach - The Rum Bar

My travel buddies. We were complete strangers and now I adore these girls. I couldn’t have asked for better travel buddies. The bubbly, joyous Carla and Emma from The Merrymaker Sisters. They are like sunshine. Valyn from It’s all about Valyn, she is the sweetest, kindest and cutest girl ever!

The bloggers plus Leslie - Photo credit Valyn

Chelsea from Whitsunday Marketing & Development! Chelsea organised everything and planned the most wonderful getaway. She was our hostess but did so much more. Besides cooking, pouring drinks and not letting me help clean up, she joined in the sing alongs and didn’t cringed too much when I attempted the high notes.

Love the Whitsudays - Snorkelling Dumbell Island

Photo Credit – Chelsea

Now to top it off. Here is a little video I made:

I did not receive payment but the trip was fully paid for. All opinions are honest.
PS: Visit the Whitsundays 

Tips for Organised Suitcase packing

I have quite a few bags I need to pack and I need to be super organised. I love packing but I like to do all the work now, so I can focus on the fun stuff later. All the hard work is done!

Tips for Organised Suitcase packing

Here are a few tips to make your travelling less stressful.

Tips for Organised Suitcase packing Extra Large Sandwich bags!!
I sort out my complete outfits before hand, right down to underwear & accessories. Then I get a BIG sandwich bag and write the date, outfit and accessories on it, then fold or roll clothes and place in the bag. I then put the shoes in a separate bag. This stops dirty shoes from touching your clean clothes

The outfit…
Tips for Organised Suitcase packing - outfit The sandwich bags…
Tips for Organised Suitcase packing Labeled with permanent marker…
Tips for Organised Suitcase packing Pack the outfit and shoes separately…
Tips for Organised Suitcase packing Belts!
When packing belts, stretch them out around the inside of the bag. This saves room and keeps them nice.
Tips for Organised Suitcase packing Pack 2 laundry bags.
I separate my darks and lights as I take them off. This makes laundry so much easier when you get home!
Tips for Organised Suitcase packing Makeup bag
Start with an empty bag (derr), then as you get ready in the morning, place each item you use into the bag. This ensure you get everything and are only packing your favourite items. If you need something special for night time, like liquid eyeliner, add that now too
Tips for Organised Suitcase packing - makeup bag The Bag
Most important!! The lighter the suitcase, the more you can pack! Plus, I love 4 wheelers. These are much easier to manipulate through terminals. I’m using  a Paklite JET-Lite in Gold Dust. I was lucky enough to be gifted this suitcase. Suitcase

What are your tips for organised packing?


Tae Kwon Do Update

I’ve been doing Tae Kwon Do for about 7 months now and I thought I was really loving it.

The class last night pushed me into places I would prefer not to go emotionally or physically. Let’s just say, my personal space barriers where completely smashed. I was wrestling 16yo boys and I spent way too much time with my nose shoved into their armpits. I’m gonna tell you…it wasn’t the lack of oxygen that was making me pass out. Plus, I am so bruised I can barely move this morning. Maybe I really am too old for this? What is the age cut off point for choosing to get beaten up at least twice a week?

Recently, I’ve began to doubt my devotion. I have been thrashed in tournaments, battered in training and almost publicly wet myself with nerves in gradings. I have stepped well out of my comfort zone and have medals, belts and bruises to show for it.

Tae Kwon Do

I keep going because I need to proved to myself that…


I keep going because I need to prove to my girls that…


I have another tournament in 9 days. I am terrified! I am scared of standing in front of a crowd, I am scared of fighting, I am scared that my body will be aching for days or weeks afterwards.

When was the last time you did something that terrified you?

Visiting Stanthorpe Queensland

Last week we realised realised that we needed a family break and we decided on visiting Stanthorpe Queensland. We stayed in a little wooden cabin at The Happy Valley Retreat. The week was all about sitting by the fire, reading, eating and sipping wine. We also managed to throw in a little hiking, mountain climbing and a wine tour.

The only downside was the bad WiFi, but that could be a positive too.

Visiting Stanthorpe Queensland

Queenslanders get excited when they can see their breathVisiting Stanthorpe Queensland

Sisters. Looking for early morning wild life Visiting Stanthorpe Queensland

On Bald Rock, NSWVisiting Bald Rock, New South Wales

Visiting Bald Rock, New South Wales

Visiting Bald Rock, New South Wales

The Ballandean PyramidThe Ballandean Pyramid

Touring WineriesVisiting Stanthorpe Queensland

Visiting Stanthorpe Queensland

Visiting Stanthorpe Queensland

Where was the last place you visited for a break?

I’m joining Emily at the The Beetleshack for Weekly Stills

Visiting the Gold Coast

On the spur of the moment, we decided on visiting the Gold Coast. This place bring back so many memories: New Year’s Eve on Cavill Avenue when I was a teenager, visiting Schoolies and the many, many weekends I visiting my Mum and Dad and we would spent it on the beach at The Spit. I miss my dad.

Visiting the Gold Coast

Now I have some new memories. We managed to fit so much in the short time we were there.

  • Checking out the amazing Sand Sculptures entered into the Sand Safari competition. It’s hard to image they created these with sand! I can barely make a sand castle and when I do, it collapses immediately
  • Taking the girls to Ripley’s Believe it or Not! Have you been? The girls went nuts for this place. I think we all enjoyed the Laser room the most. Yeah, we were all like ninjas…like really slow, unco ninjas
  • Ice cream cones on the beach. Is there anything better in the world?
  • After being refused enter at a restaurant because they don’t allow children because they are gourmet. WTF??! We discovered a cute, rustic Italian place, that loved children and served great red wine
  • Setting a 5am alarm so we could watch the sunrise from the beach
  • Going to the top of our hotel (Q1) to eat breakfast at the Skyline cafe on the 77th floor. I would love to visit this place for a sunset cocktail, but the prices for the lift made the cocktails crazy expensive

It’s so nice to get away, even if it’s just for a night or two. When was the last time you stayed the night away? Where was it?

Visiting the Gold Coast

I can’t wait to go back in August for Problogger!! Who else is coming?

A night out in Style

Last night my husband and I had a night away to celebrate my birthday and Valentine’s day. It was probably the best night we’ve had in years. I got dressed up and we were picked up in a big, shiny limo.

We got chatting with the driver and discovered he was a poster boy for the Brisbane floods for saving a drowning kangaroo. I knew the story and the images. I clearly remember feeling a glimmer of hope in a terrible time, knowing that there were people like him out there. Plus, my girls thought he looked like a skinny Arnie, so they were super impressed. It seems like their Arnie fascination is still alive.

A night out in Style

A night out in Style

We booked into the Mantra at South Bank and were surprised by a gorgeous gift basket, champagne, chocolates, silk robes, etc. from We-Vibe. They supplied everything required for a romantic evening. We dragged ourselves away from the room and attempted to work up an appetite with a stroll around South Bank. It’s so gorgeous and buzzing at night time.

Then we hit Bacchus for dinner. The decor in this restaurant was amazing! It was luxurious, brown and gold with an 80s/californian feel. After debating the choices on the menu we decided to choose everything and ordered the Degustation Menu with wines. They even had a vegetarian option. OH MY FREAKIN’ GOODNESS!!! This was probably one of the best decisions of our lives. Eight courses plus two sorbets and petit fours. Each course was more stunning than the last. I felt like Matt Preston, tasting each little bit, analysing and savouring the flavours, then shoving it all in.

A different wine with each course, all perfectly selected and served in the exact glass to make them shine.

The dinner took about 2.5 hours but it flew. It was so nice sitting, eating, laughing and just enjoying each others company. Usually, we take the girls everywhere and we love it but this overnighter really demonstrated how important it is to spend time as a couple, without the distraction of children, friends or family. We have vowed to do this a few times a year.

Do you ever get alone time with your partner?

A night out in Style

I’d love to say a huge thank you to We-Vibe for giving us this amazing and generous night out. They really understand how important it is for couples to spend quality time alone.

We-Vibe is an adult company and they have just released their new We-Vibe 4. They believe it’s important for couples to spend quality time together both in and out of the bedroom to maintain a healthy relationship.

Screen Shot 2014-02-12 at 10.56.26 am Screen Shot 2014-02-12 at 10.57.22 am

Shopping for Bargain Sportswear

I’ve been so busy over the Christmas break that my usual exercise plans have gone out the window in exchange for eating and drinking with family and friends. It’s been a lot of fun, but seriously this can not go on forever. I have re-joined the gym, re-enrolled in Tae Kwon Do, organised some Personal Training and I’ve have made some active plans with the girls for next week. Yay!! Operation move.

The only thing missing, is some fun, sporty clothes. My theory: If you look sporty, then you are sporty. I needed to go shopping for bargain sportswear. I set myself a mission to come up with a fun, casual sporty outfit for under $150.

So, I hit DFO Brisbane!

Shopping for Bargain Sportswear

I found this great slouchy PUMA top for $16 (originally $40) and these super cool PUMA black knit pants for $56 (originally $80). I’ll admit I have been wearing these pants dressed up too.

Can you believe these NIKE Hi-tops were only $50 (originally approx. $159). My daughters nearly cried when they saw these. They have been begging for something similar for ages. I LOVE the NIKE Store at DFO. They starts all prices 30% under RRP and then have spontaneous sales. I walked in just as the 50% off the marked price of all shoes sale was closing. Bargain shopping at it’s best!!

Total $122 (savings $157) and I had $28 leftover to shout my girls lunch.

Shopping for Bargain Sportswear

Shopping for Bargain Sportswear - NikeShopping for Bargain Sportswear - Puma

This is a sponsored post. I love working with DFO and there is nothing more I love than hunting down bargains and sharing them.

Thank you to the lovely DFO staff and to the helpful, patient sales assistants x

You can find out more about DFO Brisbane here.

DFO Official Blogger

11 Reasons to visit Palmersarous

I know many, many people have been bagging out Clive Palmer’s Dinosaur World, Palmersarous. I can see why people might have issues but I decided to push all that aside and decide for myself. So yesterday, we packed up the children and drove up the coast to visit Palmersarous.

Here are 11 reasons to visit Palmersarous

  1. You get to see Dinosaurs! They are life-size, life-like, they roar and they move. Children go nuts for this stuff! It feels like you’re in Jurassic Park. Mmm, Jeff Goldblum
  2. There has been serious money invested in this park. It’s pretty amazing to see what money can buy. I’m not sure I’d spend it on 160 replica dinosaurs but I’m fairly certain Clive Palmer would be indifferent to how I spend my money too
  3. You’re educating your children a fun way. You can even arrange children’s parties here
  4. It’s great spot for family photos and selfies
  5. Children get a free Slushie. My girls would pay good money for a free Slushie. I think they should also provide free Margarita Slushies for the adults (Clive, write this one down on your to-do-list)
  6. The staff are really friendly and helpful. They were riding around on bikes, providing information and mozzie repellant. Next time, I think they should be riding on something a little more prehistoric, like the Flintstone’s car.
  7. You are outside, active and spending some quality time with your fam
  8. The entry fee also gives you access to the resort pool. Pack your swimmers, towels and sunscreen and make a day of it. Either take a picnic or buy lunch/dinner at the restaurant. The entry fee was $100 for a family of 5 and children under 5 are free
  9. For a few extra dollars, you can send your man to Palmer Motorama while you sit by the pool sipping Pina Coladas
  10. You’re on the Sunshine coast, in a gorgeous setting. How could it be bad?
  11. When you’ve had your fill of Dinosaurs and chill in’ by the pool. You can drive 5 minutes to some of the world’s most gorgeous beaches
11 Reasons to visit Palmersarous

11 Reasons to visit Palmersarous

Not sponsored

Anti-Resolutions for 2014

Just like last year, I’m making a list of the things I won’t be doing in 2014.

NYAnti-Resolutions for 2014

  1. Skydiving is still #1. I just know my heart will stop on the way down. “Ain’t nobody got time for that“. I’m going to add Bungy Jumping to this too
  2. Swim in dark water. If I can’t see my feet, I’m not going in. I hate that feeling when you notice the temperature of water has changed and wonder what caused it
  3. Sing karaoke. Nobody deserves to have that punishment put upon them. I sing in the car 80% of the time I’m driving, but this practise doesn’t seem to help improve the quality
  4. Take a nude photo. Of me! I’m happy to take nude photos of anyone else. Feel free to volunteer
  5. Eat meat. I’ll remain vegetarian. No Chicken or red meat but I will try to force down the odd piece of fish (maybe)
  6. Wear a pair of too small, cut off denim shorts. I so sick of seeing these around the shops. I’m not even sure how they manage to squeeze into some of them. Plus Ouch!!!, the thick denim seams seem very uncomfortable up there
  7. Buy a Thermomix.  It seems like a lot of money to invest in just scratching my head and looking confused
  8. Get a tattoo. I love them but have never seen one I love enough. I might need another year or two
  9. Eat Paw-Paw. Or what I also like to refer to as ‘Nature’s vomit’. Have you smelt it?

What won’t you be doing in 2014?


The thing I am most proud of…

There are two things I am proud of…..

My boobs!! Nooo, just joking.

The thing I am most proud of…

These girls.

The thing I am most proud of...

I know that I have somehow helped create the most wonderful, special, loving girls. Their hearts are huge, their giggles are frequent, their smart observations are regular. Sometimes I feel like my heart is breaking when I see them playing together, getting the giggles and not being able to stop, and begging for just 5 more minutes of playing time together.

The thing I am most proud of...

They got the best parts of me and seemed to have missed out on the worst. They got the best parts of their Dad too, but I’ve decided to take full credit for these two, giggling, dishevelled angels.

The thing I am most proud of...

I know I have done a great job.

What are you proud of? Come on, share it, scream it, be super proud!!

Complete the sentence “The thing I am most proud of…”