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My teeth are probably the one thing I receive the most compliments on. It’s probably because I’m usually talking or cackling laughing and they are right in your face plus a few years ago I had them improved with Invisalign treatment.

I’ve have always thought that nice, white teeth is one of the best ways to look healthy and youthful and a genuine smile instantly makes you more attractive and approachable.

My Invisalign treatment

Growing Up

Growing up, my teeth were slightly overcrowded. Sure they were strong and white but the front teeth overlapped a little and the bottom row was crooked. I was always self-conscious about them and usually had a tight, little smile to keep them covered. One person even commented that I always looked like I was sucking on a lemon. Nice!

My Invisalign Experience

About 8 years ago I decided to look into doing something about them. I didn’t want traditional braces and I was thinking of porcelain veneers but once reading about them I changed my mind pretty quickly. My dentist mentioned Invisalign treatment. I had no idea what it was but when I looked into it I was very excited. It was exactly what I was looking for, something that didn’t jeopardise the health of my own teeth, was virtually invisible and, even better, was removable. I could still go to corporate events and not have to worry about wearing braces. Perfect!

After a consultation with my Orthodontist, they took moulds and created amazing online before and after images. There was no way I could resist after seeing them! It took about 7 months of switching my trays every two weeks and I ended up with the teeth I had always wanted. Reviewing Invisalign

Now my daughters are at the age where I’m looking into teeth options for them. They had plates as their teeth were growing in but in the near future, they might need a little more work. Hands down Invisalign treatment is my number one choice for them too. They love the idea and are particularly excited that they can just remove their tray for selfies with friends. Perfect for the modern teen!

To find out if Invisalign aligners are suitable for you – click here.

She borrowed a Jeep {Sponsored}

I would like to thank my awesome Problogger Event sponsor, Northstar Motor Group. Not only did they make it possible for me to attend the conference, they provided a super cool New Jeep for the road trip. This was the best way to start an amazing weekend.

She borrowed a Jeep

After the stress of packing and preparing for Problogger and the Whitsundays, it was a relief to pick up Mrs BC. We sped along the Bruce Highway in comfort, music blasting, bursting with anticipation.  It was also really nice to pull up in a gorgeous, shiny car. It’s all about first impressions :)

She borrowed a Jeep

I’m completely convinced that my next vehicle must be a Jeep.

If you are thinking about a new (or used car), please visit the fabulous people at Northstar Motor Group and check out their great range.

320 Anzac Avenue, Kippa Ring
(07) 3480 8600

A little info about the Jeep I am driving for the next few days…

Jeep Cherokee Sport
From $35K Drive Away
All-New 2014 Jeep Cherokee is an overachiever in the mid-sized SUV market. With features to make for a more intuitive, safe and powerful driving experience, Cherokee Sport for sale in Kippa-Ring is fitted with a 5-inch Touch Screen Display, ParkView Rear Back-Up Camera, and efficient 2.4L TigerShark Petrol Engine.

Hanging out with Siesta Hammocks {Sponsored}

I’ve wanted a hammock for years. I have always thought they are the perfect summer necessity. When I think of hammocks I imagined lazy, warm afternoons, books…naps…zz…zz. You can’t feel stressed when laying in a hammock.

I dropped hints, begged, subtly pointed them out but my husband was the voice of reason, he explained there was nowhere for us to hang one. It didn’t stop me from dreaming.

Hanging out with Siesta Hammocks

When Siesta Hammocks offered to send me one WITH A STAND, I leaped at the opportunity. The stand was so easy to put together, and comes with a bag so you can take it to the beach, picnics, camping or anywhere else. The frame is strong but super light.

Yesterday was an amazing morning in Redcliffe. There was not one cloud or any wind, so we decided to take it down the beach. THE BEST IDEA EVER! My plan was to read in the hammock while the girls played on the beach. I’m glad we got the double because as soon as I hopped on, then at least one kid and a dog follow me on. We would have been happy to stay there all day.

With Spring starting in a few days and Summer just around the corner you should check Siesta Hammocks out. They have a great sale at the moment plus have free shipping around Australia 

DSC_0110 DSC_0113 DSC_0095 DSC_0121

What are your perfect Summer necessities? 

40 Plus Natural day look Makeup {Sponsored}

I love makeup, I love everything about it! Lately, I have been creating a natural day look instead of my usual heavy-handed makeup look. I love creating a look so simple and clean that it looks like you have just rolled out of bed looking naturally gorgeous instead of just completing the colour run.

40 Plus Natural Day Look Makeup

  • Create a nice even base with your favourite light foundation or BB cream. Look for one that blends with your skin tone, lets your natural beauty shine through and has a high SPF. I love it when I can see real skin and not a mask like finish. Save the mask for the nightclub!
  • Blush is a must! This adds life to the blank canvas. My current favourite is a pinky tone. Just dust a little around your apples (the juicy part of your cheeks)
  • Eyeshadow. Brush a matt nude/sand colour across your eyelid up to the brow area. This will even out the colour of your eyelid, cover any veins and create a nice base
  • Use soft brown (or grey or whatever floats your boat) eyeshadow over your eyelid. I like to bring it up and out a little and BLEND it. This creates a soft, daytime cats eye feel without the harsher liquid eyeliner look
  • Fill in your brows. Brows make a huge difference
  • A little dusting of powder to set it all and help it last for the day
  • Curl your eyelashes and then use mascara. I love two coats on the top lashes but I leave the lower lashes alone in the day time.
  • Finish off with a nude lipstick, a gloss or lip balm. I usually use the Pink from Carmex Moisture Plus range for the gloss finish, hint of colour and long lasting moisture. Plus I need the extra moisture in Winter!

40+ Natural day look Makeup

I am a Carmex Ambassador. I have used Carmex for years and I love them! Why? The products have deep penetrating and long-lasting moisturising effects, provide just the right about of lip colour and they are not tested on animals.

Millers Mothers Day Gift ideas with a $50 Voucher!

If you haven’t been into Millers for a little while, I’d suggest going in and checking them out again. They have some great pieces that would appeal to all ages and they have excellent prices.

If you’re looking for some Mothers Day gifts ideas, I’ve done the hard work for you!

Mothers Day Gift ideas

Gifts under $15
Their new season scarves are reduced down to $5 at the moment and there is nothing like a scarf to add personality to an outfit.

Millers Mothers Day Gift ideas

Dana Drop earrings $5 | Cyan Paisly Scarf $5 | Stretch Multi-Green Bracelet $10 | Rosette Statement necklace $15 |
Cyan Animal Print scarf $5 | Madison Tote Bag $15 | Annie Statement earrings $15 | Maria Cosmetic 2 Pack $15 

Gifts under $50
They have some cute PJs. Check out the animal print range! They also have some great jackets reduced to $45!

Millers Mother's Day Gift ideas

Animal PJ Legging set $30 | Check Shirt nightie $25 | Leopard Fleece Robe $25 |
Graphic Poncho $45 | Charlotte Heeled Ballerina $25 | Drag Soft Jacket $30

Win a $50 Millers Voucher!!

If you would like to win a $50 voucher to go shopping for your mum, or your partner (or yourself). To enter please leave a comment below and the most interesting comment wins! Enter before 9pm on 27 April 2014. Sorry Australia Only.

Comment: Why would you like to win a $50 Millers voucher?

Win a $50 Millers Voucher

NB: The winner can pick their pieces online they will be post them out to you!

Autumn Lips Carmex Giveaway valued at $50!!!

As you probably know, I’m a lip gloss or balm girl. It’s quick, it’s easy, you don’t need a mirror to apply and it’s keeps your lips lovely, soft and kissable. Lipstick is great too but I alway eat it off and I never have a mirror handy to re-apply plus I’m lazy. Most days, I’ll only wear my Carmex Moisture Plus tint, this provides just the right hint of colour and is deep penetrating and has a long-lasting moisturising effect.

Autumn Lips Carmex

When my Summer tan starts to fade and my sun kissed cheeks are just a memory then my makeup needs to pick up the slack and work harder. Traditionally Autumn shades are browns, apricots, etc, etc. I tend to steer clear and try to capture a little of the natural sun kissed tones from Summer. Think dewy, rosy and glossy.  When I need a little deeper colour than my gloss or balm provides, this is my technique:

Autumn Lips Shades

  • If your lips are a little dry, give them a gentle scrub with a little sugar
  • Pick a lip pencil. During the day, I usually pick a nude or soft pink/brown and at night time I use something richer and deeper
  • With surgeon like precision, outline your lips and then colour them in
  • Then go over with your favourite lip balm. Mine is Carmex Moisture Plus tint in Pink because this adds just the right amount of colour and shine. After 30+ (or 40+), a little shine is better than a harsh, ageing matt finish

Autumn Lips Carmex Giveaway valued at $50!!!

Thanks to Carmex Australia I have a bunch of Carmex products to giveaway. Who wouldn’t want these great beauty products for Autumn?

The pack includes: 1 x Carmex Jar – $5.99, 1 x Carmex Click Stick – $4.99, 1 x Carmex Click Stick in Strawberry – $4.99, 1 x Carmex Tube – $5.99, 1 x Carmex Moisture Plus in Clear – $8.99, 1 x Carmex Moisture Plus in Peach – $8.99 and 1 x Carmex Moisture Plus in Pink – $8.99
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Autumn Lips Carmex

I am a Carmex Ambassador. I love their products. Why? The products have deep penetrating and long-lasting moisturising effects, provide just the right about of lip colour and they are not tested on animals.

How to have Perfect Smooth Lips

I’m addicted to lip balm. I often use a lip gloss or balm instead of lipstick. Whenever I get run down, my lips are the first thing to start showing it, so I’m extra careful and apply a lip balm with long-lasting moisturising effects regularly. Plus, with the gusty Autumn winds and Winter around the corner, it’s even more important to look after them.

How to have Perfect Smooth Lips

How to have Perfect Smooth Lips

1. Apply a long-lasting Intense Moisturiser before bed. Unlike feet or hands, you can’t cover your lips with a pair of socks or gloves, so apply a decent amount of uncoloured lip balm and sleep on your back

How to have Perfect Smooth Lips - long lasting

2. Wear a lip balm during the day. Look for one with moisturising effects and a high SPF. Reapply whenever your lips begin to feel dry. This is usually about every 3 hours for me

3. You want a little colour? You can apply lip balm under your lipstick or find a lip balm with a tint. I LOVE Carmex Moisture Plus Ultra Hydrating Lip Balm in Pink. This beauty product was awarded Reader’s Choice for Best Lip Gloss in the Australian Beauty Awards

How to have Perfect Smooth Lips - Moisture plus

4. Exfoliate your lips. You can make your own lip scrub with a little honey, sugar, and olive oil. Gently rub the mixture on your lips and let sit for a few minutes before rinsing

5. Drink at least 8 glasses of water a day. Dry lips can be a sign your body is dehydrated

6. Keep lip balm where you are reminded to apply it. I discovered the perfect lip balm spot in my car and I reapply whenever I hop in the car

How to have Perfect Smooth Lips - Convenience

7. And DON’T lick your lips!


I’ve recently signed on as an ambassador for Carmex. This is a brand I have used for years and I’m thrilled to share the products with you.

Carmex lip balm is one of the world’s most loved lip balms and a Carmex product is sold every 29 seconds around the globe. Carmex uses a range of beautiful ingredients including Lanolin, Theobroma Cacao Seed Butter, Beeswax and Menthol, the brand is best know for its much loved Carmex ‘tingle’.

How to dress for a Wedding

If there is ever a time you need to dress appropriately, it’s for a wedding. I love weddings and it’s an honour to be invited but I have spent hours agonising over dress codes to make sure I’m dressed appropriately. I’ve also had many phone calls from friends asking how to dress for a wedding,  ‘What do I wear to Semi-Formal beach wedding?‘, ‘What the hell does Black Tie optional mean?‘ and ‘What’s the difference between a themed party and a costume party?‘. Thanks to Bride Magazine I’ve put together a post helping you out.


How to dress for a Wedding

How to dress for a Wedding

First the bride and groom need to make it clear what their dress code is. If it’s unclear, then ask them! They will be thrilled you cared enough to ask. If you can’t ask, then the invitation, venue and time should give you a fairly good idea. If in doubt, err on the side of being a little overdressed.

Black Tie or Formal

Go as glam as you like, look for an evening gown, break out the sequins, beads, jewels and faux-fur and follow through with hair and makeup. Avoid white, ivory or cream but you can wear dark colours or black to a formal wedding.

How to dress for a Wedding - Black Tie

Semi Formal or Cocktail

This is usually for weddings in the late afternoon or evening. Wear a nice cocktail dress but avoid a dress that shows too much cleavage or leg. It’s not a nightclub. Remember it’s the brides time to shine not your breasts!

How to dress for a Wedding - Semi Formal

Smart Casual

Not Jeans!! In fact, avoid anything denim. Wear a nice dress, skirt and blouse or pant suit. Avoid all black or all white. Lighter, softer colours are better for a day time wedding.

How to dress for a Wedding - Smart Casual

Beach Wedding

This doesn’t mean you should break out your boardies and string bikini. Hunt down a nice, light dress that won’t blow up in the beachy breeze and a pair of sandals (no thongs). Light colours and gentle prints are excellent. Be prepared with sunscreen and a hat.

How to dress for a Wedding - Beach Wedding


  • Head to toe white, unless it’s requested by the bride and groom
  • Anything you would wear to a night club
  • Anything that shows your bra or bra straps or even worse, your nipples. Hunt down the perfect bra
  • Denim
  • Anything see-through or revealing

What’s the most confusing wedding invitation you’ve received?

If you are a Bride looking for wedding inspiration, you must check out these amazing wedding dresses curated by Bride Magazine. They are stunning!!

Logitech Review and Giveaway valued at $99!!

We are nuts for technology in my house. If it’s new and shiny, my husband wants it and wants it now. Then the girls and I will want the same thing ASAP. It’s got to be equal. Now, I have the awesome job of reviewing a few new Logitech products. You can image how jealous they are.

Logitech Review

Over the past week I have been playing with these Logitech products:
1. Case + Energy
2. Case + Tilt
3. Case + Drive
4. Ultrathin Touch Mouse

Logitech Case

This comes with a few of the products but I’ll touch on it briefly. This is a simple, protective black + grey, magnetised iPhone cover. It makes your iPhone slightly heavier but it’s a small price to pay.

Logitech Case + Energy ($129.95)

This is a must have for a serious blogger (or talker…or Candy crush addict). I have had quite a few mobile iPhone rechargers but this one is my favourite. I love that it snaps onto the back of your phone and you can continue to use your phone while it’s charging. Previous ones clip onto the bottom and dangled around like an annoying lose tooth. I have had to charge it a few times because my children keep stealing it to charge their iPod Touches. It’s a great size to throw in your handbag. Put it on your list of items you must buy for Pro Blogger!!

Logitech Case + Tilt ($29.95)

This snaps onto the back of your Case, it adds colour and is similar to the Apple smart cover for an iPad. This is convenient for sitting your phone up while you are Face-timing, creating Vlogs, following recipes, painting your nails or just being super duper lazy. This is a neat way to personalise your iPhone cover.

Logitech Ultrathin Touch Mouse

I use a Macbook and use the built in mouse that comes with it. I love having the external option and this one is deliciously, small and neat. I love small and neat because I need to be able to keep my area tidy. I also found this very handy for when other people want to look at my computer. Usually they get a little confused by the built in mouse and the secret Apple hand signals. It happens!!

Logitech Case + Drive ($69.95)

This is the best phone product ever!! My phone usually slides around the car, onto the floor and slamming into the door while I’m driving. I have lived with this inconvenience because I haven’t been happy with any phone holders. Usually they are ugly, bulky or fiddly to use. This one is neat!! I attached it to the top of my windscreen and the magnetised iPhone just slides onto it. I have been using my phone GPS a lot because it’s so easy to see and read. I can also see who is phoning when the bluetooth rings and if an urgent email, message or text comes in, I can pull over to answer it. No more distractions! This is so handy and it is my absolute favourite product. My husband is trying to hunt one down for his car too. He can’t handle it when I have something cool and he doesn’t

Logitech Review and Giveaway valued at $99!!

Logitech Giveaway!!

Thanks to Logitech I have one UE Mini Boom Bluetooth Wireless Speaker valued at $99 to giveaway!! Just leave a comment telling me your favourite Logitech product and/or how this product makes life easier. Competition closes at 9pm on 25 February 2014. Australian residents only.

Logitech Review and Giveaway valued at $99!!

Logitech have just launched a new product range. The product is a new case system for iPhones which is called Case+. The case is a smart sturdy case for iPhone 5/5S with a metal backing that provides protection. Case+ comes with a variety of accessories to add on to the case. For more information and stockist details visit

A night out in Style

Last night my husband and I had a night away to celebrate my birthday and Valentine’s day. It was probably the best night we’ve had in years. I got dressed up and we were picked up in a big, shiny limo.

We got chatting with the driver and discovered he was a poster boy for the Brisbane floods for saving a drowning kangaroo. I knew the story and the images. I clearly remember feeling a glimmer of hope in a terrible time, knowing that there were people like him out there. Plus, my girls thought he looked like a skinny Arnie, so they were super impressed. It seems like their Arnie fascination is still alive.

A night out in Style

A night out in Style

We booked into the Mantra at South Bank and were surprised by a gorgeous gift basket, champagne, chocolates, silk robes, etc. from We-Vibe. They supplied everything required for a romantic evening. We dragged ourselves away from the room and attempted to work up an appetite with a stroll around South Bank. It’s so gorgeous and buzzing at night time.

Then we hit Bacchus for dinner. The decor in this restaurant was amazing! It was luxurious, brown and gold with an 80s/californian feel. After debating the choices on the menu we decided to choose everything and ordered the Degustation Menu with wines. They even had a vegetarian option. OH MY FREAKIN’ GOODNESS!!! This was probably one of the best decisions of our lives. Eight courses plus two sorbets and petit fours. Each course was more stunning than the last. I felt like Matt Preston, tasting each little bit, analysing and savouring the flavours, then shoving it all in.

A different wine with each course, all perfectly selected and served in the exact glass to make them shine.

The dinner took about 2.5 hours but it flew. It was so nice sitting, eating, laughing and just enjoying each others company. Usually, we take the girls everywhere and we love it but this overnighter really demonstrated how important it is to spend time as a couple, without the distraction of children, friends or family. We have vowed to do this a few times a year.

Do you ever get alone time with your partner?

A night out in Style

I’d love to say a huge thank you to We-Vibe for giving us this amazing and generous night out. They really understand how important it is for couples to spend quality time alone.

We-Vibe is an adult company and they have just released their new We-Vibe 4. They believe it’s important for couples to spend quality time together both in and out of the bedroom to maintain a healthy relationship.

Screen Shot 2014-02-12 at 10.56.26 am Screen Shot 2014-02-12 at 10.57.22 am

Valentine’s Day Boudoir

I’m sticking with the Valentine’s Day theme. My husband is not going to stand a chance against my Valentine’s Day campaign! I’ve spoken about lingerie, but another great way to set the mood is to create an inviting bedroom setting.

Valentine’s Day Boudoir

My husband doesn’t like the bedroom furnished too feminine. So, we compromise and it makes us both happy(ish). This Charcoal and White quilt cover is perfect. I added some contrasting soft furnishings to perk it up. I love splashes of red! Add some Champagne, flowers and candles and the stage is set.

Do you get to decorate the bedroom how you like, or do you have to compromise?

edit: My husband LOVED the set up. It’s seems like it was the perfect mix between masculine and feminine :)

Valentine's Day Boudoir 1

Valentine's Day Boudoir 2

Valentine's Day Boudoir 3

Sheridan Sebina (Charcoal & White) Quilt cover set $56.69 (originally $209.95) | Sheridan Cherry knitted Hamish cushion $17.98 (originally $39.95) | Sheridan Lemon Wattle 3 wick candle $26.98 (originally $59.95) | Adairs Rust M & R Throw $33.95 (originally $89.95) | Adairs Ivory pleated cushion $12.70 (originally $49.95) | Adairs Tonal Tea light holder $4.24 (originally $16.95)
Total spent $126.80

All purchased from DFO Brisbane

This is a sponsored post. I love working with DFO and I am very happy to hunt down bargains and share them.

Thank you to the lovely DFO staff and the helpful sales assistants x

DFO Official Blogger

Valentine’s Day Lingerie

My husband and I are planning a weekend away for Valentine’s Day. We don’t get away enough and we are really looking forward to it! I dropped by DFO Jindalee to pick up some Valentine’s Day lingerie.

Valentine’s Day Lingerie

My first stop for Valentine’s day lingerie was Cotton On Body. They have so many cute, comfortable pieces that will be great for hanging around the hotel room while looking effortlessly, just-rolled-out-of-bed sexy. Well, that’s what I’ll be aiming for anyway! I found so many cute pieces that are great for mixing and matching, and I couldn’t believe how cheap they were. I went for a white and green palette. Valentine's Day Lingerie

Mademoiselle Satin gown $10 | Green Lace singlet $5 | Green low rise woven pants $10 | White cotton nightie $10 | Green lace bra $10 | Green lace Brazilian underwear $2 | White slippers $2 Amount spent $49

Next I dropped by Simone Perele. I hadn’t shopped here before. I always thought it looked too expensive but couldn’t resist the pretty pieces.  I tried on a few bras and Oh My friggin’ gosh. I’ve always liked my boobs. In fact, they are two of my favourite features, but these bras took them to a whole new level of awesomeness. Valentine's Day Lingerie

Pink underwire bra $21 (originally $84.95) | matching Pink thong $10.95 (originally $39.95) | Mocha underwire bra $14 (originally $89.95) | Matching Mocha shorty $7 (originally $44.95) Amount spent $52.50

Ideally, I’d be dressing like this every night anyway. I love to have cute, fresh pieces to wear.

Do you do anything special for Valentine’s Day?

This is a sponsored post
I love working with DFO and I am thrilled to be able to hunt down bargains to show you. Thank you to the lovely DFO staff and to the helpful, patient sales assistants x   

DFO Official Blogger

Get prepared for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. One of my favourite ways to feel irresistibly, touchable is to give my skin some attention. There is something seriously, sexy about smooth, soft skin. It’s annoying how Valentine’s Day arrives when the weather is the worst for your skin. The heat creates pimples, bumps and sticky skin and the wind dries it all out and makes it itchy. Uughh!

Getting prepared for Valentine's Day

How to get prepared for Valentine’s Day

One of the easiest ways to achieve gorgeous smooth skin is with a bath glove. These are great for exfoliating your entire body but they are addictive. You have been warned! I use my glove in my evening shower with a generous blob of something delicious and bubbly. I adore the new Honeymania range at The Body Shop for this. It contains Community Fair Trade honey made from the nectar of thousands of wildflowers and has a light scent so you aren’t going to feel overwhelmed by the scent.

Use a pumice for the rougher skin on your body, like the knees and elbows. If you can find a comfortable and safe way to balance in the shower, use it to go to town on your heels too.

Get prepared for Valentine's Day - exfoliate

Get prepared for Valentine's Day - pumice

After you have exfoliated your body and dragged yourself out of the shower, pat yourself dry and rub in a body moisturiser. I love to layer and build up scents, so I stick with the Honeymania Body Butter.

Get prepared for Valentine's Day - moisturise

Before you go to bed, rub a generous amount of foot cream on your feet. The more the better! Then cover your feet with some cute socks to protect your sheets and give the cream time to sink in. This won’t look super sexy but will reap rewards later. Plus, I find it helps to lower expectations before the big Valentine’s unveiling. I’d even start wearing rollers to bed just the make the improved version so much better by comparison.

If you do this every second night for the fortnight before the night out, your skin will look and feel amazing. Plus, you have created smooth surface if you decide to get a fake tan for the evening.Get prepared for Valentine's Day - foot cream

It’s a new year and don’t start the New Year in a job you hate! The Body Shop at Home has a special offer for people wanting to start their own business, with the opportunity to purchase a Mini Business Kit for only $99 (valued at $200). You can find out more on The Body Shop at Home website or Facebook page.

I’m thrilled to be an ambassador for The Body Shop At Home and to be able to share their gorgeous products with you.

Shopping for Bargain Sportswear

I’ve been so busy over the Christmas break that my usual exercise plans have gone out the window in exchange for eating and drinking with family and friends. It’s been a lot of fun, but seriously this can not go on forever. I have re-joined the gym, re-enrolled in Tae Kwon Do, organised some Personal Training and I’ve have made some active plans with the girls for next week. Yay!! Operation move.

The only thing missing, is some fun, sporty clothes. My theory: If you look sporty, then you are sporty. I needed to go shopping for bargain sportswear. I set myself a mission to come up with a fun, casual sporty outfit for under $150.

So, I hit DFO Brisbane!

Shopping for Bargain Sportswear

I found this great slouchy PUMA top for $16 (originally $40) and these super cool PUMA black knit pants for $56 (originally $80). I’ll admit I have been wearing these pants dressed up too.

Can you believe these NIKE Hi-tops were only $50 (originally approx. $159). My daughters nearly cried when they saw these. They have been begging for something similar for ages. I LOVE the NIKE Store at DFO. They starts all prices 30% under RRP and then have spontaneous sales. I walked in just as the 50% off the marked price of all shoes sale was closing. Bargain shopping at it’s best!!

Total $122 (savings $157) and I had $28 leftover to shout my girls lunch.

Shopping for Bargain Sportswear

Shopping for Bargain Sportswear - NikeShopping for Bargain Sportswear - Puma

This is a sponsored post. I love working with DFO and there is nothing more I love than hunting down bargains and sharing them.

Thank you to the lovely DFO staff and to the helpful, patient sales assistants x

You can find out more about DFO Brisbane here.

DFO Official Blogger