Lillian Nai Shoe sale just for YOU!!

My favourite Brisbane shoe designer, Lillian Nai is offering YOU 20% off for 3 days!! From Tuesday 26th August to Thursday 28th August.

Lillian Nai Shoe sale just for YOU!!

I wear and LOVE these shoes. I always have the Blue Gypsy Sundance in rotation and have recently added the tan wedge Romantic Days to my shoe collection.

Get in quick!!

Exclusive Shoe sale - Lillian Nai 2 Lillian Nai Shoe sale Exclusive Shoe sale - Lillian Nai Exclusive Shoe sale

Introducing Sizeable Clothing and win a $250 Voucher

I’ve been playing on the Sizeable website. This is a cool new clothing website that aims to help women find clothes to fit their own body type.

Introducing Sizeable Clothing and win a $250 Voucher

First, you scan the models and pick the one closest to your size. They are gorgeous, normal women and they list their height and measurements. My model was the Andrea. She is a little shorter than me, but had the curves and sizes I needed.

Screen Shot 2014-08-19 at 6.40.42 am
And then, shop the clothes! Each model wears the clothes and you can see how they might look on your shape. Cool or what!!

After umming and ahhing for quite a while, I decided on the Leonard Street Panelled Shirt. I loved the colours plus it had the length I love in button down shirts.   I also picked the Leonard Street Yellow Split cardigan. I’m so in love with yellow at the moment and this is warm and snuggly, it’s like the sun came down and wrapped it’s arms around me to protect me from the horrid Autumn winds.

Here is Andrea in the two pieces…

PicMonkey Collage I’ve wore the shirt yesterday and have the cardigan on today. I’m having coffee with my sister for her birthday, she is not going to miss me in the dark shadows of Shingle Inn.

PicMonkey Collage

Win a $250 Sizeable clothing Voucher!

Now it’s your turn to visit Sizeable, pick a model and clothes! Sorry Australian residents only.

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It’s Tuesday, so I’m linking up to IBOT

How to wear a Shirt Dress – Worn 5 Ways

I have pieces I wear and wear, like the White Witchery shirt dress I’m wearing today. This is the perfect piece to wear all year round. Wear it as a dress, a shirt, a light weight jacket, a bikini coverup. There is no limit to this piece.

The only downside is it’s stupid need to be ironed. Seriously, if it didn’t need an iron I’d probably wear it everyday.

How to wear a Shirt Dress – Worn 5 Ways

Today I’m wearing it open over a white Bonds tee and my mustard Bohemian Traders cardigan over the top. I do love layering. If you are going to buy a knit this season, make it a mustard one. This is THE COLOUR for Winter.

How to wear a Shirt Dress
As a Summer dress with the same Nine West heels.

How to wear a Shirt Dress - simple
With a Mix Apparel Puffer Vest, Lee Cooper Big W chambray shirt and Lillian Nai boots

How to wear a Shirt Dress - matching puffer vest
B & W. Wear it with a belt to add some curves.

How to wear a Shirt Dress - with a belt
with layers of denim, prints and textures.

How to wear a Shirt Dress - layers
 What’s one of your favourite multi season pieces?

How to wear a Dirndl Skirt

This season is all about the Dirndl skirt and I LOVE it! It won’t be a favourite with everyone though.

Push all thoughts of Sound of Music or the German Beer Feast out of your mind.

They do not look like this…..

My little Fräuleins

How to wear a Dirndl Skirt

The new Dirndl skirts are full and hit just under your knee


  • Alter the skirt to hit the thinest part of your leg
  • Wear a belt to accentuates or creates curves.
  • Play up the ladylike silhouette with heals
  • Or dress it down with brogues and a tee shirt


  • Wear an apron over it
  • Wrap braids around your head
  • or yodel

I’m on the hunt for a red one. Let me know of you see one.

How to wear a Dirndl Skirt

How to wear a Dirndl Skirt - Orange and naturals

How to wear a Dirndl Skirt - B & W

How to wear a Dirndl Skirt

The Style it Project!

I am so excited about the Style it Project, both for selfish reasons and…oh…more selfish reasons.

The idea of this project is to pick one item of clothing (or accessory) each month. These pieces will usually be cheap and easily available. You get to style it whatever way you like and show off the pictures. This will help inspire me, you and other people to play with their clothes, realise there are so many ways to wear pieces, and confirm that style doesn’t have to be expensive.

The Style it Project!

With Winter starting next week, we have picked a Puffer Vest from Mix Apparel. This is only $27 and can be thrown into your grocery shopping or bought online, plus it comes in heaps of colours and is reversible. They even have a few striped ones. Now clear your mind of camping trips, mountain climbing and farm hands, and think about ways to make them look awesome.

The June project starts on 17th of June, so you have heaps of time to hunt down your vest. The Style it Project is for everyone, you can share you photos on your blog, Facebook or instagram and if you don’t have these then feel free to email it!

I love puffer vests and wear them often, but for this challenge I’ll be looking for a completely different look.

Feel free to play along with your own puffer vest!

The Style it Project!

You can follow the Style it Project here or on Kimba Likes.  I hope you join in!

The Style it Project!

Screen Shot 2014-05-26 at 5.13.53 pm

40 Plus Natural day look Makeup {Sponsored}

I love makeup, I love everything about it! Lately, I have been creating a natural day look instead of my usual heavy-handed makeup look. I love creating a look so simple and clean that it looks like you have just rolled out of bed looking naturally gorgeous instead of just completing the colour run.

40 Plus Natural Day Look Makeup

  • Create a nice even base with your favourite light foundation or BB cream. Look for one that blends with your skin tone, lets your natural beauty shine through and has a high SPF. I love it when I can see real skin and not a mask like finish. Save the mask for the nightclub!
  • Blush is a must! This adds life to the blank canvas. My current favourite is a pinky tone. Just dust a little around your apples (the juicy part of your cheeks)
  • Eyeshadow. Brush a matt nude/sand colour across your eyelid up to the brow area. This will even out the colour of your eyelid, cover any veins and create a nice base
  • Use soft brown (or grey or whatever floats your boat) eyeshadow over your eyelid. I like to bring it up and out a little and BLEND it. This creates a soft, daytime cats eye feel without the harsher liquid eyeliner look
  • Fill in your brows. Brows make a huge difference
  • A little dusting of powder to set it all and help it last for the day
  • Curl your eyelashes and then use mascara. I love two coats on the top lashes but I leave the lower lashes alone in the day time.
  • Finish off with a nude lipstick, a gloss or lip balm. I usually use the Pink from Carmex Moisture Plus range for the gloss finish, hint of colour and long lasting moisture. Plus I need the extra moisture in Winter!

40+ Natural day look Makeup

I am a Carmex Ambassador. I have used Carmex for years and I love them! Why? The products have deep penetrating and long-lasting moisturising effects, provide just the right about of lip colour and they are not tested on animals.

White Tee shirt and Jeans. Part 2

Last week I talked about my love of white tee shirts and jeans. I admit that I dress very casually and for comfort. I live in white tee shirts and I must buy a new white Bonds tee shirt every second month. Plus, I wear jeans most days. Today I dumped my beloved boyfriends for a my ‘dressy’ jeans – A pair of dark, fitted denim JAG jeans.

White Tee shirt and Jeans. Part 2

I’m wearing a Peasant Plaid Shirt from Bohemian Traders. It was a chilly 19 degrees in Brisbane when I was doing the school run, so I grabbed my Clementine Vest.

I left the length of my jeans longer, so I could wear stomping heels and elongate my legs. They appreciate any extra centimetre I can give them.

White Tee shirt and Jeans Mix prints and textures High heels & long jeans elongate legs



Jeans and a White Tee

Nearly everyone owns a pair of jeans and a white tee shirt. I live in jeans and tees! I would love to be a dress or sexy suit girl but it’s not me…at all! But, Jeans and a white tee shirt doesn’t have to be boring, it’s a great base for heaps of outfits. It’s all about the accessories baby!

Jeans and a White Tee

Today I’m wearing it with a vest and heels. These heels were a 37th birthday present to myself. 4 years later and I still love them as much as I did the first time I saw them.

White Bonds Tee Shirt, Bohemian Traders Distressed Boyfriend Jeans, Bohemian Traders Clementine vest (worn before here) and Luz Da Lua heels. I wish I thought to throw on a necklace – like this one from Red Phoenix Emporium – but I didn’t and I can’t travel back in time to correct my naked neckline. Darn my laziness! *stomp*

Jeans and a White Tee

Jeans and heels
Jeans and heels

6 Styling Confessions

I think I must be one of the laziest beauty or style bloggers ever. I am not sure how I even stumbled into this, but I’m here and I’m loving it. But, I have a few things to confess….

6 Styling Confessions

1. I refuse to believe anything younger than me is vintage. FYI Vintage is only before 1973

2. When your hair is bigger your bottom looks smaller.  I wish I was blessed with thick hair or perms were still in fashion. The 80s rocked!

3. The same goes for shoulder pads, but if you skip the big hair with them you might look like a pin head

Styling Confessions 3. It’s impossible to wear too many accessories. Impossible!

4. I believe that when wearing creased clothing, my body heat will iron out the creases and that it’s better for the clothes long term. It’s like when you use a hair straightener you’re damaging your hair, if you use an iron, you’re damaging your clothes. I can make myself believe anything if it keeps my iron packed away.
Styling Confessions 5. If someone asks how many pairs of shoes you own the answer is always ‘Not enough

I’m part of the Laugh Link team and I’m hosting the link up this week. This was created by a group of bloggers to provide an outlet for humour writing. The Laugh Link members are:

Michaela from Five Frogs Blog |  Emily from Have a Laugh on Me | Kimberley from Melbourne Mum | Alison from Talking Frankly | Vanessa from 26 Years and Counting |  Rachel from Redcliffe Style


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How to make unique Colour Combinations work

Who said you can’t wear pink with red or blue with black or chartreuse with orange. Whenever I hear silly things like that, I want to search my wardrobe and throw the colours on immediately. I love putting together interesting or unique colour combinations and finding a way to make them work. It’s like my version of a cross word puzzle. I love the challenge!

How to make unique Colour Combinations work

How to make unique Colour Combinations work

Let’s take Chartreuse (yellow-green). This could be a tricky colour. It would be safe to pair it with black, white or denim and it would look lovely but I’ve decided I want to wear my gorgeous Bronze Pants from Blue Bungalow. Instead of hunting down a predictable pair of brown shoes that would match the pants, I wanted to bring complete outfit together.

I decided on a pair of orange brogues because this brings in another Autumn tone. I’m like leaves blowing in the wind around a park bench. Plus orange gives me another colour to play with. Now dressed in Chartreuse, Bronze and Orange, I just had to find accessories that included those colours but ideally had a few more colours too. I wanted more than the base colours in the accessories so it didn’t look too matchy-match.

I love how the scarf and bracelet connect the three key pieces but add more than just a colour connection. They add life!

I challenge you to give me any colour combination, and I’ll make it work!

How to make unique Colour Combinations work

The Chartreuse top, Bronze pants and scarf are all from the Blue Bungalow.
They have heaps of fun Autumn and Winter pieces to play with.

Not sponsored but the clothes were gifted.

A Puffer Vest

I have been keeping my eyes out for a bright puffer vest. I love these for Autumn/Winter. Obviously, they are only for casual outfits but they are a great way to add colour and warmth plus they rolled into nothing when you are travelling.

A Puffer Vest

I found this Esprit puffer vest in Myer. There was 25% new Esprit stock and the Esprit membership got me another 10% off. So it was down to $47 from $69.95. It’s exactly what I was looking for.

The Puffer Vest

It’s easy for a puffer vest to enhance your curves. So, I tried on a few sizes and I settled on a size that worked when it was left open but could still be zipped up if I really wanted. Seriously, Unless you’re skiing how often would you do it up anyway.

I’m wearing the puffer vest with JAG jeans, shirt and chambray shirt and because it’s raining, a pair of Thomas Cook Gum boots (worn before here). In real life the boots go well with the jacket :)

Puffer vest

Would you wear a Puffer vest? 

Sharing my everyday style with Styling You.

Wearing Summer clothes in Winter

You don’t always have to pack away your Summer wardrobe when the weather starts to cool down. I love find ways to merge my wardrobes and get more wear out of my pieces. It’s all about achieving good cost-per-wear.

Wearing Summer clothes in Winter

This Witchery Off White Shirt Dress is an awesome piece to wear in Summer and Winter or wear to the beach or out to dinner. I also love wearing it as an open long, light weight jacket over jeans and t-shirt.

I’m wearing tan NineWest heels and a old, old tan bag and a white Metalicus slip underneath. This dress is very light-weight and does require a slip.

Witter boots, black Metalicus singlet Ambra tights, a JAG waist belt and a black studded Nu bag.

Wearing Summer clothes in Winter

Over the next few weeks, I’ll be showing a few more posts about wearing Summer clothes in Winter.

Do you merge your wardrobes? 

Linking up with the 40+ Style party!!

40 + Style = Freakin' Fabulous

Forty Plus Style Link up!!

I’m so excited to launch Week One of the Forty Plus Style link up. This is a linking party to show off how fabulous 40+ ladies are. If you are 40 or over and wear clothes then you qualify. If you are over 40 and don’t wear clothes, then throw on some amazing accessories and show them off instead.

Forty Plus Style Link up

The Forty Plus Style link up will be a weekly party that opens every Thursday morning. Feel free to link up any style or clothing post you have written in the week before. The link will stay open until the following Wednesday night, then the next one will take over. I’d love it if you could visit a few other inspiring 40+ stylers that might link up too.

Let’s inspire all women and show off how fabulous life continues to be after 40! If you don’t blog but want to show off your style then please add the hashtag #fortyplusstyle and @redcliffestyle to a Facebook or Instagram image and I’ll find you!! I can not wait to see your gorgeous posts and images and be inspired myself xx

Forty Plus Style Link up

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Everyday Style: Evening clothes during the day

I love to merge my different wardrobes together. Wearing Summer clothes in Winter, dressing up casual pieces and dressing down dressier items. Today I’m dressing down an evening skirt. It’s a drappy, silver Witchery skirt I bought for an awards night. It’s so very comfortable plus it doesn’t require ironing! I don’t wear it too often because it comes open at the front and I prefer to keep my vagina private.

Everyday Style: Evening clothes during the day

This works as a daytime look because it’s not too over the top. If it was silver with sequins, I would have left it in the wardrobe. I also created day time feel by adding leggings and keeping my hair and makeup simple. I have a meeting, so I toned it down a black Witchery top and Wittner heels. I also have a black blazer if necessary.

Everyday Style: Evening clothes during the day

Would you wear “Evening” pieces during the day?