9 Tips for Tween Teen Skincare

I have two gorgeous daughters ages 11 and 13 and I think this is the perfect age to start educating them on skincare and getting them into a simple routine.

It’s easy for a mum to give advice, but sometimes it adds a bit more weight if a specialist backs you up.  Tips for Tween Teen Skincare

I booked them both into see a skin specialist at the Brisbane Anti Wrinkle Studio for a consolation, to discuss a simple routine and also to kickstarted their new skincare regime with a gorgeous, gentle microdermabrasion treatment.

The girls walked out of that room feeling amazing, educated and inspired. Since the appointment, they have both been excellent with their new skincare routines.

Now they just need to keep it up for the next 70 years.

Tips for Tween Teen Skincare

Here are 9 tips for tween teen skincare.

    1. Use a gentle cleanser twice a day. It’s important that it’s gentle and they aren’t over cleansing. Over cleansing can increase oil production and breakouts. We are are using Skinstitut Gentle Cleanser. This is the same one I use and comes it a huge 200ml tube, so it’s great for the entire family. If they play sport or exercise a lot, they might want to throw in an extra cleanse, or use a gentle cleansing wipe.
    2. A very light moisturiser. This will hydrate and protect the skin.
    3. Don’t squeeze pimples. If there are breakouts, use a spot treatment instead. We love Mario Badescu Drying Lotion. Squeezing can cause infections and scarring. If they really can’t resist then see a professional for the extractions.
    4. Sunscreen. Every single day. We are using this 50+ sunscreen because, once again, it’s the same one I use and it doesn’t feel sticky or sunscreeny.
    5. Water, water, water. Tweens need about 7 glasses per day and teens 8 – 10 glasses.
    6. Keep hands away from your face. You want to protect your skin from dirt and germs and your hands are covered in them. Often you don’t even realise you touch your face and hair so much.
    7. Check the diet. The wrong foods can have an affect on the skin and be causing breakouts.
    8. Changing pillowcases regularly. Your pillowcase can hold a build-up of dirt and oil from your skin and hair, then transfer it back to your skin. This can clog pores and cause breakouts.
    9. Don’t share makeup or brushes. They will no doubt be playing and experimenting with makeup, so they shouldn’t share their makeup and brushes with friends, and they need to wash their brushes regularly.

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