What I wore: Watering the Garden

It was such a warm, sunny day yesterday that I threw on a dress for watering the garden and become one with nature. I was like a little chameleon, hidden against the background.

I adore long, light, printed dresses for Summer. They replace the denim that features heavily in my wardrobe the other 9 months of the year. I’ve already started picking up a few dresses in preparation of a gorgeous, hot Queensland Summer – like this one here.

What I wore: Watering the Garden

My most recent addition is this Privacy Please, cold shoulder, dress from Revolve. How gorgeous is the print and the sleeves!? So beautifully feminine and so easy to wear.

What I wore: Watering the Garden

What I wore: Watering the Garden

Don’t forget: Revolve’s new free Express Post shipping to Australia and they are offering friends and family 20% off. Be warned, this promotion ends on 3 October 2016

The Model and Me

Nikki from Styling You has a really cool series called ‘The Model and Me’. Each week she grabs an item of clothing, styles it and then show an image of the model wearing it and a photo or two of her wearing it. I LOVE seeing the pieces worn on a real life person, in a real life way.

Over the passed 3 weeks Nikki let me take The Model and Me posts over!! I was pretty freakin’ excited.

Today is my last post and, if you get the chance, I’d love you do stop by and say hello.

…. visit “The Model and Me: Bamboo Body

The Model and Me

and if you liked that you can pop in and see the other two posts :)

The Model and Me: FireFly Clothing

The Model and Me: wYse Bodywear


Monday Blues: What I’m wearing to conquer this week

I’m a little down today. I had a massive week at work last week, moved house and my gorgeous girls have gone to Winter camp. I know moving house is meant to be stressful, but I’ve never, ever found it like that. I usually love it. Not this time. We have downsized dramatically while we plan our next move. We both love the area we are in, we want to buy again, but we haven’t found the right place yet.

I didn’t see the house until we started moving in. In hindsight, I should have take time off work to check it out. This place is a shoebox without room for shoes!!. During the last 2 weeks I culled my wardrobe dramatically, it looks like I need to keep going.

I feel so silly that this is even getting to me. I appreciate how lucky I am, gorgeous healthy girls, a dog that’s like an Angel that fell from heaven, a supportive husband etc, etc. I know this is a small thing. Time to look at the bright side and put a smile on my face.

What I’m wearing to conquer this week

There is no awesome selfie wall or dog door!! So this morning, I took the fur babies and drop them off at my aunts for the day and took a quick snap in her driveway.

I haven’t taken this stunning and snuggly Everyday Cashmere Jet Set scarf off since I got it. This comes to work with me everyday and is like a warm loving hug all day … every day.

I’m wearing it over basic black with sexy-arse, black Ramarim heels from Easy Life shoes.


I can do this but I’m going to need a little more coffee …. followed by crisp NZ Sauvignon Blanc as soon as I get home.

Have you had to downsize dramatically? I’d love to hear your story.

Have a great week xx

A week of Work wear

It’s kind of fun putting outfits together from my meagre wardrobe. I’m not sure how long I’m going to find this enjoyable though.

A week of Work wear

Bohemian Traders navy and white striped skirt with a navy Metalicus Tee and Blazer. This tee is so great to wear with a fitted skirt, it hangs low at the back and covers everything. Finished it off with FRANKiE4 LiZ boots in black.


This is the kind of outfit I feel most comfortable in. Khaki drop crotch pants and a black linen shirt (both from Bohemian Traders) and the same boots as Monday


Wearing sexy-arse heels. I’ve been dreaming of these gorgeous heels and now, thanks to Easy Life Shoes, they are MINE!!! These might look gorgeous but they are also fantastic to heel. Very comfortable.


I let my shoes have all the attention and wore all black. Another Bohemian Traders top, a furry vest and pull on pants from Frankie & Co.

DSC_0203 (2)

This little shrug was a bargain from Myer last year. I found it in the scarf/stocking section and it was under $50.

DSC_0206 (1)

Wearing it with a Khaki shirt from Sussan, a plaid shirt (Bohemian Traders) and another sexy pair of sexy Ramarim boots from Easy Life Shoes.

DSC_0193 (1)

Casual Friday
Double shirt action. I’d probably wear an outfit like this everyday if I could. I’ve just realised that I’ve unintentionally had a week in Bohemian Traders. Both shirts are Bohemian Traders. Also wearing G Star jeans and one of my favourite pair of Blue booties.

DSC_0191 (2)

30+ Style and Beauty: Blue and Beige

Yesterday I put this outfit on and I fell in love with it …. hard. I can’t believe I hadn’t worn this combination before. I think the beige and blue is so perfect together.

30+ Style and Beauty: Blue and Beige

This stunning dress is from Dogstar. I bought it last year to go to a Mercedes Benz event (worn here) but I love it so much that I try to work it into everyday wear. You can not achieve great cost-per-wear if you are saving it for something.

I’m wearing a soft trench over it and my amazing Ramarim Blue ankle boots (worn before here) from Easy Life Shoes. Everyone should have a pair of blue shoes or boots.

My hair is wet and slicked back, I spent so much time looking at the pretty dress, there was no time for anything else.

30+ Style and Beauty: Blue and Beige

Style and Beauty: Blue and Beige

What’s your current favourite colour combinations?


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The time I interviewed Danni Minogue

Recently, Be a Fun Mum send me on a mission. To interview Danni Minogue, the new Westfield Autumn/Winter Style Ambassador,  and pick her brain about style tips for busy mums.

Yeah, I did it and I did it for YOU.

You can read all about it here. I’d love you to drop by and say hello xx

The time I interviewed Danni Minogue

PS: She even more lovely in real life.

30+ Style and Beauty: Walking on the wild side

Animal print seems to always be in style. It’s almost a neutral, so don’t be scared to treat it like one. But remember, a little animal print goes a long way. It’s very powerful.

30+ Style and Beauty: Walking on the wild side

Currently, my favourite way to add a little animal print is with shoes or a belt. Yesterday, I wore these gorgeous Hush Puppies Kitten heels with a Khaki outfit, my amazing Soft Trench and finished off with statement Jord watch.

Walking on the wild side Walking on the wild side - Jord Watch Walking on the wild side

Lola and I like to match. It makes us feel better. More in tune with each other.

What have you been up to this week?


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Office Style: It’s been a busy one

I’ve been dealing with insomnia this week. It doesn’t stress me but it’s certainly harder to deal with when you’re working full time too. I do love it when I have the gorgeous, dark, quiet world all to myself.

Office Style: It’s been a busy one

Pleather leggings aren’t just for play. These were a ridiculous bargain from Sussan last year. Wearing them with a Metalicus shirt and Ramarim heels. How gorgeous are these heels? I actually forgot they were in my wardrobe!

DSC_0016 DSC_0008

Wearing an amazing outfit from Jaz & Alex. This was very cool. You can read the details here.


Black, mustard and leopard print. The cardigan is from Bohemian Traders and the booties are new season Basque from Myer.

DSC_0008 2

Wearing an amazing Cape from Sabena Coat. This was gifted but that doesn’t change how amazing it is. How perfect is it with the FRANKiE4 LiZ boots!


Very casual in James Jeans from Jaz & Alex, Sussan linen shirt and blue & brown boots from Sutton Street Shoes.

DSC_0026 DSC_0001

 Have a wonderful weekend!! Are you doing anything interesting? 

*If you’re interested in the Sabena Coat phone 03 9419 1633 or email shana@sabena.com.au

My Embarrassing Beauty Blunder

I had a Tae Kwon Do grading today. I had to clean for an open house and then leave the house by 9.45am. I was rushing all morning, then after my shower, pulled on my uniform, dealt with frizzy hair and at the last minute I grabbed a black waterproof mascara, gave my lashes a little swipe and then a little dab of lip gloss.

My beauty blunder

When arrived at the venue and I was a bundle of nerves. I love Tae Kwon Do but I hate grading. I hate people looking at me, watching every move and judging me. But I love new belts, I love learning the new stuff that comes with the new grade and I love training with my girls. So I suck it up.

It was hot, I was sweating. I started stuffing up my patterns, everything was going wrong, I WAS FREAKING OUT!

People were whispering, pointing and giving me a look you only save for the unhinged. I presumed it was because I was stuffing everything up and starting to fall apart. Then people started trying to give me subtle, little signals. My daughters were desperately trying to give me a message with their eyes between spars. I knew something was up.

It turns out my mascara wasn’t waterproof. It was under my eyes, above my eyebrows, across my nose. Who knew one little swipe could travel so far. So not only was I shit at the moves, I looked like an angry raccoon.

It’s funny, I never purposely wear makeup to train. I wasn’t even thinking when I grabbed that mascara.

I need to have a giggle about my embarrassing moment and I’d love you to help. Have you had a beauty blunder? What was it?

My Embarrassing Beauty Blunder


A-Z of Style: Dupes

To be honest, I only realised what dupes were recently. I couldn’t believe it when I was told about them! Today, I have the gorgeous, Norlin from Bubbles, Baubles and Bags explaining what “dupes” are and sharing some amazing dupes with some serious savings.

A-Z of Style: Dupes

I was so excited AND honoured to be picked to share the letter D of Rachel’s A-Z of Style and this week it’s all about “dupes”.  Being someone who absolutely loves beauty and fashion, but surviving on a beer budget, it’s imperative that I know where to look for products that will do the exact or a similar function to that of their more expensive counterparts.

So what exactly are “dupes”? It is basically short for duplicates; products that are exactly or function similarly to their more expensive and original cousin. With the beauty and skincare industry being so competitive, there are always bound to be drugstore brands that would produce copies of the original. That’s not to say that it’s bad or anything, but it makes it more attainable for those of us who wouldn’t or couldn’t part with our hard earned money for the super expensive brands. The price difference between the higher end or shall we say luxe brand names are huge! In most cases it can be over 50% in savings! In this post, I’ll be sharing with you some dupes that you can easily get your hands on, without sweating on the prices.

Face of Australia

Face of Australia is an Australian brand (pretty obvious from the name really), who has a great range of highly affordable and easily available beauty products that are often similar, if not even, like the originals we’ve seen on the shelves.   I’ll list the originals that Face of Australia has had dupes made so far.

  • Benefit Brow Zings – High Definition Brow Kit
  • Benefit High Beam – Mineral Therapy Illuminator in Angel Mist
  • NARS The Multiple – Lumi-Tint Illuminating Sticks
  • Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Lip Tar – Lip Paint
  • NARS Blush (Super Orgasm) – Blush in O-Peachy
  • Clinique Chubby Sticks – Glossy Lip Crayon
  • Shu Uemura Cleansing Oil – Pure Skin Cleansing Oil

dupes alert 2 L’Oreal

If you don’t already know, L’Oreal has made quite a number of dupes in terms of skincare and even their makeup range from well known brands such as Armani, Lancome, YSL, just to name a few. Honestly though, it shouldn’t be such a big surprise because these are all under the same umbrella of the L’Oreal group of brands. So naturally, a more affordable version would always be released later down the track. Usually though, there might be little tweaks made on the more affordable versions. Things like the scent, the feel and texture and also slight differences with the packaging. Sometimes, it could also be slight differences in the performance of the product. Rightly so, seeing that you pay the premium price for a premium product, so naturally, you would lose some of the qualities in the dupes.

    • YSL Rouge Pur Couture Vernis A Levres – L’Oreal Shine Caresse
    • Giorgio Armani Maestro Liquid Foundation – L’Oreal Magic Nude Liquid Powder
    • Lancome Visionnaire Serum – L’Oreal Skin Perfection Serum
    • Lancome Advanced Genifique – L’Oreal Youth Code Super-Concentrated Serum
    • YSL Touche Eclat Concealer – L’Oreal Lumi Magique Highlighter

dupes alert 3
Other Dupes (Rumour has it…)

Besides the two I’ve mentioned, there are also other brands that have dupes but I’m going to call this the “rumour has it” list because I’ve heard that they are dupes but haven’t tested them together, myself but have read on other blogs who have.

      • Smashbox Camera Ready BB Cream – Maybelline Dream Fresh BB Cream
      • MAC Paint Pots (a few shades) – Maybelline Color Tattoo
      • Dior Addict Fluid Stick – Maybelline Color Elixir
      • NARS Blush (some colours) – ELF Cosmetics Blush
      • MAC Blush (a few shades) – NYX Blush

There are actually a lot more affordable brands out there that are duplicates of the higher end brands; the thing is for you to experiment and try especially if you’re not keen on splurging on the latest high end product. My tip is for you to wait a few months or so, the dupes would definitely be out on the shelves. Google the high end product you’re after and insert the word dupe at the end and you’ll usually get a list of the more affordable, drugstore brand.

I hope I’ve helped divulge a little well-known secret on some of the luxe brands out there.

Have you tried any of the more budget friendly brands I’ve mentioned? Are you surprised by any of the ones I’ve revealed?

Everyday Style: Lunch with the Girls

On the weekend I met up with a bunch of gorgeous, stylish ladies that met through participate in Styling You’s Everyday style. What the hell do you wear to a lunch, with a bunch of stylish ladies, that have seen pretty much every thing in your wardrobe? Ladies that came together through a love of style? Ladies that have amazing wardrobes and taste?

Everyday Style: Lunch with the Girls

Whatever the hell you like! These chick are so cool, and funny and were way more worried about the flow of champagne and wine than what I was wearing.

I ended up wearing clothes I am comfortable in. No worries about a wardrobe malfunction here.

Everyday Style: Lunch with the Girls

I was so thrilled to meet and hang out with all these cool chicks in person. I can not wait until the next get together.

Photo stolen from Nikki at Styling You. left to right: Style Loving 2 | Sophisticated Mumma | Shergb | Rebeccakatemua | Mum on the go | Redcliffe Style | Loveface Beauty | Styling You | istyl | Style Scouting | Iris May Style | Sister in Style | The Sunday Stylist

Everyday Style: Lunch with the Girls


A-Z of Style: Bras

Don’t underestimate the power of the bra. The wrong one can totally destroy an outfit and the right one will get you numerous marriage proposals. They are totally worth the investment

A-Z of Style: Bras

You have heard over and over that you should get property fitted and this is completely true. So many people are wearing the wrong size bra. If you are wondering now if you are one of those people, a few signs to look for:

  • Your cup is spilling over (like soft serve over a waffle cone)
  • You cup is gappy (imagine a toddler putting on a grown ups hat)
  • The wire is digging into your breasts.
  • The straps are causing pain or falling down
  • The back strap sits high
  • You have excess back fat
  • The middle panel isn’t lying flat on your skin

Not only do the ladies fitting you for a bra help find the right size, they find the brands that work best for your puppies.

Find the right bra for the job!

Once you have good bras, then you have to know when to wear them.

99% of the time, I stick with a t-shirt bra. These are simple and smooth and create a smooth base for underclothing. I save the pretty lace bras, for those times you want to flaunt what you got. I usually wear them under a button down shirt, when I go out at night or under a pretty dress.

Invisible straps are never invisible. Your look will be ruined if the plastic strap is seen, wear a strapless bra instead, or secure the strap so it won’t slip out.

And always pick the right colour for the job.

A-Z of Style: Bras


Daily Style: Kimono tops

I’ve spoken before about my love of Kimono tops and now I’m doing it again. If you hunt down the right ones, there are so many ways to wear them and in all different seasons. Today I’m wearing a Wrangler Jessa Kimono Vintage White that I picked up at Universal Store (you can find it here). This has a gorgeous, soft vintage look and feel. When you touch it you could imagine it’s been loving thrown on over everything and washed over and over for years.

Daily Style: Kimono Tops

A few styling tips:

  • Don’t be scared to wear it alone as a dress. This is so sexy and gorgeous and perfect for Summer
  • Have fun with clashing prints. I teamed it with a bright floral
  • They love denim. But what doesn’t love denim!
  • Belt it to create a waist
  • Throw it on over swimmers at the beach

DSC_0015 2 PicMonkey Collage DSC_0034

If you would like some more inspiration for kimono tops, you should check out this post.

30 Plus Style and Beauty Link up featuring Styled by Bec

Bec from Style by Bec is the latest member of the 30+ club!! Not only is Bec a Stylist and Personal Shopper, she is a mum to three littlies and a Plumber!

30 Plus Style and Beauty

30 Plus Style and Beauty Link up featuring Styled by Bec

Why did you start blogging? And has it changed from when you first started?

I started my blog on Styled by Bec as a way to build my personal styling business in 2010. My day job was a plumber during the week and I would style clients or give colour analysis reports to clients on the weekends. I didn’t maintain the blog on Styled by Bec regularly mainly because I was busy being a plumber. At the end of 2011, I had finished writing my book on how I became a plumber and decided to start a plumbing blog called The Plumbette, to build readers who would be interested in reading my book. The book is still sitting on my computer waiting to be edited!! I focused a lot more attention to this blog as opposed to Styled by Bec. It wasn’t until I went to Problogger Conference last year that I was inspired to restart my Styled by Bec blog. A couple of months later I found out that my husband and I were expecting our third child and I just didn’t have the energy to devote myself to two blogs so I chose to still blog at The Plumbette which had started to earn an income, and I blogged haphazardly on Styled by Bec when I could. Now that I have had my third baby Phoebe, I have started to get into a routine of blogging weekly on Styled by Bec.

The way I blog on both The Plumbette and Styled by Bec has changed since I started as I write more personal posts as opposed to just giving advice. Readers love the personal posts because they can relate to them. When I think about the blogs that I love to read, it’s the ones that share their lives to the online world, so it made sense for me to write this way too on my blogs.

How would your friends or family describe your style?

I’m a classic dresser but I like to have a go at trends. I am very girly which may seem unusual for a female plumber who would wear cotton drills and steel caps during the week. These days with three daughters, including a newborn, my style is relaxed, yet stylish and put together.

When dressing up I wear clothing from Review, Veronica Maine & Cue.

When dressing during the week I mix labels like Witchery, Sass & Bide and Erin Louise with basics from Target and Big W. I like to keep an open mind when I go shopping so I don’t have a loyalty to any one brand.

Through-out my pregnancy I did the same but also wore a lot of dresses from ASOS maternity and general maternity brands like Ripe Maternity and Soon.

How do you think someone that didn’t really like you would describe your style?

Gosh, what a hard question to answer. If someone didn’t really like me, I wouldn’t listen to what they thought of my style because I don’t care what they think. But if they did describe my style it would be feminine and nice.

Who inspires your style and why?

I’m inspired by bloggers and friends. I enjoy watching what other women wear and if I love a look, I think about how I can imitate it using what I already own in my wardrobe or I go shopping. I also love window shopping. I can get inspired by how a mannequin is dressed at the front of a shop.

When it comes to celebrities, I love Kate Middleton’s style and anything worn by Nicole Kidman and Cate Blanchett – more for colours, because I share their fair skin.

Describe your biggest beauty disaster and do you have photographic evidence you are willing to share?

The biggest beauty disaster which I didn’t think was a disaster at the time was when I was little (I was probably mid primary school) and I got my fringe permed because I liked how the style looked on my Barbie doll and wanted to look just like her. Worst move ever!! It went boofy and I was living in the 90’s, not the 80’s!!

A couple of years ago I also cut my fringe with tin snips because I didn’t have time to go to a hairdresser and my fringe kept falling in my eyes as I was working. The frustration was taken out on my fringe and I wished I hadn’t cut my fringe because I cut it way too short! Thank goodness hair grows!

Worst fashion disaster was when I was 21 and went to a wedding wearing a halter neck dress that required some sort of strapless and backless bra. I found these nipple stickers which were meant to keep my boobies contained but when the night breeze flew in, those nipple stickers stood out like full beam headlights on a semi-trailer! You could see the full outline of the stickers AND my nipples. Thank goodness I had a wrap which I tied across my chest to hide my embarrassing fashion faux pas!!

Because you are a new mum and have toddlers, what are your best ‘get ready in 10 minutes’ tips?

Wash your hair the night before and straighten it so that in the morning you just need to do a quick straighten to get any night time kinks out.

Use a BB cream.

Work out what to wear the night before, but if you forget, think about what to wear as you shower so you don’t waste time trying to work out what to wear.

If you have a well-functioning wardrobe with all basics covered and a selection of intermixing accessories and show pony pieces, putting an outfit together should be fairly simple. When in doubt, jeans a white tee and accessory or show pony piece always looks the goods.

About Bec

Bec is a plumber and stylist. She writes a plumbing blog called The Plumbette which unplugs her life as a plumber and mother of three daughters. She runs a styling business called Styled by Bec where she also blogs about fashion including what she wore throughout her pregnancy and how to look stylish post baby.

You can find Bec: Styled By Bec | Instagram | Facebook |

or The Plumbette | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

30 Plus Style and Beauty 30 Plus Style and Beauty 30 Plus Style and Beauty

Would you like to feature on the 30 Plus Style and Beauty linkup! Men, women, bloggers, non-bloggers are all welcome.
Email me at rachel(at)redcliffestyle.com.


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