Daily Style: Can 40 over wear Drop crotch pants?

I have loved the idea of drop crotch pants since I first saw the 80s happy pants making a modern comeback. I loved them then, but I wasn’t allowed to wear them. I love them now even more. Gone are the bright, busy prints on the cheap polyester, replaced with clean lines and gorgeous fabrics.

I was worried I would look a little muttony. I decided I don’t give a rats and I had to try them anyway.

Daily Style: Drop crotch pants

I realise these aren’t for everyone but I love them even more after wearing them. In fact, I immediately hopped online and ordered them in another colour. I know I shouldn’t love them, I know the length makes my legs shorter, I know it looks like my crotch is around my knees but I just don’t care. These are so cool and so comfortable.

So, can 40 over wear drop crotch pants? Hell Yeah! You must!

How do you feel about drop crotch pants?

Drop crotch pants

Can 40 and over wear Drop crotch pants?

In these photos I’m wearing drop crotch pants from Bohemian Traders new range.


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  1. These look awesome on you!! The tailored drop crotch is so funky and dare I say hipster!!!

  2. I love a drop crutch but being curvy need a flat front pair , you look fab x

  3. you look good.
    In theory they are fine but in practice there is the issue of chub rub.

  4. Love these! I just got an email from Australia Post that mine are being delivered as we speak!

  5. I saw the title and went: Hell Yea!! I am such a fan of the drop crotch pant and fortunately there are many good ones out at the moment. Those look amazing on you Rachel, and they can easily be dressed up with a blazer or down with some birkies.

    The most comfortable pant EVER.

    Love your photos, hope you are enjoying your new job x

  6. I worried about the muttony thing too, but you look fab!!! I haven’t looked bag either, they actually cover a multitude of sins & are super comfy!!!

  7. I hope works going well Rach! x

  8. I have looked at these and looked at these and looked at these (you get the drift). I have a pair of drop crotch bassike jersey pants that I wear casually but would love something a bit more “dressy”. How do you find the sizing of these? True to size? I LOVE your work photo with the white shirt and boots. Is the white shirt Bohemian Traders as well? (I work in a semi-casual law firm as well so I think I could get away with these!)


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