Day Spa Experience Giveaway RRP$380!!

I’m so excited about this giveaway and will be super jealous of the lucky winner.

I spend a lot of time at the Beautiful You Hair and Day Spa. It’s my go-to place when my skin, hair or body need some serious TLC. This place is almost like my second home. While I was there yesterday (getting the best hair treatment ever), the owner asked if I would like to run the most indulgent giveaway ever. How could I say no! Knowing that one wonderful reader will get to spend hours being treated like a VIP and then will leave looking and feeling amazing.

Day Spa Experience RRP$380!!

This gorgeous Day Spa Experience includes so many delicious services!!
*Far Infared sauna session
*Hydrotherapy Blue lagoon Spa
*Full body Salt scrub
*Micronized Marine Body Wrap
*Specialised Thalgo Facial
and finished off with….
*Issada Makeover

Day Spa Experience Giveaway RRP$380!!

The only catch is, you will need to be able to get to the Day Spa in Redcliffe (Brisbane Northside) and complete the spa treatment before 30th June between Mon – Fri!!

If you would like to know more about Beautiful You and their amazing services and products, check out their website or phone them on 3284 6463.

Day Spa Experience Giveaway RRP$380!!

This Competition has now closed and the winner has been notified by email!!

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  1. What an amazing giveaway! I’d love to experience this kind of luxury for a day, and so close to home. Tomorrow marks the end of a 12 week fitness challenge at my gym. I’ve had no sugar, no alcohol and done a lot more running than I’m used to for 12 whole weeks! I’d love the chance to give my body a relaxing treat :)

  2. Sam Best-Lawson says:

    Sounds like bliss

  3. Coleste says:

    Ooo this would be amazing to win ! I work away at at underground mine and will be away at work for 3 weeks, this would oh so amazing to come home to after being away at work for such a long time !

  4. I so wish they had one here!!! Would love to be in a day spa right about now….need some RNR!

  5. Shannen Bielby says:

    What a wonderful way to spend a day hiding away from the real world! :-)

  6. Sounds amazing! I love Beautiful You but unfortunately haven’t been able to indulge recently as we are saving, saving, saving!

  7. I would love this, being a single mum I never get the opportunity to have time to myself. Would be heaven!

  8. How beautifully indulgent and lovely… Id love to take some time out to relax and be pampered guilt free… (winning a prize is practically making money) xxx

  9. Oooh we had such fun at Beautiful You last time we got together with all the bloggy chicks, I’d love to go back and see the lovely ladies there! Whoever wins is going to LOVE their prize, those gals are a delight and sure do know their stuff!

  10. I’m all about selfcare right now. With so much else going on with my body that I have no control over, being able to do something that was all about loving and caring for it would be sublime.

  11. It’s no secret that I already love Beautiful You’s amazing hair dressing services… I walk in looking like a scarecrow and somehow Danielle or one of the other hairdressers transforms me into a normal looking person again :-). Would love to dabble in the beauty side of their salon :-).

  12. Sam Connell says:

    Looks divine, and perfect for my Mum. She’s looking for a new hair & beauty service, and she will be a wonderful client!!

  13. Great giveaway! Can I enter for a friend who lives up there? And who happens to have a birthday coming up?!

  14. Sharlene Hitchens says:

    Omg that would be devine, I have a 7 day business and could certainly do with a pamper day to unwind and de-stress. I love trying new day spas and would love to check out this one.

  15. Wow, this would be awesome!! Pampering, relaxation, no kids and just over the bridge, book me in!!

  16. This is such an exciting giveaway! Thanks to you Rachel I have discovered this salon and love it. A spa experience would only be a dream unless I won one. I’ve never been pampered to such an extent and would love the chance!

  17. Tiffany says:

    Pure Devine Bliss

  18. This would be a beautifully indulgent prize. I have never been to a day spa before. Looking at my tired, old face in the mirror, I so need a pick me up and this would be such a lovely treat. Thank you.

  19. Leah Adam says:

    I would love to win this!! How on earth do you choose a winner? I have read so many great entries so far that I almost feel guilty entering! (I have been stressed so It would be well deserved!!) But it is a competition so someone has to win! Good Luck everyone x

  20. It’s been years since I have had such treat,
    A special day just for me would be so neat,
    Always so busy and putting my girls needs first,
    And always watchful of what leaves the purse,
    Just thinking about this feels like bliss
    An opportunity I don’t want to miss………xxx N

  21. Sauna session, relax time
    Winning this competition would be sublime
    Hydrotherapy in the blue lagoon spa
    A salt scrub that makes me go ooh and ahh
    A body wrap and facial will make me feel fresh and new
    A makeover which bids my wrinkles adieu
    Oh please pick me, I hope you do
    A well needed break away from my work akin to a zoo
    So when I’m made over I will no longer look
    like the wolf from little red riding hood book
    So please pick me and hopefully I will be chosen
    So I can look as good as the Disney princesses in Frozen
    And find the beautiful me at Beautiful You
    So please, please pick me, I’m crossing my fingers you do!

  22. Suzette McGuire says:

    What a terrific giveaway! As much as I’d love to win this for myself… I’d love to be able to treat my mum with this :-)

  23. Oh wow, thanks so much for this great giveaway Rachel (and Beautiful You too!). There are so many reasons I would love to win this but I think what sums it up best … sounds like heaven on earth. And we could all do with some of that! PS. Rachel, I really loved your new hair colour and may feel the need to copy it!

  24. What an amazingly generous giveaway, Rachael and the Beautiful You team!

    I’d love to win this day of relaxation and pampering to give my body a reward and treat after finishing two consecutive 12 week challenges in support of a friend of mine fighting breast cancer and struggling with her weight. She recently received a makeover and day spa visit from a breast cancer charity and looks (and feels) amazing, and I’d love us to have the chance to hit the town together strutting our gorgeous stuff!

  25. What an amazing giveaway. I would love to experience a day spa because I’ve never ever had a beauty treatment in my 40 years on this earth! I turn 40 on the 1st of July so this would be a pretty special way to celebrate! Xx

  26. I am almost 46 and have been with a Justin for seven years plus. He is a hot (if I do say so myself) 31 year old. I am in desperate need of some work to this tired ole body. But not sure if one day would be enough. I think I would need to spend a month or more at the spa. Oh and I would bloody walk from Brisbane Southside to Redcliffe if I had the opportunity to do this.

  27. Such a great prize. A day off work to indulge seems like a good idea!

  28. For years I have not loved my body, I have filled it with things it doesn’t need or starved it of what it does. My 3-day, door delivered juice detox is a start towards me learning to love a rather worn, wrinkled and unloved body. To be pampered on the outside as well would simply be just what the doctor ordered!
    What a giveaway!!!!!!!!! xxx

  29. Deb Crane says:

    This would be a first time experience for me so I would be in my glory.

  30. I would happily have a day off work to partake! :)

  31. Tennille says:

    Oh, this sounds like heaven :) It would be a much needed escape and a first time at a day spa for me!

  32. Would love to win this for my sis whose husband is battling a health issue at the moment. It would hopefully take her mind off things even just for a moment

  33. As a recent SAHM with a restricted budget this sounds like a dream come true. Good luck all :)

  34. Jo Marshall says:

    Yes please. Sounds divine!

  35. I would love to win this, its been over 7 years ago on my honeymoon that I had a full day spa experience, so a long time between drinks. The whole package just sounds divine. What a generous gift.

  36. Awww…I wish I was in Brisbane…It looks so relaxing :)

  37. Katrina says:

    Beautiful You is such a gem of a place. Everyone feels welcome.

  38. Northside – tick.
    By June 30 – tick.
    Desperate desire – tick!!!!

  39. I would love to treat my mother in law. She works in aged care & always worries about everyone else at home & work. She deserves to relax & be pampered :)

  40. Just out of hospital after a major op …… Need some pampering!

  41. Karla Oleinikoff says:

    I need this so much, you have NO IDEA! I have 4 kids, 5 including hubby and I work full time. I need some me time!

  42. Im like most mums that work and have kids (husband included) and a house and pets to look after. I love to be looked after, just once! This sounds like a day off and would love to win it.

  43. This sounds divine! My back is hard as a rock carrying this bubba of mine and I’d love to feel pampered before this baby because there will be little pampering time with a newborn plus two other children to look after. What a great giveaway!

  44. Beautiful You is a lovely place.

  45. I’d love to win so I can give this amazing experience to my sister-in-law who really needs a treat. She’s been through a really stressful time and never gets the chance to spoil herself. I’d like to give her a day for herself.

  46. Karen Scott says:

    A day spa treat – yes please!!! At almost 45 my only treat is having my hair done every 6 weeks – have never had make up done, a massage nor my nails – yep I’m a virgin to all this :)

  47. Elle Clifton says:

    I would LOVE to be spoilt with this gorgeous day spa experience!

  48. I want to win because I’ve been working really hard, we’re running low on cash and I feel like I need to escape for a day. It looks like such a beautiful setting, and I’d love to spend some time looking after myself. :)

  49. Rebecca James says:

    What an making prize to giveaway. I would love to get spoilt.