Daily Style: Dressing for a Wet day at the Markets

I’m an assistant at a table at the Handmade Samford markets today. My aunt is setting up a table to sell her gorgeous necklaces and I’m going along to keep her company, motived and entertained. We haven’t done this before, but I’m pretty sure is going to be a lot of fun.

If you are in the area, come down to the Ellen S table and say hello. Don’t forget to bring your purse, and your neck (to try on necklaces), and your purse. Yeah, I know I mentioned it twice but you are going to want to buy these babies.

Pity it’s raining!

Dressing for a wet day, I have to wear dark colours to

  1. Avoid a spontaneous wet tee shirt competition; and
  2. highlight my Ellen S necklace.

Want a few more tips – read this post about dressing in wet weather.

Daily Style: Dressing for a Wet day at the Markets

I’m wearing black and brown. One of my favourite colour combinations to wear. This is a Dreamer dress  (in M) from the new Bohemian Traders Spring/Summer range. Don’t be scared to play with Summer dresses in Winter. My Clementine vest, old Cowboy olds and a gorgeous Ellen S Design necklace.

Dressing for a Wet day Dressing for a Wet day Daily Style: Wet day at the Markets Daily Style: Wet day at the Markets

What are you doing today? 



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  1. Jenni from Styling Curvy says:

    That dress is awesome…in love with it and the boots are fabulous too. I love this look. Stay warm rachel xxx

  2. Stunning! I’m hanging out at home with Boyo. He’s home from camp and refusing to leave the house!

  3. So far today I’m in bed listening to the rain. So pretty much an awesome day.

  4. Rachel that outfit looks unreal!! Love how you have made it winter-fied. Cause it is freezing here today ;-). Ha ha. Can I ask … with the dress on you the sleeves look loose but on the model they look quite fitted, can you tell me about them. I just need to know if I can fit my guns in there.

  5. Love how you’ve rocked up such a pretty dress.

    Wet here too this weekend. But hubster’s come up with the brilliant idea of having tomorrow’s bday party in the garage. Yay for that! So we’ll be staying dry. Hope you do too :)

  6. Have been contemplating that very dress but not sure if will accommodate the growing bump. We are sorting out our spare room today, I think I have early nesting syndrome seeing as bub isn’t due till December!

  7. I love this dress. I really want to get the cream one but I’ve held off because I know I’m going to lose weight after having Phoebe and I want to get longevity out of the dress…. ah decisions decisions!! Have a great day at the markets. Shame it is wet, but doesn’t that make people spend more money?! x

  8. Lisa Mckenzie says:

    You look gorgeous have fun!

  9. great photos and you look great as usual Rachel!
    love that indigo colour with brown … super!
    on my way to queensland soon hope the rain has stopped by then! cheers m:)X

  10. Love that dress! I think I’m going to get it too. Looks fab on you with this winter styling x


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