Exercise Style: 6 tips to Finding Exercise Motivation

Finding exercise motivation is something I really struggled with last year. I got into a funk, which turned into a merry-go-round of unhealthy choices, which lead to feeling shitty about how look and felt. I was disappointed in myself because I knew what I should be doing and I knew I could do it. But sometimes it’s really hard to get over yourself and get started.

6 Tips to Finding Exercise Motivation

My turning point was late last year, when I ran into an old friend, who happened to be a Personal Trainer at my local gym (Genesis Rothwell), she knew the old me … the motivated, competitive me … the confident, strong me. She agreed to help me finding exercise motivation.

I started having personal training once a week and continued Tae Kwon Do training twice a week. Nat (Personal Trainer) continually asked me, texted me, bugged me etc. about my diet, if had I stopped drinking wine and if I had started running again. Nope, nope, NOPE.

I was scared to start running again. Over a year ago I was managing half marathon distances, and I didn’t want to know how bad I had become. Over the Christmas holidays I decided to break out the running shoes and give it a whirl. I was aiming for a pissy 2km but would be happy with 3km. I did 5km! I felt amazing afterwards. I immediately remembered why I love running. As hard at it is in the moment, the feeling afterwards is euphoric.

I haven’t stopped. I’ve been running between 10km – 12km 5 times a week. My physical appearance hasn’t really changed, but I feel better … stronger …. capable. I feel the old me slowly seeping back in.

When I am struggling to motivate myself, a few tricks I use:

  1. Strap on my Fitbit Flex. Seriously, the best arm party addition ever. Watching your steps increase each day is motivation to move more
  2. Put on my exercise clothes first thing in the morning and I’m not allowed to take them off until I have done some sort of exercise. I’ve even started my own #exercisestyle hashtag on Instagram. Feel free to join in
  3. Shiny new exercise wear or shoes are extremely motivating. Even a new pair of socks are exciting enough to get me to put on my running shoes
  4. Plan a reward. When I started running, I promised myself that if I kept to my routine, I’d get new runners at the end of January. Well, I’m nearly there and I totally deserve them
  5. Commit to a friend. If you make plans with someone, you are less likely to let them down. If you can’t do it in person, then do it online or use your Fitbit to find a friend. Shit, I’ll be your friend!
  6. Have an excellent Playlist. Music makes me want to move. Or try a Podcast, in fact you must listen to Serial. This will keep you moving just so you can listen for longer.

PS: Today my friend Sonia from Sonia Styling has shared her HIIT workout you can do from home. This looks awesome. Check it out here.

6 tips to Finding Exercise Motivation Exercise Style: 6 tips to Finding Exercise Motivation Exercise Style: 6 tips to Finding Exercise Motivation



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  1. #2 is so simple but such a great idea. I have 3 kids and a FIFO hubby so it’s hard to establish a routine but I could at least do a HIIT seasion in my backyard before work if I was ready to go!!

    • Kids and mixed up routines make it so hard to create a routine around. HIIT sounds perfect for you. When I really struggle, I get my kids to join in. They love it and learn to move too.

  2. I bloody love this Rach! You’ve got some brilliant tips here. I especially like new exercise gear (or socks!), planning a reward and I love your #exercisestyle hashtag – I’ll be sure to join in! Thanks for linking to me too. x

  3. Sounds to me as if you’re really motivated, that’s great! I must check out those FitBits too as I’ve heard so many good things about them. I’m determined to get fit too, I’m heavier now than I was full term in my last pregnancy so I feel disgusting and very naughty! Best of luck…we can do it x

  4. Wow – you’re amazing!! Those distances are seriously good. Thanks for reminding me of some great ways to get off my butt. I need to schedule schedule schedule more me time to exercise!

  5. Congrats on getting back into it. I am nervouse too. It just occurred to me this week that I could have joined a no contract 24/7 gym to keep running when it was so bloody hot. I joined today. For the rest of the summer I have no excuse as I can now go any time to an air conditioned space with a treadmill. Aiming for that 10-12km by winter. How inspiring rach xx

    • My treadmill was a lifesaver over Christmas. Wen it was crazy hot, I’d put on the aircon, throw on a movie and run. I can’t wait to hear how your running plan goes. You can do it! Keep me informed because I will be asking :)

  6. You’re doing so well with your running! I’m struggling to run as I always end up taking 2 massive dogs with me and they trip me over. I can’t leave the house without them as they cry and give me the “sad eyes”.

    Once the nippers are all safely back at school, I can get back into running. :)

    • As much as I hate it, sometimes I have to leave Lola at home. She ruins my running rhythm plus she likes short distances. She gets rewarded with a walk later. Not long to go until the kids are back. Mine go back mid next week.

  7. Ditto here too! Been exercising at least 5 days a week again. So glad I re-started it. And like you, I have to put on my exercise gear to get me going. Although sometimes I waffle between going to the gym or going for a run. Stalling…and then when I get started I can’t stop!

    • I don’t make it to the gym too often. Still just once a week. I would like to up that, I know the results would be worth it.. Congratulations getting back into it! xx

  8. Totally loving my Fitbit too, I’ve just blogged about it and related movement . . . http://www.almostposh.com/2015/01/moving-with-motivation.html

  9. Rach I’m so stoked for you. I need to get some device that measure my exercise and some music sorted because I keep making these excuses. But once the kids are back I’m dedicated to getting my fab fit back! x

  10. I like the tip of putting your exercise clothes on and not changing until you have done some exercise. I will be joining in on your #exercisestyle hashtag too. You also reminded me to charge up my fitbit and start wearing it again. Thanks for the tips!

  11. I’m impressed with your running and I adore your fitness style. I’m just starting to get back into walking and hiking. My shins don’t seem to take to kindly to running but that doesn’t stop me trying occasionally and then regretting it. My latest style challenge is fitness related. Doing everything I can to keep things interesting and keep me motivated as I slowly get back on track with my fitness goals after so much time off. Still need to take things slowly for a bit but gosh it’s good to finally have the go slow ok to exercise again.

  12. Loved this post, I need a kick up the backside!! I do #2 too, although sometimes that means I’m in my exercise gear for longer than anticipated, really like the idea of shouting myself some new gear as a reward!!! Now for a fitbit……!!

  13. Great tips! I’ll have to join in with #exercisestyle!


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