My first Professional Photo Shoot

A couple of weeks ago, in the dark of the night, I crept out of bed, threw on some makeup and attempted to tame the frizzes. I then quietly left the house and met the sleepy lovely and talented Helen from Rhubarb Photography down at the beach just as the sun was starting to peak up over the water.

Helen and I had hatched a plan to take a few photos on the beach at sunrise for my first professional photo shoot. This might sound silly, but I was really nervous. I realise I take a million photos of myself, but I don’t love getting my photo taken. I usually need to take 15 50 to get one decent enough to share. My face often does something weird, which I why I’m often hiding under sunnies.

Rhubarb Photography 134_15_011

Rhubarb Photography 134_15_022 Helen helped me relax pretty quickly. It’s hard being uptight when you are surrounded in the gorgeousness of nature, basking in it’s most flattering light with a cool chick just telling you to be yourself.

I can be myself … I can freakin’ rock being myself. *insert dorky laugh*.
Rhubarb Photography 134_15_116 Rhubarb Photography 134_15_019 Rhubarb Photography 134_15_089

And then to make it even more fun ….. Custom Jewellery Co brought down some of their amazing, one-off pieces for the photos. I am obsessed with getting my mitts on one or two of their pieces!

Like this ring …

Rhubarb Photography 134_15_060

Or this delicate Sapphire and Opal one …

Rhubarb Photography 134_15_127 Rhubarb Photography 134_15_130

I had so much fun with Helen and loved the results so much. What I loved about the photos, is that they looked like me. A nicer, happier version of me but I wasn’t photoshopped into a Barbie, I still had my wrinkles and imperfection that make me me.

In fact, I would love to do a photoshoot with Lola … maybe even my daughters can join in. Shit, I’ll let my husband jump in too.

If you’re looking for Helen you can find her here or on Facebook.

Rhubarb Photography 134_15_177



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  1. Wow those photos are STUNNING. You look so beautiful (well as always) and I agree with you. Very natural. Would love to have some professional photos taken one day .. Andrea xx

  2. Oh Em Gee! You’re even more gorgeous than usual xxx

  3. Just gorgeous! I’m looking forward to Helen capturing us all at my #everydaystyle two-year celebration lunch.

  4. Always so naturally effortlessly beautiful Rachel. These photos have only captured the truth.

  5. Carolyn Kerr says:

    Just stunning Rachel but you are gorgeous 💋

  6. Stunning pics! I have that same kimono… it looks amazing on you xx

  7. Great photos. You always photograph well. You’re stunning. X

  8. Oh Rach, these photos are simply beautiful. Helen has captured you perfectly. What gorgeous snapshots to have of your gorgeous self. x

  9. Gorgeous pics

  10. These photos are all so fabulous! It’s hard to imagine that your face would do weird things!!! x Allison