The Girl on the Train Review

Are you a read-the-book-before-the-movie or after the movie type of person? I love a great book and I read The Girl on the Train when it first came out, I’m going to suggest that you avoid the book before you see this movie. Sometimes it adds to the movie and sometimes it doesn’t. I think I was one of the few people in Hoyts Redcliffe not surprised by the twists.

The Girl on the Train Review

Emma Blunt is amazing! She is captivating on screen. She plays the main character, Rachel. Rachel is a raging alcoholic, riding the train and obsessed with a couple she sees through the window, a couple who appear to be deeply in love and living Rachel’s idea of a perfect life. Then one day Rachel sees something upsetting through the train window and the next morning she wakes up covered in blood. Thanks to copious amounts of alcohol, she doesn’t remember anything nor is she a credible witness.

Everyone in the movie is excellent. Excellent, gorgeous and complicated. They might not be likeable but they were very good at being unlikeable. It’s dark and moody and captured the feeling of the novel so very well. It’s hard to say anything without giving spoilers.

For the local readers, a little update on our local Hoyts Redcliffe Cinema. They are currently undergoing a full retrofit! This will be mean superior seating and they will remain competitively priced. This is exciting for the Peninsula.

Just like the our new exciting train station where I took photos of another Rachel, pretending to wait for a train, while completely sober.

The Girl on the Train Review

The Girl on the Train Review



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  1. hi rach!
    looking gorgeous as usual hun!
    if i read a book before seeing the movie i’m 90% disappointed with the movie!
    movies generally disappoint me! … because fussy and a critic!
    have a good one hun! love m:)X

  2. Going to see it tonight, read it with the book club when it came out. Look forward to seeing how it translates.