Head to toe outfit under 100 dollars

I had a mission this weekend: DFO Jindalee asked me to put together a head to toe outfit under 100 dollars. I will always accept a styling challenge. I LOVE missions like this. I set myself very strict guidelines. They must be pieces I would actually wear and pieces I would buy. I could have put together a hundred outfits.

Head to toe outfit under 100 dollars

After a quick toilet stop (I get excited at the prospect of bargain shopping), I headed straight for Cue and tried on about 10 options. They were all gorgeous and wearable but I had to stay within budget and make sure I had cash left over for shoes.

I chose this amazing dress originaly $225 but down to $67.50. I couldn’t see one good reason why it wouldn’t be full price and it was too lovely to leave. This would be perfect for travelling, parties or a special let’s-celebrate-mummy-for-mother’s-day-dinner.

Next I needed shoes. I realised I only had $32.50 left to spend. It was DFO and I knew I could find shoes but my confidence was weakening … would I find shoes I loved? Shoes I would happily re-wear?

Off to Windsor Smith. Umm, Sandals … $15 originally $100. Are you kidding me!!

Done deal!! I was $17.50 under budget. Head to toe outfit under 100$ DSC_0015 DSC_0009 So, I bought a second pair of shoes from Windsor Smith. These were down to $62 (from $79) and would be great for work. In the back of my wardrobe I found a Jacqui E Blazer bought on an earlier DFO shopping trip. These pieces made my sexy dress more work appropriate. DSC_0041 DSC_0031 If you have the chance to stop by DFO Jindalee, I’d highly recommend it. I’m a lover of gorgeous things but an even bigger lover of finding them at bargain prices. I saw some amazing gift ideas for Mother’s Day *husband hint*.

Sponsored but genuine post. Love DFO, love the pieces I bought :)


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  1. Lisa Mckenzie says:

    You did well Rachel I love everything especially the shoes Xx

  2. Love your work and love the DFO outlets! That dress is just swoonsome!

  3. Great finds! Anything from Cue is a winner. Love that second pair of shoes!!

  4. merilyn says:

    looking amazing hun! …model quality! … you have it! …
    that dress is ready for wining, dining and dancing!
    dfo’s rule! … won’t pay top dollar for anything, because they are ripping us off!
    and those shoes!!! drool worthy!
    love m:)X

  5. Absolutely gorgeous, that dress is such a keeper!

  6. I love that dress Rachel!! Amazing price too. x

  7. Who doesn’t love a good bargain :)

  8. You did so well! Beautiful dress, fab shoes. Love it all. x