HoMedics Newa Skin Rejuvenation Review Update and Winner!!!

Over the last month I have been trialling the HoMedics Newa Skin Rejuvenation system. You can read and see the first review here.

HoMedics Newa Skin Rejuvenation Review Update and Winner!!!

HoMedics Newa Skin Rejuvenation Review Update

The Results?

Pro: I love every single moment I get to put my feet up and not do $h1t. I love 24 minutes completely relaxing and guilt free. I’m not going to lie, it’s awesome to use as an excuse not to be able to do any thing around the house

Sorry, I have another 20 minutes of Newa time, can you please finish the dishes

I’ve got to do my Newa tonight, can you please pick the kids up from Taekwondo/Netball/BFF

Sometimes I even exaggerate, just so I can buy more time.

I’ve been slowly seeing the results. My skin definitely feels and looks better and I notice the difference around my jaw line the most.

Con: You can’t use it around the eyes and this is where I’m feeling and looking my age the most at the moment. Plus occasionally, I have struggling a little to find time but when I push through, I relax and enjoy it.

HoMedics Newa Skin Rejuvenation Winner!!!

I’m thrilled to announce that Carly Bates is the winner. Congratulations Carly, I’ll arrange for your HoMedics Newa Skin Rejuvenation System to be sent out as soon as possible. I hope you love it as much as I do.

Thank you everyone else for your entries xx

HoMedics Newa Skin Rejuvenation Review Update


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  1. Anna Liisa says:

    Where can I buy this product, please?