HoMedics Skin+ Cleansing Rejuvenator system Review and Giveaway RRP $149.95

I’m a little obsessed with trying to keep my 40+ skin clean, fresh and hydrated. Looking after your skin is one of the best ways to look youthful and healthy.

Being an insomniac means I’m always lacking sleep and sleep is naturally one of your skin’s best friends. So if I can’t get the sleep, then I need to make up for it in other ways … like bucket loads of water, good serums, moisturisers and a great skin routine.

I’ve recently added the HoMedics Skin+ Cleansing Rejuvenator system to my routine. I was given the opportunity to review the system and if I liked, then I could run a giveaway. Well guess what, I liked it!

I really like that it worked with my current routine and maximised the effectiveness of my existing, loved products. The HoMedics Skin+ rejuvenating pack has has two devices, an Ultrasonic Cleansing Brush and a Skin Rejuvenating Applicator and is valued at $149.95

HoMedics Skin+ Cleansing Rejuvenator system Review and Giveaway RRP $149.95

HoMedics Skin+ Cleansing Rejuvenator system Review

The Ultrasonic Cleansing Brush speaks for itself. It gives your skin a gorgeous clean, like a car going through a car wash. Use water, your normal cleanser and move in a circular motion for approximately 30 seconds in each area.

HoMedics Skin+ Cleansing Rejuvenator system Review

Skin Rejuvenator and Applicator.  This device helps with the absorption of skin care products and helps hydrate and smooth the skin. It has 4 settings, hot, hot with ultrasonic vibration, cold and cold with ultrasonic vibration. After washing with the Ultrasonic cleansing brush, use this device on hot with ultrasonic vibration to apply your favourite moisturiser.

HoMedics Skin+ Cleansing Rejuvenator system Review RRP $149.95

Then after your products have been absorbed, switch to the cool massage with vibration mode to shrink pores and smooth your skin.

Also, the cool setting is great for puffy eyes. I was a perfect for the morning after New Years Eve! I also love the hot and cool settings without the ultrasonic vibration to treat pimples, particularly blinders.

HoMedics Skin+ Cleansing Rejuvenator system Giveaway RRP $149.95

To win your own HoMedics Skin+ system, please leave a comment telling me what your greatest skin concern is.
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  1. With summer in full swing the build up on sunscreen several times a day plays havoc with my sensitive skin :(
    It’s hard to balance a effective, strong sunscreen which will protect me – without damaging my skin. The rejuvenator seems like a great way to get rid of that summer build up and start fresh!

  2. Dry skin and dullness. If anyone finds a head shaped bucket with ventilation, that would suit to fill with moisturizer and dunk myself in, hit me up. I will reward you with heart shaped emojis and beautiful karma. 😜

  3. Cat Briggs says:

    I have open pores, but my greatest concern is ageing! These fine lines are popping up everywhere and I hate them! A tool like this would keep me fresh and clean, but infuse my fancy serums that much deeper, increasing their efficacy.

  4. dryness and the itch that goes with it – very uncomfortable and extremely unsightly

  5. Lauren Hales says:

    I am 39 so naturally aging is a concern, but I have adult acne! My teens I escaped unblemished…but as soon as I hit my 20s, BOOM! And have been battling with this ever since.

  6. My greatest concern is the fact that, at 30, I’m experiencing both extremes of the skin-problem-spectrum! I have acne and wrinkles! Like you, I don’t get near enough sleep and since having my three little kids I feel my skin has suffered damage due to fatigue and exhaustion (and some stress!). I’m so careful with applying my sunscreen under my foundation which has been a small saving grace. I’m very unhappy with my skin at the moment and feel that I look much older than my childless same-age peers, despite living clean and exercising!

  7. My large pores and wrinkles!

  8. Dullness and uneven skin tone.

  9. Dry sky and lines… I’ve always used sunscreen but I’m now 40!!! Eeeeeeeeek

  10. karina lee says:

    Wrinkles, crinkles and types of blemishes that come with nearing towards 40!

  11. I’m starting to notice little patches of darker pigmentation on my face and this is not cool at all. Putting it on the watch list for now!

  12. As a fellow insomniac, in my 40s with a 4yo, I’m noticing a gradual loss of elasticity. Finding a way to boost serums and other products would be fantastic 😊

  13. Cathy Billett says:

    I’m 43 but look at least 10yrs older. I have way more wrinkles than I should have thanks to Fibromyalgia & grimacing in pain so much. I’m passed the point where I hate looking in the mirror… I’ve read a lot of great reviews on HoMedics Skin+ Cleansing Rejuvenator system & I am sure I would get some great results from it too.

  14. Mary Preston says:

    My skin is dull & my pores seem to be quite large.

  15. My skin is desperate for some love! It’s like I turned 47 last September and my skin went,”nup, now I am old so I will look crap!”

  16. My biggest skincare concern is dry skin.

  17. My greatest concern is dullness and dryness.

  18. My biggest concern for most of my life has been my acne scarring where I’ve done it all to get rid of it from laser to microdermabrasion. Now I accept them and just try to be happy and healthy with what I have

  19. Acne! I have the worst acne.

  20. This poor face needs a whole lot of TLC! Especially over the summer months, where skincare isn’t really a blip on my radar!

  21. Stacey Roberson says:

    My greatest skin concern is dark circles under my eyes and wrinkles.

  22. Phillip Cunningham says:

    Old age that looks older than what I am in my skin

  23. Dirty pores that need deep cleaning!!

  24. My greatest skin concern…….is my skin. So dull and tired with no life left in it. A flaky, blotchy mess. When it is what we present to the world every day, it gets me down that I constantly feel so very average. I’ve tried so many things to try and get that magical “glow”, but with no success.

  25. I have the skin of a wild teenager…..sometimes its dry, sometimes oily and sometimes its porous and acne prone!!!! Believe me, my days are anything but wild…Im 38 and 32 weeks pregnant and i’m still waiting for that beautiful pregnancy glow that i have ben reading so much about!! Help me Redcliffe Style + HoMedics you’re my only hope x

  26. Tanya Edwards says:

    As a fellow insomniac who’s marching towards 50 (far too quickly I might add) I have a few concerns. fine lines, dryness and hydration . I invest wisely in good products to address my concerns so anything that would halp me maximise the effects of these products would be a fabulous edition to my beauty regime and very much appreciated 😃

  27. Fine lines!

  28. Natasha McDonald says:

    Wrinkles, dry, dull skin, For most of my life i was always told i looked half my age, now that I’m getting close to 40 (38)the comments are far and few, i need something to help firm my facial muscles, to get into all the built up dirt in my skin and smooth my fine lines and wrinkles before its too late, I’ve always believed in looking after my skin with good products and not to many chemicals, The Rejuvenator sounds like exactly what my skin needs to be at its full potential

  29. Nichole McKee says:

    Dullness, Uneven texture, Pigmentation and overall..Premature aging is actually just quite cruel to this 40 year old :/ But I promise to never give up on my quest on the Beautiful skin I desire 😀

  30. My ageing sun-damaged skin has lost its elasticity and looks dry and dull. Help me Obi-Wan!

  31. Sun damage, fine lines, crows feet, dirty pores, and dullness


  33. blemishes especially around my nose and chin.

  34. I finally hit the big 30 this year and after taking care of my skin, my toughest obstacle is wrinkles and dry skin. Anything that will help me get my 18 year old smooth skin would be a dream come true!

  35. fine lines especially around my eyes