Blogger Basics: How to blog on the go

Do you have those moments when you are out-n-about and you have a flash of inspiration for a blog post? You know it’s the best idea ever, so great that you could never possibly forget it. But then by the time you get home and steal a few minutes to get in front of the monitor and it’s gone. Not even a whisper of an idea left behind. Just the frustration of a shit house memory.

A way to avoid this forgetfulness is to blogging on the go.

How to blog on the go

Blogger Basics: How to blog on the go

Here are some tips for Blogging on the go:

  1. Carry a Notebook or iPad. When inspiration strikes, drop by your favourite bar/cafe, order a glass of red or coffee and ask for their free Wifi code.
  2. No Wifi? Work out how to tether/hotspot your iPad or ┬áComputer to your phone. This way, if you can’t find free Wifi you can still have access to the internet. On the iPhone you can set up Hotspot by going into Settings, general, cellular and set up personal hotspot. This will create a hotspot password that you will need to use when logging in from your other devices. You can also change the password to something rememberable.
  3. Download the Blogger or wordpress app for your phone. The WordPress app is awesome!
  4. While you are there, download the buffer and bitly apps too. This will help you to stay organised when you are not organised.

Now you have one less excuse why you can’t blog regularly.


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  1. So true! I think of blog post ideas at the most random (read: inconvenient) times. Even just using the ‘Notes’ app on your iPhone is fantastic – jot down your idea and email it to yourself.

  2. I always have a notebook in my bag or if we are away for a few days I take my tablet. I also keep a notepad next to my bed in case inspiration strikes in the middle of the night!