How to create a collage in PicMonkey

PicMonkey is one of my favourite ways to create a quick collage for a blog post. I’m going to give easy step-by-step instructions to show you how to create a collage in PicMonkey. It takes minutes to create an eye popping, pinnable collage. Basic PicMonkey is free and fantastic but for a small amount you can upgrade to use the Royale features too.

How to create a collage in PicMonkey

Step-by-Step: How to create a collage in PicMonkey

1. Go to and click on Create a collage

How to create a collage in PicMonkey - Step 1

2. Click on the open photos box

How to create a collage in PicMonkey - Step 2

3. Select the images you would like to use and click choose. You may be able to select all the images in one go, or you may have to do one at a time

How to create a collage in PicMonkey - Step 3

4. Choose your collage layout. You can even change this while you are mid collage. So don’t worry too much

How to create a collage in PicMonkey - Step 4

5. You have your layout, now head back to photos. Then click, drag and drop your images into place

How to create a collage in PicMonkey - Step 5

6. If you change your mind, don’t worry. You can remove images or change their positions easily. Just click on the ‘x’ or drag the images to a new home. You can even change the sizes of the images by clicking and dragging the outside box of the image. Don’t like your change, just click undo

How to create a collage in PicMonkey - Step 6

7. If you would like to add text to white space later, just leave a blank space without an image

How to create a collage in PicMonkey - Step 7

8. Want to add text? Click on Edit to take you to the Editor

How to create a collage in PicMonkey - text

9. Click on ‘Tt’ (text), choose your font, click on the Add Text box and start typing in the new box. You can move the text box to a new position, or change the dimensions and text size by manipulating the text box. If you would like to change the font or colour, just select the text and click on the colour or new font. To add more text, just click on Add Text again and that creates a new text box

How to create a collage in PicMonkey - Step 11

Tip: You don’t need white space to add text, it looks great over images too

How to create a collage in PicMonkey - Step 12

10. Finished playing and happy with your collage. Click save and give it a great name

How to create a collage in PicMonkey - Step 8

And have fun!!


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  1. I love PicMonkey! I use it all the time for blog posts – even if it’s just to add text to an image. So simple to use and lots of fun too, especially the little pictures/icons you can use.

  2. Love Picmonkey for making collages. I just have to remember the sizes of my original images though because Picmonkey tend to go blurry if the spaces are too big and my images are not.

  3. I love Picmonkey for collages and I love their Facebook template so you can update your header picture. Great post! :)

  4. Lisa Mckenzie says:

    I haven’t used this one but will have a go at it ,thank you for your review Rachel x

  5. A great helpful post Rachel! Thank you :)

  6. I made a header for my FB page with this, not quite sure how I did it, think I was a wee bit tiddly at the time – didn’t think I’d ever be able to do it again – UNTIL TODAY! I’m bookmarking this sucker for a rainy (dry) day :) x

  7. I started using it last year for my Facebook headers and will be using it for other things.

    One thing you didn’t mention, you don’t need to save your pic to your pc and then rer-upload it to add text, once you’ve uploaded your pics etc, just click on “edit” and it will take you to the text area, you add it, complete it and then save it.

  8. Hi Rachel,

    I recently started a blog, and hadn’t thought of adding in collages – this is a really easy to use tool, and looks great on the blog!! I’ll be using Pic Monkey regularly now, thanks for the tip!


  9. Jenni from Styling a Curvy says:

    LOVE pic monkey but tend to yes my ipad for my posts…so use instaframe. You’ve motivated me to pull out my laptop and have a dabble, thanks x

  10. Thanks for this! I’ll give it a go. I use Picasa to store my photos and this has a collage feature but pic monkey sounds pretty cool! It’s great little tips like this that help us relatively newbies. Don’t suppose you know how to get the date and author on my blog posts??? So much techy advice online I can’t make head nor tail or it!! Xx