How to Dress like a Rock Star

Today I was dressed, and then remembered to check out the prompt for the Fox in Flats style dare. It was “Rock Star”. I didn’t even need to change my assemble. I can’t sing or play an instrument, I rarely remember lyrics and I can’t handle late nights BUT I do love black and I give good attitude.

How to Dress like a Rock Star

  1. don’t use an iron unless you are throwing it at a wall
  2. only wear jeans picked off the floor
  3. don’t give a crap about labels. They are for ‘wanna be’ rockers
  4. you can brush your teeth but don’t tell anyone. Don’t use a bottle of Jack, stick with toothpaste,
  5. layers but only because you sleep wherever you can find a free couch, so you have to wear your complete wardrobe
  6. go commando. Undies are for wimps.
  7. do wear a bra. Rock Stars have great boobs they need to flash and you want to look after them between flashes
  8. avoid hair brushes but dry shampoo is cool. It’s the only way you can dull the cigarette smell from the party the night before
  9. borrow clothes. Doesn’t matter where you find them or what sex they belonged to
  10. wear textures. Think leather, fur, feathers, rubber. Preferable all at the same time
  11. snarl at cameras. Not because you don’t like them, just because you are trying to work out the model and lens so you know how to pose better for the photo

How to Dress like a Rock Star How to Dress like a Rock Star
Rock on!


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  1. AWESOME! Love this. Weekend homework set.

  2. Love the how-to list. Made me giggle. And awesome outfit. I am so not a rock chick but you do it so well.

    Please do more shoe posts. You have the coolest shoes. I need some going out to dinner heels and I don’t know where to start. Don’t want boring, don’t want ridiculously high, do want something with attitude. I think you would have great suggestions.

  3. merilyn says:

    you are … rock star with attidude personified! … you have it!
    especially in those boots … amazing! … love those on you!
    attitude! / attidude! … lol m:)X


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