How to Dress up a Nighty

Sometimes 5pm hits and I have a shower, wash off my makeup and slip into my nighty early. I want to feel clean, curl up on the lounge, and chill. What a great feeling!

Until you get that message saying “Just thought we’d drop by for a drink“. Huh??!! WT?! At that moment you have two choices. Panic and try to throw together any outfit or work with what you have on.

How to dress up a nighty…

I am the queen of pretending I’m presentable. First you gotta start with the basics.

1. Make sure your sleepwear is cute!! I’m wearing a Annelise for Sussan chemise

The rest is easy….
2. slick back your frizzy hair
3. a swipe of red lippy
4. change of shoes
5. throw on a shrug, cardigan or jacket
6. Spritz yourself with perfume
7. If you want to take it to the next level. You can thrown on a bra. I’m waaay too lazy for that.
8. Cheers dears! Thanks for dropping by xx

What do you do when the doorbell rings and your already in your PJs?

How to Dress up a Nighty

How to Dress up a Nighty

Not sponsored. But I am a huge fan of Sussan and adore the complete sleepwear range by Annelise Magee.


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  1. This is GENIUS! I am guilty of wearing my gym gear all weekend, but hey at least if I’ve got sneakers on it looks like I’ve just done/am about to do a workout…! I’ve recently bought a set of PJs from Sussan – looks like it’s time to get a nighty!

  2. HAHA! Disappointed not to see some daggy, fluffy slippers on your feet though! I don’t do nighties, but I’m very happy that patterned pants are still huge. Now I can do something like this with my pyjama pants!

    • haha, sorry to disappoint. I do have a pair of fluffy slippers but I only wear them in winter. PJ pants are EASY to dress up. It’s all about the printed pants these days

  3. What a clever girl you are. This post has brought a whole new meaning to my wardrobe choices – I might just include my nighties now!

  4. Lisa Mckenzie says:

    You are a true Stylista I love this idea ,I usually just throw on my silk robe but I may take a leaf out of your book and add a cardi and perfume and some shoes and of course some lip gloss or lipstick ,You look Hot and I love the makeup coming off too.Very pretty nightie Peter Alexander have lovely ones as well ,I love Sussans PJs and Last summer I really got into nighties they are cooler and comfier aren’t they!

  5. Haha what a great idea! I don’t wear nighties though :)

  6. Ha! Love this post Rachel and that nighty is just divine. I’m a bit of a nighty fan too so I’m loving the tips. Looking good hun! x

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