Blogging Basics: How to Edit a Blog Post

This is subject I need a lot of help with. So I called my good friend and fellow blogger to help me out and give me a few tips on how to edit a blog post. She did even better, and wrote a post. Sonia has a gorgeous blog called Sonia Styling. She writes about many thing including fashion, home wares and life. Thank you Sonia!

How to Edit a Blog Post

OK gang, let’s get one thing out of the way first up. I am not an editor but I am a total English nerd, so that does give me some kind of (self-appointed) authority on this topic…!

If you’re a blogger, I really believe you should take the time to edit your work to make sure you’re publishing the best possible version of your post. Having said that, we’re human, we’re busy and sometimes we make spelling mistakes. It happens!

Editing doesn’t need to take all day or night, I promise. Here are 5 quick tips to get your work polished to the most sparkling of standards:

  • Use spell check. Obvious but essential. Do this as soon as you’ve finished writing your post and make sure you do it again after you’ve made any amendments. You can never run spell check too many times in my opinion!
  • Hit the preview button. I find reading your post the way that it’s actually going to look on your blog is much easier than trying to read it in the little window you’ve been spending all that time writing it in. Any mistakes will be much more obvious to spot this way too.
  • Give yourself a 5 minute breather. Pop the kettle on, play with the dog, go for a walk – do anything you enjoy that takes you away from the screen. Quite often I’ll think of a better ending or a great title when I’m away from the computer. Once I go back to it, I’ll also quickly discover anything that needs to be changed.
  • Say it loud and proud! On occasion, I’ll read my post out loud. I swear it works! When you’re reading your post out loud, you’ll discover where you need to put a comma (where you’re naturally inclined to take a breath), where you need to break up a paragraph (where a different idea/topic enters the post) and if the post flows well. Try it!
  • Rope in someone else. If you aren’t totally confident editing your own work or you’re writing about something you don’t want to be misconstrued by your readers, grab your significant other, neighbour, friend or anyone you trust to have a read. They’ll be able to give you an honest opinion and point out any mistakes (in a nice way, hopefully!).


Know when to walk away! Once you’ve edited your post using any of the above, don’t overdo it. Walk away. Actually, before you walk away schedule it or hit ‘publish’ and then walk away!

Blogger Basics: How to Edit a Blog Post

Blogger Basics: How to Edit a Blog Post

So there you have it.

Editing takes a bit of work. Remember when you first started blogging? It takes time and practice to develop your voice and your writing – just like your editing skills. Be patient with yourself and try any or all of my little editing secrets to help you along.

If you have any other editing tips and tricks, please share them with us in the comments!

Hi I’m Sonia! Fashion lover. Homewares connoisseur. Wannabe writer / editor / stylist / personal shopper. I have a blog called Sonia Styling and you can find me on TwitterFacebookInstagram and Pinterest. Styling my life, one story at a time.


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  1. Thanks so much for having me guest post, Rachel! I hope I’ve been a bit of help to your readers and fellow bloggers out there.

  2. Editing my own work is something (you know) I struggle with! Great tips lovely x

  3. I read and reread my posts at least a dozen times I think before I hit publish and run the spell check is a must! Thanks for the post, its always good to get some blogging tips :)

  4. Great tips Sonia. I particularly resonate with #2 and #3. I usually hit preview several times before I publish and often leave my posts to marinate overnight or several days before hitting “Go”. Thanks for the other tips too. x

  5. I always preview as you can catch mistakes and gaps if you’ve copied/pasted something. And if it doesn’t sound right in my head I say it out loud. If it doesn’t roll off the tongue it needs rearranging.

    • Ooh yes, good point! Another great tip I didn’t include is to copy your Word document into Notepad before pasting it into your WordPress/Blogger – that way all the formatting has been removed and you can stye it from scratch!

  6. These are really great tips. Thanks Sonia and Rachel!

  7. I always preview and proofread but don’t do the walk-away. Might have to add that to my pre-post routine!

  8. I post on the go far too often – I feel like I don’t have the attention span for proof reading :)