How to make a tasselled Fabric necklace

You may have noticed I made and wore a tasselled fabric necklace earlier this week made with an old t-shirt. I wanted a black one and my husband wasn’t super keen on me chopping up more of his t-shirts. He is so selfish! I’m a freaking artist and need to express myself with fast scissors and chopped up dirty shirts. He doesn’t get it.

How to make a tasselled Fabric necklace

How to make a tasselled Fabric necklace

This is the simplest and cheapest way to add a little something to an outfit. I picked up this yarn when I was hunting for (stupid, freaking) coloured loom bands. It was only $1.20 in Riot. Different colours, beads, feathers etc would make it a feature necklace, but I wasn’t looking for bright and fancy at that moment. I was able to make 2 necklaces with my $1.20 investment. Not bad!

Would you wear it or is it too much like a macaroni craft necklace?

How to make a tasselled Fabric necklace


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  1. What a fabulous idea. Looks great against a white shirt and the jacket you are wearing.

  2. Jenni from styling curvy says:

    Rachel this one is awesome…and so easy! I love a tassel necklace…they are interesting, add length and so lightweight to wear. Somehow I think you will be making more :-)

  3. I have made them before!!! But I cut up my old shirts :).

  4. Lisa Mckenzie says:

    I love it ,it looks fantastic against the white tee,yep I will be looking for yarn like that we don’t have a Riot in Sydney but I am sure the cheaply shops will have something!

  5. thanks Rachel … like that idea and that out fit looks good on you.
    cheers m:)

  6. It looks great paired with the white t-shirt – and it doesn’t remind me of macaroni craft necklaces at all 😉 Thanks for sharing the DIY instructions.

  7. Your necklace is really cute…looks like a great way to spruce up a t shirt! :)

  8. Love it and love how you have styled your outfit. I think I have a crush on your blog. X

    • What I lovely compliment. I think your blog is pretty special too. I love the stories and fun images you find. Plus you put together some cute outfits xx

  9. Hahaha…yeah how selfish of your hubby!! Having said that…that yarn is way cheaper than those darned loom bands!!

  10. I would totally wear it! More to the point – can I just tell you how seriously gorgeous you are looking! I mean you always do, but you looks so healthy and happy hun xx

  11. This looks amazing on you! That striped blazer is awesome. I love this look but can never seem to pull it off myself.

  12. Is JJ’s still trading? They use to have really great fabric etc at cheap prices.

  13. This is so creative! I love the stunning effect and it seems simple to make. Thank you so much for sharing this tutorial!! ♥