How to wear a Dirndl Skirt

This season is all about the Dirndl skirt and I LOVE it! It won’t be a favourite with everyone though.

Push all thoughts of Sound of Music or the German Beer Feast out of your mind.

They do not look like this…..

My little Fräuleins

How to wear a Dirndl Skirt

The new Dirndl skirts are full and hit just under your knee


  • Alter the skirt to hit the thinest part of your leg
  • Wear a belt to accentuates or creates curves.
  • Play up the ladylike silhouette with heals
  • Or dress it down with brogues and a tee shirt


  • Wear an apron over it
  • Wrap braids around your head
  • or yodel

I’m on the hunt for a red one. Let me know of you see one.

How to wear a Dirndl Skirt

How to wear a Dirndl Skirt - Orange and naturals

How to wear a Dirndl Skirt - B & W

How to wear a Dirndl Skirt


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  1. I love everything. Great tips. I am doing a post on the midi skirt which is a little longer. V x

  2. Never heard of this style of skirt, but it looks like a great length!

  3. I wish I could pull of this look, I just end up looking matronly. I think the leather longer look might be my best bet teamed with my highest heels. Great post!

  4. This skirt is one that I can not do because of my body shape. In fact a lot of women will have trouble trying to pull this look off. But you know what, you always prove me wrong Rachel and I can’t wait to see you style a red one. x

    • It’s a tricky look for sure. I love the femininity and the fact you can bend over but you need to search for the right one. I’m looking for one without too much bulk and hits (or can be altered) the right part of my leg.

  5. I’ve got a dirndl skirt on my blog post today! “Dirndl” – such a weird word. Wonder what it means/where it came from?!

  6. Love a good dirndl but they can tend towards House Frau… you’re so right Rachel it’s all in the belt! Great tips x K

  7. I love these skirts, but never realisd they had an official ‘fashion’ name. The coral and white lace ones are so very pretty.