How to wear a Kimono Jacket

It’s all about the Kimono! The Kimono jacket has been around for a long time and will be around for a lot longer because they are such a great, comfortable way to add a little colour and personality to an outfit (plus they hide a whole heap of lumps, bumps and jiggles). I like to think of them like a scarf you can wear.

A lovely reader bought a gorgeous Kimono jacket from Bohemian Traders (you can get the same one here) but wasn’t sure how to style it, so she asked me and we decided she should send it to me for a few days so I could have a play. What an awesome idea!!

How to wear a Kimono Jacket

I played for a little while and this is what I have come up with. It’s all about the fabric, if you have a cotton one, don’t try to turn it into something fancy, embrace the cool, casual Boho vibe because that is what makes it special. If you have a silk one, it’s a different story, but we are playing with a cotton one today :)

Here are a few ideas:

Play with textures
Don’t be scared to add a textured top or dress under it. I’ve matched the colour (white) and the fabric (cotton) but wearing a lace trim blouse. The blouse is pretty blousey, so I tucked in a corner to minimise the girth.

How to wear a Kimono Jacket

Play with prints
I’m wearing it with a blue and white dress. It’s happy because the prints aren’t competing and they both have white.

Show some skin
Showing some skin balances out the amount of fabric in the kimono. A little cleavage, a dress shorter than the kimono, ankles, wrists, whatever you’ve got that you are happy to flaunt.

How to wear a Kimono Jacket

Wear slim line clothes under it
This stops you from feeling like you are wearing a parachute

Belt it
If you aren’t comfortable with the width, add a belt or contrasting scarf to create a waist. I’ve wrapped it around and wearing it as a top here.

How to wear a Kimono Jacket

Sometimes simple is best
You can’t go past a plain white tee and jeans. Fitted jeans are great because they balance out the loose top.

How to wear a Kimono Jacket

Knot it Up
This slims the kimono right down and creates a completely different look.

How to wear a Kimono Jacket

Wear it over swimmers

No photo :)

Do you have a Kimono Jacket? How do you wear yours?

PS: Annie, good luck trying to get this back xx


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  1. I’ll hunt you down on Sunday. ūüėČ I just received my white Bohemian Traders Lace Trim top today so another item to match it with the kimono. Now why is there no photo with bathers?????

    • The Lace trim top is awesome with it. What a coincidence you bought that too! The truth about the bathers photo? I respected your Kimono too much to wrap it around my almost nude body. I look forward to meeting you Sunday xx

      • LOL……See you Sunday. Looking forward to checking out the markets and the beach. Let me know if there is any other must see around the area.

  2. love all these ideas. The knotted kimono is my favourite. Might have to try that with some of mine. :)

  3. Great post! Love the versatility. Hard to pick a favorite from this lot but the knotted kimono and simple is best look are at the top of my list.

    Red Reticule

  4. Ooh la la.
    I LOVE the kimono over the dress – especially with your pins!
    It really is a perfect summer/spring accessory isn’t it?! I’m on the hunt now :)
    C x

  5. Lisa Mckenzie says:

    Yes I have 3 Rachel one is black and white cotton and longer like the BHT one and I’ve worn it with jeans and I love it and one silk one and a silky one that’s not silk but embellished with beading and I wore it over my Katies black jumpsuit last night out to a function and really love them ,great styling tips XX

  6. looks great Rachel!
    I might try one this summer … I like to kissweetheart!
    cheers m:)X

  7. Some seriously good styling tips, Rach. Thanks so much!

  8. I usually purchased kimono jacket for my wife..she always feels happy to wear it.wonderful post, very informative.Can you provide more new designs and quality in good range?


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