How to wear Boyfriend jeans over 40

It’s the day after, the day after frocktober and I am way over frocks. I’m hanging with the family, so I’m dress for comfort and I’m un-ironed. I have used my iron more in the last month that I had in the decade before it.

How to wear Boyfriend Jeans over 40

What to look for:

  1. Jeans that don’t have too many man-made holes. These will wear and get bigger too quickly
  2. Darker denim. These are more slimming than faded denim and all denim will fade over time
  3. Jeans without too much patchy fading. The pale patches often highlight sections of your body that you don’t want highlighted. Natural wear and tear will look better
  4. Slimmer cut. Baggy jeans increase the size of your silhouette as well as your arse and shorten your legs
  5. Not low waisted. I usually look for a medium or high. You can tuck the muffin top in and you’re not flaunting your safe, mummy nickers
  6. Remember, they are casual. You can dress them up a little, but not a lot
  7. Look at the whiskers. That is what I call the marks that point to your vagina. They can look natural or more ‘look-at-me-down-there’, you know what you prefer

After searching high and low for days and days, I found a great pair at Just Jeans. These are their Ultimate Boyfriend jeans for $79.95. At that price I don’t mind investing in a fad piece.

Today I’m wearing them with a white Bonds tee, you can iron this if you prefer! A Seed Bandana Poncho, they have a few different printed Ponchos and I want them all. I think they look great over simple summer dresses too. They are also great to cover bits you might not like. Black, Boston Babe sandals and few silver necklaces. I love this ‘My Name Necklace‘. It looks great with other silver pieces.

How to wear Boyfriend jeans over 40

How to wear Boyfriend jeans over 40

What is your favourite jeans cut and how do you like to wear them?


Name my Necklace

Name my Necklace

My Name Necklace sent me this necklace, they have kindly offered Redcliffe Style readers a 10% discount – code STYLE


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  1. I like to have a variety of ‘Look at my vagina whisker’ options on hand, to suit the occasion. Love the Boston Babe sandals! Who would iron a t-shirt? (not me :))

    • Yes, the whiskers must suit the occasion. I find dinner parties require very obvious ones because you’re siting so much you really want them to count for the moments people catch a glimpse.

  2. Congrats on getting through Frocktober! All those dresses, must have been a ton of work, well done :)
    Meanwhile, loving this look. I adore white with denim, and I’m checking out the Seed website as I type.

  3. Love the shoes. Love the necklace. Love the look. Love.

  4. I bought a pair of BF jeans a few years ago at Dimmeys! They are very comfortable and cost me about $14. They didn’t have any holey bits, but I accidently did it myself gardening. Glad to hear lately that they are fashionable, might have to pull them out the bottom of my jeans drawer a bit more :)

  5. Ha ha ha ha ha! Whiskers….I love it. And now I am paranoid. Do I have them? I hardly dare look.
    I do love the poncho you have on, it looks gorgeous.

  6. I really struggle with jeans – I don’t think I’ve ever found a single pair that I’m *really* happy with although maybe I’m looking in the wrong places.

    I keep on saying that I’m going to take a whole day to just go shopping for jeans, maybe next year I’ll actually get around to doing it 😉

    You look truly fab in yours tho!

  7. Hot outfit lady! You’ve inspired me to get some boyfriend jeans and a Seed poncho. This is a very cool look that I could see myself rocking at the pub or at a BBQ.

  8. Love love love this look – and am a big Seed fan. Their accessories and shoes are particularly fab.

    I like skinny straight mid rise jeans – not too skintight, not too baggy. Just right. They’re the Goldlilocks of jeans.

    But I also do love my boyfriend jeans!

    Thanks for the Name My Necklace discount too – just bought myself a rose gold bracelet with my family initials. x

  9. You look fab in white too – I only ever wear white if it has stripes on it!

  10. Lisa Mckenzie says:

    Lovely I have a pair I took from my daughters pile of getting rid of bag and they are skinny jeans in 3 sizes too big and I roll them up and belt them and they look good ,I don’t like the tradtional wider leg BF jeans ,they don’t suit me.I love skinny jeans the very best,love your look here!

  11. I love that Kimino, it is gorgeous! Nice bf jeans too, i have junk in my trunk (and the front trunk too!) so suit fitted pieces to define my shape so have never been brave enough to try them but thinking now that maybe I should!

  12. That is so funny-as soon as I finished #Frocktober I had my jeans back on too…I am yet to get some boyfriend jeans though, I usually wear straight leg. Love the shoes.