Inspired by Offspring Billie Proudman

I always feel a little sorry for Billie (from the TV show Offspring for anyone that lives in a hole…with their head in the sand….on deserted Island). It must be hard to be the big sister of Nina. So this outfit is inspired by Offspring Billie Proudman.

I have always envied Nina wardrobe and barely paid any attention to Billies at all but last night, during one of her breakdowns, she was wearing a 3/4 length, stripped blazer and it reminded me that I own something similar.

Inspired by Offspring Billie Proudman

I’m wearing a Jacqui E blazer (worn before here), a Witchery tee shirt, JAG Jeans and tan Natasha heels.

PicMonkey Collage3 PicMonkey Collage2
PicMonkey Collage1
We’re like twins. I’m expecting a call to be her stand in any moment.

If you want some fantastic Offspring inspiration, you must check out Styling You’s Nina Proudman’s posts. Nikki has the best insight and buys to achieve these looks.


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  1. Such a fun post! X

  2. LOL! Rachel you crack me up! Yes, definitely would be the perfect stand-in for Billie!

  3. Oh you are clever!!!

  4. You are SO Billie! What an awesomely fun post. Can’t wait to see who you feature next!

  5. Hilarious Rachel. I think you can expect a call from the casting agent shortly! x

  6. Haha, love it. That first pic, my goodness. Brilliant!

  7. Massive LOLs, even coming from someone who has never seen Offspring or intends too.

  8. That’s a great outfit. I’ve never really looked at Billie before either. It’s time I do. Thanks for a funny giggly post . Loved it.

  9. What a nutter! I love you!!! That dolly is just scary. You look divine as usual x

  10. Haha! I was trying to work out if that was a doll in your arms! Looks real in the photo. Love the similarities. X

  11. Ha – twins!!!